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TYOK 043: Cursive Writing and Other Skills You Wish Were Taught in School

Have you ever wondered where basic skills like cursive writing and penmanship have gone? It seems like those fundamental skills that we once learned in school have been forgotten in today's classroom. This week, Arianne takes a stroll down memory lane and talks about a few of those lessons that, if incorporated into modern curriculum, would transform our kids into more prepared, well-rounded individuals.


TYOK 042: 5 Reasons You Should Not Miss Your Child's Parent-Teacher Conference

In this age of technology and savvy shortcuts to communication, it's becoming increasingly difficult to prove how critical face-to-face parent-teacher meetings are to the overall student experience. Most parents are busy and have very little extra time to devote to meetings. In this week's episode, you'll hear Arianne discuss five reasons why it's critical for even those busy parents to make the sacrifice and show up to parent-teacher conferences.


TYOK 041: Teachers and Social Media

Should teachers be held to a higher standard when it comes to social media? Some teachers believe it's unfair to expect them to filter their social media interactions just because students and their parents might be watching. In this week's episode, Arianne discusses this controversial topic and gives her take on it.


TYOK Ep 040: ACT vs SAT- Which Test Should Your Child Take?

Should your child take the ACT or the SAT? In this week's episode, Arianne compares the 'big two' college admissions tests and provides insight that is sure to help parents, students and even high school counselors make a decision about which test works for their specific situation.


TYOK 039: Teens and After School Jobs

Is your teenager bugging you about having his "own money"? Does he think that an after school job is the solution? In this week's episode, Arianne discusses some of the pros and cons associated with teens and after school jobs. This episode is sure to be a great conversation starter!


TYOK 038: "The Amazing Adventures of Oliver Hill" -A Conversation with the Author (Encore Episode)

In this encore episode, Arianne sits down in the Teach Your OWN Kid! classroom with children's author, Havilah Malone. Out of the ashes of child abuse, Havilah has risen like a phoenix to accomplish tremendous feats. This Napoleon Hill Foundation Instructor uses her children’s book- The Amazing Adventures of Oliver Hill to pass on Hill's seventeen principles of success to young people.


TYOK 037: Parents Who Teach- My Child Has Autism

During her pregnancy and even long after her very first child was born, Teresa White had no idea that her son had a brain disorder that would cause him to have challenges beyond those of the average child. Teresa sat down with Arianne in the Teach Your OWN Kid! classroom to discuss what it was like finding out that her son had Autism. She opens up about the devastation of the diagnosis and the eventual redemption found in her support system.


TYOK 036: 10 College-Worthy Extra-Curricular Activities

In this week's episode, Arianne discusses ten extra-curricular activities that will make a high schooler's resume more attractive to the best colleges. She says that colleges are looking for young people who can think critically and that one way to develop those critical thinking skills is by gaining experience through participation in activities that reach beyond academics.


TYOK 035: Keeping Kids Safe Online

In today's episode, Arianne discusses how critical it is to set Internet boundaries for kids. With the surge in human trafficking in recent years, this is the time for parents to scroll through their kids' phones and other devices to ensure that they are not falling victim to those that would exploit them. Arianne says it is also imperative that kids learn some basic facts about the nature of the online community.


TYOK 034: Ask the Teacher! Back-to-School Edition (Part 2)

In part two of the special Ask the Teacher! Back-to-School episode, Arianne answers questions submitted by members of the Teach Your OWN Kid! community. She even offers advice to a parent in New Jersey who admits that he is not very patient when it comes to helping his kids with homework.


TYOK 033: Ask the Teacher! Back-to-School Edition (Part 1)

In today's episode, Arianne spends time answering questions submitted by the Teach Your OWN Kid! community. She discusses everything from juggling after-school activities to making the house more 'school friendly'.


TYOK 032: 10 Parent Tips for a Successful Back-to-School Teacher Meeting

It's that time of year again! School supplies are on the shelves and teachers are already creating lesson plans. In this episode, Arianne proposes that there's no better time for parents to schedule their very first teacher meeting. She offers 10 tips to help TYOK parents get a head start on opening the lines of communication with their child's teachers.


TYOK 031: I Think My Child IS the Bully

This week, Arianne challenges parents to take an honest look at their kids' behaviors to determine if they might be part of the bullying problem. She suggests that all kids play a part- either as victims, perpetrators or witnesses. The key to prevention, Arianne says, is through asking parents to acknowledge and address bullying behaviors when they show up in their own kids.


TYOK 030: Is My Child Being Bullied?

In this week's episode, Arianne discusses the issue of bullying. An unfortunate part of many children's experience, bullying has a negative impact on all parties involved. She shares some basic indicators to watch for and offers insight on where to go for help.


TYOK 029: Quick Re-Cap: ESSENCE Fest Weekend Education Empowerment Brunch

The ESSENCE Fest Weekend Education Empowerment Brunch, a production of Packleader Enterprises, was incredible! Arianne shares inspiring takeaways submitted by some of the attendees.


TYOK Ep 028: Young Rock Stars in Media! Kimani K. Hamilton

Arianne sat with college sophomore, Kimani K. Hamilton, in the Teach Your OWN Kid! classroom this week. In this Young Rock Stars episode, Kimani talks about her internship at a local television station, her blog (Thee Queen Diary) and even opens up about the difficulties she experienced in her first year of college that led her to see a therapist. Kimani is living proof that even Rock Stars need help from time to time.


TYOK 027: YOU Are Your Child's First Teacher (Encore Episode)

In this previously published episode, Arianne discusses seven principles to help parents understand the importance of embracing their role as their child's first teacher.


TYOK 026: 10 Tips for Choosing an Early Learning Center

Kids are a parent's most precious asset. Since most parents have to work outside of the home, they must entrust their kids to Day Care and Early Learning Centers for the majority of the day. In this week's episode, Arianne offers 10 tips to help parents do the research and ensure that they're placing their kids in the hands of people who will truly care for and protect them.


TYOK 025: Don't Tell Me What to Wear- Dress Codes in School

Has the way students dress at your child's school gotten out of control? Is the school's dress code policy enforced with fidelity and equity? Arianne tackles the issues that surround school dress code policies and offers her take on whether these policies are even necessary.


TYOK 024: Don't Make Your Child Quit Sports!

Far too often, when kids aren't doing well in school, parents respond by pulling them out of sports. This knee-jerk reaction does more harm than good. Research has proven that young people who have a well-balanced life filled with academic rigor AND sports develop skills that are not likely to be developed in a purely academic environment. Arianne shares the many benefits of sports involvement in this week's episode.