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TYOK 065: Behind the Scenes- My Life As a Teacher (Encore Part 3)

In this final encore episode, Arianne recounts the incident that led to her making the decision to leave the traditional classroom for good. This incident clearly confirmed for her that she was caught up in the web of a school system that did not value what she valued and was not designed to make the kind of meaningful impact she intended to make.


TYOK 064: Behind the Scenes- My Life As a Teacher (Encore Part 2)

In this episode, Arianne offers an uninhibited and transparent view into some of her struggles as an early teacher. At one point, "for the sake of the team", she was placed in a classroom setting for which she was not qualified and received minimal support from school leaders. This caused Arianne to make a critical decision only five years into her career as teacher.


TYOK 063: Behind the Scenes- My Life As a Teacher (Encore Part 1)

Arianne has wanted to be a teacher since she walked into Mrs. Flora Weber's 4th grade classroom. She vowed that she would impact kids just as Mrs. Weber had impacted her. In part one of this encore episode, Arianne shares her own story in hopes that it will inspire others to stay the course.


TYOK 062 (Part 2): Classroom Conversation with Earnest Salsberry

In this final installment of a two-part episode, Earnest Salsberry (the youngest Chaplain to serve at Dillard University) shares how he almost failed to get his college degree because he had become distracted by the lucrative jobs he held during college. When Hurricane Katrina ravaged the city of New Orleans in 2005, it served as somewhat of a wake-up call for Earnest, who then decided it was time to get his degree. Here is the rest of Earnest's story.


TYOK 062 (Part 1): Classroom Conversation with Earnest Salsberry

Earnest grew up in the small town of Port Arthur, Texas. He had no way of knowing that the same university he called home as a student- Dillard University- would eventually become his home base as its youngest Chaplain to ever serve. Although it was music that lured Earnest to the city of New Orleans, it is mission that has compelled him to return and remain. Here is Earnest's story.


TYOK 061: 5 Ways to a Productive Summer!

Don't let your kids "lose it in the pool"! Arianne offers 5 ways to beat the summer brain drain in this short, sweet and hard-to-beat episode.


TYOK 060: Classroom Conversation with Alexander Brian McConduit

Alexander is a children's author who grew up in the city of New Orleans. A product of a family of educators, "Alex" has made it a part of his life's work to expose young people to possibility through writing. Alex has traveled to over a dozen countries speaking to young people and credits his ability to make life-altering decisions on a whim to feeling safe in his school and home environments. This is Alex's story.


TYOK 059: Classroom Conversation with Gerod Stevens

Gerod grew up in Warrenton, North Carolina. Having moved in with his grandmother at an early age as a result of his parents' divorce, Gerod considered himself an average student. It wasn't until representatives from a local radio station visited his 7th grade class that he considered the possibilities for his future career. Gerod became a volunteer at that radio station and continues to contribute to the New Orleans community in both radio and television today. Here's Gerod's story.


TYOK 058: Classroom Conversation with Councilwoman Cyndi Nguyen

Cyndi Nguyen, born Xuan Thi, and her family escaped from Vietnam on a boat in 1975. Cyndi struggled to adjust to American culture while still being expected to behave like a traditional Vietnamese girl. Cyndi's parents shipped her to several boarding schools in an attempt to save her from herself. In the end, a school shooting and a host family in Iowa helped to steer Cyndi in the right direction. In 2018, Cyndi became the first Vietnamese American to serve on the City Council for the City...


TYOK 057: Classroom Conversation with Krystal Hardy Allen

As a kid growing up in her hometown of Selma, Alabama, Krystal often got into trouble with teachers who complained that she "talked too much" and "asked too many questions". Today, Krystal uses that same gift of voice to champion the cause of educational equity in school systems across the country and abroad. Krystal's experiences in an Alabama boarding school led her to the dorms of Notre Dame for her undergraduate degree and currently has her working toward her Doctorate degree in...


TYOK Ep 056: Classroom Conversation with Roger "Raj Smoove" Dickerson

Roger 'Raj Smoove' Dickerson set his sights on becoming a deejay as a teenager. Although he flunked Earth Science in middle school, he learned from that experoence and finished as the number one student in both his high school and college graduating class. Raj Smoove, who has been called "The Greatest DJ in the World', has worked with 'Lil Wayne' on the Cash Money/Ruff Ryders Tour and produced for other sought-after artists. Raj says that providing a sense of community for kids is paramount....


TYOK Ep 055: Classroom Conversation with Latoya Dequair-Thomas

Life, for Latoya, wasn't easy. She endured the pain of witnessing both parents battle drug addiction and viewed education as her way out. Latoya credits her grandmother with 'rescuing' her from this dire situation and has dedicated her life to helping others in need. This is Latoya's story of recovery.


TYOK 054*: Finishing Strong- Study Strategies for the Spring Semester (Encore)

In this episode, Arianne uses the new year to pause for reflection. She suggests that since the Fall of the school year is gone that this second half is a prime time for behavioral review and adjustments. Arianne offers strategies that teachers and parents can use to help their kids develop the kind of study habits that will ensure that they finish the school year strong.


TYOK 053*: Parents Who Teach- "I Figured Out How to Homeschool My Children" (Encore)

In this NEW FEATURE- Parents Who Teach- Arianne took the Teach Your OWN Kid! classroom on the road to Washington, DC for the American Federation for Children's Annual Policy Summit. She sat down with Linda Ann Crosby (Phoenix, Arizona) to discuss Homeschooling. In her first few years of motherhood, Linda realized that the inconveniences she was experiencing did more to serve the school system than her family. Linda gives practical information that's sure to benefit parents who are in the...


TYOK Ep 052*: 10 College-Worth Extra Curricular Activities (Encore Episode)

In this week's episode, Arianne discusses ten extra-curricular activities that will make a high schooler's resume more attractive to the best colleges. She says that colleges are looking for young people who can think critically and that one way to develop those critical thinking skills is by gaining experience through participation in activities that reach beyond academics.


TYOK 051: Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing the Right College

One of the biggest mistakes teens make when choosing a college is deciding to attend based on what's hot now. These teens fail to take into consideration that pledging a fraternity/sorority or gaining entry into some elite club will not necessarily positively impact their lives AFTER graduation. In this week's episode, Arianne talks about the importance of considering several factors when choosing the right college and how focusing on the post college endgame (lifestyle, salary, life's work,...


TYOK 050: Is Your Kid REALLY Prepared for College? Take the Quiz!

Think that just because your kid attends a 'College Prep' high school that she's ready to be set free on a college campus? Think again! College preparation entails so much more than just academics. Teenagers are crossing the threshold from childhood to adulthood and oftentimes do so while missing critical skills like discipline, organization and the ability to self-advocate. In this week's episode, Arianne continues the College 101 Series by asking some practical questions about your kid's...


TYOK 049: College Can Be a Very Scary Place...and Other Things Every Parent Should Know

This week, Arianne begins the TYOK College 101 Series- a collection of episodes that will cover college topics submitted by the TYOK community. In this week's episode, Arianne discusses the ten things every parent should know about college. She clears up some misconceptions and offers advice to help parents navigate what can be a very daunting undertaking.


TYOK 048: Parents Who Teach- Two Everyday Moms Who Stopped Their Kids' School from Closing

Parents are powerful! In this week's episode, Arianne sits down in the Teach Your OWN Kid! classroom with two of them. Latoya Douglas and Dana Wade refused to sit idly by and allow test scores and hasty community/political leaders to decide the fate of their kids' school. Without prior training, these two mothers organized and mobilized what is today called the 'Parent Advocators'. This group was not only successful in keeping their kids' "failing" New Orleans charter school from closing,...


TYOK 047: How to Motivate a Child Who Doesn't Seem to Care (Part 2)

Far too often, parents and educators encounter those kids who just don't seem to be motivated by anything. They just don't seem to care. In this second part of a two part episode, Arianne proposes that these kids do, in fact, care and that there are some practical steps we can take to help these "unmotivated" kids to achieve.