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Where 21st century educators come to grow, learn, and be inspired. We believe in the growth mindset, creativity, communication, critical thinking, collaboration, and strategic uses of education technology. We’ll share news and views from educators who are getting it right and innovating in the classroom today.

Where 21st century educators come to grow, learn, and be inspired. We believe in the growth mindset, creativity, communication, critical thinking, collaboration, and strategic uses of education technology. We’ll share news and views from educators who are getting it right and innovating in the classroom today.
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Where 21st century educators come to grow, learn, and be inspired. We believe in the growth mindset, creativity, communication, critical thinking, collaboration, and strategic uses of education technology. We’ll share news and views from educators who are getting it right and innovating in the classroom today.




118 - Kristin Merrill: Activity, Engagement, and the Joy of Learning

KRISTIN MERRILL is a fourth grade teacher in Florida who specializes in language arts and strives to make lessons interactive through engagement and the use of ed tech. She and her husband make a dynamic duo in primary education and recently published a book, The Interactive Class: Using Technology to Make Learning More Relevant and Engaging in the Elementary Classroom (https://amzn.to/3a1VTN6). Follow Kristin on Twitter @FriendsInFourth, on Instagram @FriendsInFourth, and on the blog that...


117 - SPARK - My One Word for 2020: Write

Welcome to SPARKS: mini-segments intended to spark your thinking and ignite your practice. These short episodes are based on my written reflections which you can find on the Teachers on Fire Magazine at Medium.com. Read the blog post at https://medium.com/teachers-on-fire/my-one-word-for-2020-write-e42db52639a6. Song Track Credits: Sunrise Drive by South London Hifi Species by Diamond Ortiz Jane Fonda by The Grand Affair *All songs retrieved from the YouTube Audio Library at...


116 - Caitlin Krause: Wellness, Mindfulness, and XR Technologies

CAITLIN KRAUSE is a learning and design specialist, education leader, keynote speaker, and an authority on VR, AR, and AI. She is also the author of Mindful by Design: A Practical Guide for Cultivating Aware, Advancing, and Authentic Learning Experiences (https://amzn.to/2O051ry). Follow Caitlin on Twitter @MindWise_CK (https://twitter.com/MindWise_CK), on Instagram @mindwise_ck (https://www.instagram.com/mindwise_ck/), and visit her website at https://caitlinkrause.com/. Visit...


115 - Jonathan Alsheimer: Grit, Relationships, and Next Level Teaching

JONATHAN ALSHEIMER is a family man, 7th grade teacher, keynote speaker, and the author of #NextLevelTeaching: Empowering Students and Transforming School Culture. Follow Jonathan on Twitter @Mr_Alsheimer (https://twitter.com/mr_Alsheimer) and on Instagram @Mr_Alsheimer (https://www.instagram.com/mr_alsheimer/). Visit https://teachersonfire.net/ for all the show notes and links from this episode! Connect with the Teachers on Fire podcast on social media: On Twitter:...


114 - Julianne Ross-Kleinmann: Diversity, STEM, and the Power of the PLN

JULIANNE ROSS-KLEINMANN is passionate about instructional technology to support teaching and learning, sharing what she’s learned with others, and community service -- her focus for over 30 years as a member of Delta Sigma Theta Inc. Julianne formally started teaching technology and became an ISTE member in the 1990s. She’s a frequent presenter at conferences and schools on topics including technology applications, integration and troubleshooting, rubrics and assessment, STEM, makerspaces...


113 - Dr. Jennifer Pieratt: Crafting Authentic Learning Experiences

DR. JENNIFER PIERATT is an educator, mom, speaker, coach, and project-based learning nerd. She offers tips, tools, and inspiration for Project Based Learning and is the author of three books, including Keep It Real With PBL, Secondary: A Practical Guide for Planning Project-Based Learning. You can connect with Jenny ... On Twitter @crafted_jennyp (https://twitter.com/crafted_jennyp) On Instagram @crafted_JennyPieratt (https://www.instagram.com/crafted_jennypieratt/) On her website at...


112 - Daniel Bauer: Leadership, Vision, and Growth

DANIEL BAUER is on a mission to unlock the potential of global school leaders. He’s a speaker and the host of the Better Leaders Better Schools Podcast. He’s also the author of The Better Leaders Better Schools Roadmap: Small Ideas that Lead to Big Impact, published in 2018. In our conversation, Daniel describes the challenges leaders can face when trying to initiate organizational changes. He shares the heart and mission of his book, and describes a lesson learned from a recent guest on his...


111 - Abigail French: Snakes, Assessment, and Community

ABIGAIL FRENCH is a mother of four, a teacher of sixth graders, an advocate of public education, and an explorer of the natural world in Woodstock, VA. In our conversation, Abby recalls the how and why behind the jaw-dropping snake capture video pinned to the top of her Twitter feed. She describes the challenges she experienced when she returned to the classroom after a long hiatus, and discusses her ongoing journey with assessment philosophy. She also mentions personal passions,...


110 - Dr. Douglas Fisher: Literacy, Credibility, and Visible Learning

Dr. DOUGLAS FISHER is a Professor of Educational Leadership at San Diego State University and a teacher leader at Health Sciences High & Middle College. He is a member of the California Reading Hall of Fame and is the recipient of an International Reading Association Celebrate Literacy Award, the Farmer award for excellence in writing from the National Council of Teachers of English, and the Christa McAuliffe award for excellence in teacher education. He has published numerous articles on...


109 - Vernon Wright: Connect, Impact, and Scale

VERNON WRIGHT is an education leader, administrator, speaker, host, editor, coach, and consultant. He’s a voice for the people, he pours into relationships, and he lives to serve, motivate, and inspire others in authentic ways. In our conversation, Vernon recalls a delicate situation of having to coach an administrator above him who was simply not visible and not a leader of action. He defines the #ZeroApologyZone movement, and explains the reasoning behind the “Believe. Study. Hustle....


108 - Deanna Lough: Equity, Advocacy, and Assessment

DEANNA LOUGH is an English teacher, aspiring leader, kid Mom, puppy Mom, Mrs, theater lover, and lover of all things inspiring and positive. In our conversation, Deanna recalls a period in her career when she was pushed to the brink by the weight of her work. She talks about her passion for equity and inclusion and explains why it fuels her commitment to rethink assessment. She identifies a professional goal, describes how she stays productive, and shouts out some of the voices and...


107 - Trevor MacKenzie: Inquiry, Assessment, and Lifetimes of Learning

TREVOR MACKENZIE is a learner, teacher, speaker, consultant, and outdoor enthusiast. He is regarded by many as the preeminent voice on inquiry-based learning today, authoring Dive into Inquiry: Amplify Learning and Empower Student Voice (https://amzn.to/33fGvZE) and co-authoring Inquiry Mindset: Nurturing the Dreams, Wonders, and Curiosities of Our Youngest Learners (https://amzn.to/2JNgjhs). In our conversation, Trevor recalls the challenges of his first years in the profession. He defines...


106 - Andrew Arevalo: Legacy, Design Thinking, and the Transformative Power of Experiences

ANDREW AREVALO is an educator, speaker, innovator, and game designer with passions for blended learning, design thinking, and gamification. Andrew has his Master’s degree in education and has been recognized as a CUE Emerging Teacher. In our conversation, Andrew recalls the dilemma he faced when he realized that an exciting speaking opportunity would cost him a day’s pay. Looking back now on that fateful decision, he says that making the sacrifice was easily worth it. Andrew talks about...


105 - Tiffany Ott: Mastery, Communication, and Relationships

TIFFANY OTT is a high school Math teacher, a Director of Curriculum Development with the Teach Better Team, and the founder of #MasteryChat. She’s also a co-author of the recently published book Teach Better, and she’ll be playing a big role to play in the upcoming Teach Better Conference! In our conversation, Tiffany recounts a time when she launched a teaching unit on mental health, only to find that parents felt insufficiently informed and suspicious of her intentions. The drama that...


104 - Dr. Will Deyamport III: EdTech, Impact, and Entrepreneurship

DR. WILL DEYAMPORT III is an edtech specialist, documentary producer, and the producer and host of the Dr. Will Show, a podcast for educators looking to improve their impact and increase their quality of life. In our conversation, Dr. Will describes a time when district budget cuts led him to believe that he would likely lose his job. He describes the mission of The Dr. Will Show, explains why educators need to move from free-free-free to a little more fee-fee-fee, and makes the case that...


103 - Lisa Johnson: Creativity, EdTech, and Productivity

LISA JOHNSON is an educator by day, blogger by night, and the author of Creatively Productive: Essential Skills for Tackling Time Wasters, Clearing the Clutter, and Succeeding in School—and Life! In our conversation, Lisa recalls the time she was challenged for curating education and technology resources on a personal blog. She unpacks the mission and vision of Creatively Productive, and she explains why and how learners can organize their work more efficiently. She also describes her...


102 - Dr. Jacie Maslyk: Creativity, STEAM, Leadership, and Maker Education

DR. JACIE MASLYK is an educator, speaker, and author at ISTE, SolutionTree, and Steam-makers.com. She’s an Assistant Superintendent for the Hopewell Area School District in Aliquippa, PA, with a passion for #STEM education, makerspaces, literacy, leadership, and creativity in education. Dr. Jacie Maslyk is the author of several books, including ... She is also the co-author of Makers in Schools: Entering the Fourth Industrial Revolution In our conversation, Dr. Jacie recalls being...


101 - Nancy Frey: PLC+, Literacy, and Visible Learning

NANCY FREY is a Professor of Educational Leadership and Literacy at San Diego State University and an instructor at Health Sciences High and Middle College. She has also authored or co-authored a number of books, including PLC+: Better Decisions and Greater Impact by Design. Nancy’s areas of expertise include common core implementation, the role of coaching in instructional improvement, text-dependent questions, close reading, writing from sources, and discipline-specific literacies. In...


100 - Celebrating 100 Episodes!

In this special episode of the pod, long-time supporter of the podcast Bryon Carpenter takes over the microphone and interviews me, Tim Cavey, using the same questions I’ve used to interview my 99 previous guests. I share about the challenges of performing in front of students while my personal life was in turmoil, describe what is setting me on fire about education right now, and celebrate the end of my MEdL degree program and thesis. And of course, I share the voices and resources that...


99 - Dan Kreiness: Leadership, Growth Mindset, and Lifelong Learning

DAN KREINESS is an Instructional Coach at Norwalk Public Schools and a doctoral candidate at the American College of Education. He was also recognized as an ACSD Emerging Leader 2017 and is the host of the Leader of Learning podcast. In our conversation, Dan shares candidly about the friction he experienced in his last administrative position. He describes the mission and vision of the Leader of Learning podcast and explains how growth mindset and transformational leadership fuel his work...