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University of Toronto students share stories from before, during, and after their year of work experience.

University of Toronto students share stories from before, during, and after their year of work experience.
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University of Toronto students share stories from before, during, and after their year of work experience.






Finale: That Podcast We Did For A Year

This week we're sharing our final episode of the year. We sat down and chatted about how we got the podcast started, what we hoped to accomplish with it, and some of the common themes we found from 28 awesome interviews! Music, as always, by Shawn Lee IMPORTANT NOTE: We're looking for some people to take over the show and keep it going next year. If you think you'd be interested, we'll post a form on the Facebook page to fill.


27: Romy Done - Rocking it in the Mines

This week, we bring you the wonderful Romy Done from Mineral Engineering, who had an unorthodox PEY term, doing 2 consecutive work terms after her second year. She talked about moving from a small town, the close-knit communities in mining, and more. Enjoy! Music by Shawn Lee


26: Karen Cerullo - Pushing Through, Digital Libraries

This week's episode features Karen Cirillo, a Computer Engineering student who worked at BiblioCommons for her PEY. She had a lot of interesting takes on pushing through academic challenges, injuries, to mental health issues. Enjoy! Music by Shawn Lee


25: Medhaj Athilkar - Putting The G in P&G and TPG

This week we spoke to Mechanical Engineering student Medhaj Athilkar, who shared with us some stories working in a few different kinds of roles, getting into management and consulting, as well as growing a big beard. Music by Shawn Lee


24: Robert Bazzocchi - Dancing Your Way Through Engineering

This week, we present to you Robert Bazzocchi, a 4th year EngSci Robotics student who didn't quite do PEY, but instead broke his 3rd year in two so that he could pursue his passion for acting and dancing! He had a lot to share about how he balances the two sides to his life, and going deep into a passion while still meeting the demands of a challenging school program. Cotton Candy Club:


23: Dhanyaa Sudarsan - Stalk the Intern

This week was a first - since it's already March, we decided that we could talk to somebody who is currently in the middle of their PEY year! We spoke to Dhanyaa Sudarsan, an ECE student who is currently interning at AMD about her experiences she's had so far, and looked forward to the remaining months of her work term. Enjoy! Music by Shawn Lee


22: Ilya Kreynin - Job Scrambles, Design, Quality Work

This week's episode is one we've wanted to do for a long time - we've turned the tables and got a chance to hear from our beloved host, Ilya Kreynin! He had a great year working at RBC, The Poirier Group, and Disney! Listen to hear him talk about his first work experiences and what drew him to studying Industrial Engineering, how he went about looking for work, and what sorts of lessons he took from the work. Enjoy!


21: Luke Foster - Vinyl Records, Archery, Dungeons and Dragons

This week we spoke to an EngSci Aerospace student, Luke Foster, about his time working at record pressing company Viryl Technologies, as well as some of the other things he got up to during his PEY including archery and Dungeons & Dragons!


20: Henry Zhang - Lessons From Moving To Canada, Founding A Startup, and Interning Everywhere

This week we talked to Henry, a 4th year EngSci Robotics student who shared his interesting story of growing a lot over the course of his undergraduate studies, from starting a student learning startup and learning from failure. He had a lot of interesting insights he shared with us! 2:00 - coming to Canada in high school 6:25 - differences in how Chinese international students approach internships/career things 8:00 - learning to code 16:10 - What the process of raising seed funding,...


18: Adam El-Masri - Engineering for Good

This week we're talking to Adam El-Masri, a computer science student who worked at Orbis during his PEY, which took him to Vancouver and Bermuda. He's also done a lot of work towards trying to engineer for a good cause. He had a lot of interesting stuff to say about working during school, and being a part-time student. Enjoy! Adam on LinkedIn:


17 (LIVE): Shivani Nathoo - All About Energy

This week we have a live episode for you, recorded in the Pit, speaking to Shivani Nathoo from the Engineering Science Energy option!


16: Paul Seufert - Creating VALUE at Sidewalk Toronto & ZS

This week we got to talk to the golden-voiced Paul Seufert about his year at ZS Associates and Sidewalk Toronto, that tied together physics, consulting, and urban design! In this episode: choosing between physics and math, stats & finance; kaggle projects; fractional staffing and working on multiple projects at the same time; what it means to be a fast learner; getting really good at writing emails; the value of human intuition; urban design; learning that it's not all about the money;...


15: Arkady Arkhangorodsky - Robotics, from Switzerland to India

We kick off the new year with an episode we've wanted to do for some time, talking to Arkady Arkhangorodsky (our producer), a 4th year EngSci robotics student about his time at Google, Rapyuta Robotics, and Shopify, that took him all around the world!


14: Sarah Chang - Pipelines, Muay Thai, and Beer

In this week's episode we chatted with Sarah Chang, our first ChemEng student! She spent her PEY at Shawcor in Toronto; hear her talk about pipelines, lifting giant jugs of water, and becoming a beer connoisseur :) Notes: 0:41 - Ending up in chemical engineering, growing up in a bunch of different countries, dealing with international cultures 3:20 - Some extracurricular involvements, Skule orchestra, EWB 9:01 - Background on Shawcor, working on pipeline coatings 10:30 - Being among the...


13: Sneha Adhikari - Making a Better Toronto

This week's episode features Sneha Adhikari, a civil engineering student who got to work on an issue close to home, on the King Street pilot with the City of Toronto! Notes: 0:46 - Working in Toronto, going towards civil engineering from originally wanting to do life sciences; what they might have in common 7:59 - Civil engineering as a social field 11:45 - Applying to PEY; putting non-engineering things in her portfolio 15:30 - 2 crappy interviews that were good learning experiences 17:40 -...


12: Raymond Lam - Mechanical to Biomedical Engineering

This week we spoke to Raymond Lam from Mechanical Engineering about his work at Baylis Medical where he worked on developing products used in heart surgeries! Notes: 0:19 - How he ended up choosing mechanical engineering; taking shop class in high school and doing the George Brown machining workshop 4:09 - Why he was looking to do 16 months instead of for, some of the things he applied for and why he ended up going with Baylis 7:30 - What Baylis does, minimally invasive surgery 17:45 -...


BONUS: ILead Panel ft. Milan Maljkovic & Deborah Raji

This is an extra special episode, from a panel that we did for the 7th Conference on the Leader-Engineer, put on by Troost ILead. Ilya handed over the interviewing reins to Cindy Rottman, Associate Director of Research at ILead. We were joined by Deborah Raji (our friend from episode 3!) and Milan Malkjovic, a former engineering student, to talk about our own PEY experiences to an audience of students, engineers, and faculty members! More about ILead:


11: Jenn Dixon - MSE, Medtech, Motorcycles

In this week's episode, hear the person Ilya declared "the coolest person I know": Jenn Dixon (MSE 1T8 + PEY) about her time at Synaptive and also about her motorcycle. Notes: 0:20 - Coming from an international school in Oman to deciding to study in Canada 4:58 - Finishing 3rd year feeling very burnt out 5:44 - Her extremely strategic approach to applying, choosing between "traditional MSE stuff" and forensic engineering 9:28 - Interview process at Synaptive, how she stood out with...


10: Oishe Farhan - Visualizing Meditation With Technology

This week's episode we have Oishe Farhan (ECE) sharing his experience combining his interests in neurotechnology and mindfulness in a year working at InteraXon, creators of the Muse brainwave sensing headband. Notes: 0:21 - Going to high school at TOPS and how he ended up studying ECE, discovering neurotechnology through first years at UofT and starting a club for it! 7:40 - Deepening involvement in the NeuroTech club through second and third year, doing somewhat related work Montreal 9:00 -...