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Podcast #14: Survival Tips for Great American Teachers - The 50th Percentile

I know that most K-12 teachers enter the profession for three reasons: They love working with young people They love learning and want to impart that onto others They are passionate about a particular age or discipline, and want to teach to that age or discipline I also know that most teachers do not enter the profession because they want to get in there and kick some adult ass. In other words, people who like to argue and fight are usually not attracted to the profession of teaching....


Podcast #12: America Without American Teachers - The 50th Percentile

The following podcast is based on an online article entitled: Why Teachers Suck … June 10, 2017 / Bert Fulks Basically the article is written by an ex-teacher who is arguing with his friend, Tim, who has stated that: “Our country’s a mess because teachers suck.” I will let you read the article at your leisure, because I want to focus on the comments left by three of the readers. Parent JULY 15, 2017 AT 4:46 AM Special Education is a civil...


Podcast #11: Hiring, Retaining, & Promoting Incompetents in American Education - The 50th Percentile

As I write and podcast about the types of persons hired to be education leaders, I struggle with the appropriateness of using words like: stupid, idiot, crook and moron when describing most of the administrators I have been forced to suffer through. Should I call it like it is or should I be gentle? In the end, I have decided to state it like I see it, because of the impact these people have on American students. Additionally, many of these people enjoy salaries in the six-figure range,...


Podcast #10: The Racist & Classist Goals of American Education Leadership - The 50th Percentile

I am specifically referring to those on Capitol Hill who are making the policies that affect what, where, and when things are taught in American classrooms. You know the ones -- the folk with little to no classroom teaching experience, but somehow have the knowledge to decide the fate of the education of American children. I base my hypothesis on two things: Common Conformity Education programs and the voucher system Although I do not even know if my next statement is true, I would bet my...


Podcast #9: The Psychological Enslavement of Teachers - The 50th Percentile

Several colleagues of mine have asked me if I’m scared to blow the whistle. They fear for me and my continued employment. They know that the persons who are stealing tax money from teaching and learning, are not going to allow a lowly teacher to bring attention to their scams. Several educators have warned me that nobody cares. They reason that parents really don’t care; as long as they’re getting their free-babysitting, they may complain a bit, but they’ll never actually do anything that...


Podcast #8: The Good Old Boy Education Administrators - The 50th Percentile

In 2005, I received a transfer to a high school in my school system. My new principal and assistant principal had both been special education teachers at this particular school. Allegedly, the principal was plucked straight from the special education classroom and promoted to principal without ever being an assistant principal. He then brought up his boy, another special education teacher. The result was that this school had two administrators, who had both been special education teachers...


Podcast #7: D-I-S-R-E-S-P-E-C-T! Sock it to me & the future of the teaching profession -

Not too long ago, I observed a first grade classroom that was just beginning to implement common conformity education. The teacher had a huge white three-ring common conformity education binder, filled with prewritten scripts she had been directed to read (instead of teaching). She didn’t want to stand in front of her 25+ students with her eyes on the script. So, she had tried to memorize the script. As she was attempting to speak from memory, she kept forgetting her lines. She wasted time...


Podcast #6: Slow Car Metaphor -

Listeners, have you ever driven down a 2-lane highway and found yourself forced to slow way down because the driver in front of you, has decided to drive 40mph in a 65mph zone? You are unable to pass him because twists, turns, and hills in the road disallow you from seeing far enough ahead to determine whether you have the time to safely pass? The result is that you are forced to accommodate a slow mover. This is the best metaphor I can think of to describe what it’s like to be a great...


Podcast #5: Reality TV & Education Reform -

Podcast #5 Reality TV & Education Reform Anyone who listens to The 50th Percentile podcast knows that my hypothesis is American K-12 education is, has been, and continues to be ruined by big business and the government. However, there is a place for them -- I want their money and resources. Specifically, I want their money and resources for a reality show. I have two magnificent ideas. So, this podcast goes out to all the billionaires who truly have philanthropy in their DNA -- either that...


Podcast #4 The Broad Superintendent (Miracle) Academy -

Podcast #4: A Graduate of the Broad Superintendents (Miracle) Academy American public education is failing because it is run by non-teachers -- none has the background necessary to competently make decisions that affect the education of children attending America’s schools. And yet, they do. About a year ago, I conducted some research; specifically, I wanted to know how these incompetents were getting their feet in the doors of America’s classrooms and the minds of America’s youth. I came...


Introduction: The sinking ship -

Podcast Introduction in written format


Teacher Professional DeHELLoment: Hours of mind-numbing drivel -

What a frigg’n joke; what an incredible waste of time. I can tell you in all honesty that in the 17 years I’ve been a classroom teacher, I have never EVER attended a professional development session that did anything to improve my teaching or learning. This is why I have named this podcast Teacher Professional DeHELLoment, because it is pure hellish torture to have my valuable time wasted, sitting through the endless hours of mind-numbing drivel that spews through the mouths of people who...


Common Core is Common Crap -

PODCAST #2: Common Core is Common Crap I think that the late George Carlin said it best when he stated, “They don’t want an educated populace capable of critical thought, sitting around the kitchen table realizing how badly they’re getting f….” It really doesn’t matter whether it’s entitled Common Core, Head Start, No Child Left Behind, College and Career Readiness or Boom Shak-A-La-Ka. The reason for all the education programs in the past the present and into the future are to...


Education Leadership – Ep 1 -

This episode discusses the people in America who dictate what, when, and how things are taught in America's classrooms - also known as educational leadership. What are the qualifications and motivations of these people running K-12 education?