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Admission professionals are some of the most interesting and talented people I have ever met. The goal is to exult them and those who support them. It is to showcase stellar professionals whose stories inspire us, by how they have thrived, in spite of challenges, while living lives of integrity and purpose.

Admission professionals are some of the most interesting and talented people I have ever met. The goal is to exult them and those who support them. It is to showcase stellar professionals whose stories inspire us, by how they have thrived, in spite of challenges, while living lives of integrity and purpose.


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Admission professionals are some of the most interesting and talented people I have ever met. The goal is to exult them and those who support them. It is to showcase stellar professionals whose stories inspire us, by how they have thrived, in spite of challenges, while living lives of integrity and purpose.




Episode 17 - Paul Otis

Paul Otis, Assistant Head for Lake Tahoe Preparatory School, discusses the unique place the school holds in the world of small boarding school education and how they bring incredible success to each student. Paul Otis Bio: Over the past sixteen years, Paul has worked as a teacher and administrator at Lake Tahoe Preparatory School. Paul has a passion for providing students with inquisitive experiences that allow them to experience science first-hand. As an avid rock climber, trail runner...


Episode 16 - Trevor Waddington

Trevor Waddington is the Principal at Truth Tree, an award-winning digital marketing agency that works exclusively with independent schools and camps to help them design their ultimate enrollment. Show Tracks: 01:40 The origin of truth tree name 03:00 Why truth tree is successful 05:15 Artificial intelligence and voice first the future of family engagement 22:15 Educating school leadership on the new costs of recruiting 24:00 Client school success stories 32:15 A schedule of personal...


Episode 15 - Brett Bodnar

Brett Bodnar - Senior Placement Manager for Educators Ally Brett Bodnar is a Senior Placement Manager at Educator’s Ally, a premier educational placement firm. Here she reviews their personalized approach to working with each client’s special needs. She also reviews the key skills schools are now looking for in admission professionals, as well as how they must position themselves to attract these top admission leaders. Show Tracks: 02:24 how diverse experience helps 04:35 The...


Episode 14 - Katie Osgood

Katie Osgood - Owner, Brookfield School For over 30 years Katie Osgood and her sister have run the Brookfield School, a very successful proprietary school in Reno NV. As a for-profit institution, learn about the specific advantages that they have brought to their students and parents and how Brookfield School is nimble and well prepared to offer their students key skills to successfully thrive in life. Show Tracks: 02:44 changes in parent fears and expectations 09:13 advantages of four...


Episode 13 - Debra Wilson

Relatively new to the position, Debra has already made her mark as one who not only afraid to take on tough challenges and create critical initiatives, and all the while, doing it with grace and collaboration. Listen to her thoughts on incorporating DEI practices into the culture of schools, the new heads data base project, as well as key skill sets for admission professionals in the new era…and why her go-to Polish dessert is a great stress buster. Show Tracks: 02:02 the future of...


Episode 12 - Peter Baron

Peter Barron has been a renaissance professional in the field of educational marketing and admissions… he shares the exciting directions of EMA... crucial admissions skills... recruiting generation x and millennial families... becoming a domain expert… how independent skills changed his life… as well as the key cause in his life as a parent Show Tracks: 5:09 the direction of the enrollment Management Association 9:47 how admission skills relate to becoming a head of school 11:45...


Episode 11 - Traci Catlett

Tracy left the corporate world to pursue her passion for education starting as a public-school math teacher. She rose up the ranks in independent schools and ultimately became the very successful head of Greensboro Day school. One of her philosophies that has continued to bring her success is that she is a relentless communicator and feels that listening is the best way to get to know all those with whom she works, as well as with current and perspective families. Show Tracks: 3:23 From...


Episode 10 - Cecil Stodghill

Head of School Cecil Stodghill share how his extensive work in admissions throughout his career was the perfect preparation for running a school…He also discusses the need for admission officers to have specific sales skills to both bring students into the funnel and keep them through matriculation…and the ultimate power of listening. Show Tracks: 3:15 admission skills that have helped me become a head 4:21 why admission officers must learn how to sell 18:01 chief storyteller 20:30...


Episode 09 - Amy Graham

Amy talks about the crucial need to create an authentic story for her school as well as the crucial approach to be a constant seeker of new information and be nimble to make changes when necessary… she also feels that transparency is a key to effective leadership to help the team truly woo parents and their students… she keeps her sanity with good coffee, dog walks grilled pizza, crepes, puzzles and a few episodes of the Gilmore girls. Show Tracks: 1:00 challenges and changes in the...


Episode 08 - Bobbi Krein

Bobbi talks about alignment of school mission and the work we do; how the admission profession has to be authentic—you can’t sell a product you don’t believe in… working on an institutional reorganization that focuses on customer-centered service to families…Understanding Budgets...How cooking brings the love to all people…one way cell phone etiquette…and why we must plan for a kinder future and to stand up for others. Show Tracks: 1:13 why I stay excited 6:30 knowing the revenue process...


Episode 07 - Dan Morrissy

A renaissance educator who shares his experience both as a Dean of Students and Director of and Admissions, and how those skill sets have enhanced his career. He also explains his view on the importance of truly knowing each child well in order to best engage a family. He also shares the critical success that mentors have played in his life and why regular training and cultural fit are the keys to building a successful team. Show Tracks: 2:01 Transition from Dean to Director of...


Episode 06 - David Hopkins

David shares how his immersions in several world cultures lead him to a passion to find the common human touch points for all of us. His skills brought him success on many levels as an admission professional, who has developed a world class process for financial aid and a school wide approach to successful recruiting. Summary: How the world teaches humanity…crucial admission skills…admissions vs enrollment management…new age financial aid…the billboard of life. Show Tracks: 1:48 How the...


Episode 05 - Anne Eileen Behnke

Anne has upheld the principle that if you engage people through empathy and kindness, be willing to work on nights and weekends and help change lives…you will have a successful career in admissions. For over 30 years her simple yet profound approach had brought her success at across the country. Summary: The power of her “secret sauce”... the good part of Covid-19… three competitive tennis teams, and words to live by. Show Tracks: 3:51 the evolution of changes and challenges in the...


Episode 04 - Barbarba Eghan

Barbara Egan, Director of Enrollment Management and Financial Aid for Georgetown Day School discusses the challenges and successes of modernizing the admission office under her tenure. She also discusses the crucial skills the new directors of admission must possess in order to be successful, as well as effective staff management and organization. Furthermore, she talks about the need for equitable compensation for admissions professionals and also discusses how the Zen of cooking, a good...


Episode 03 - Bethany Di Napoli

How ISCA meets the crucial needs of board chairs…how boards can best work with Admission offices…Trust your “knowing”… Continua con la forza (Go forward with strength). Show Tracks: 3:04 New ISCA services 9:46 Top three new chair challenges 13:31 New board configurations 19:00 How to manage board expectations 24:27 How boards can best work with admissions 30:00 Personal and Professional organization…Dance, Tennis and Italian cooking 36:00 Favorite travel spots 39:00 Founding a...


Episode 02 - Mark Sklarow

How admission professionals must really know their school and the courage to present the details… Why sales fundamentals are the new skill set necessary to thrive…why we need kindness now more than every. Show Tracks: 4:33 History of IECA 15:17 What admission professionals must know 32:02 Balancing personal and professional life 38:47 Secrets of leadership 44:02 What cooking means to me 48:07 My high school years 50:00 Todays injustices and the roles Independent schools must...


Episode 01 - Patrick Finn

A lifetime in admissions, and how mentor-ship is the secret to a successful career and a fulfilled life. Our guest today is Patrick Finn is a dear friend of mine and I am delighted that he is here with us. today. He founded School Connections in 2007. He created a format that would make it easier and more cost effective for admissions representatives and educational consultants to meet. By the way, I love your company…my school clients use your method and have been thrilled with the results!...