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Bryan Reynolds brings us one story, one idea, one single point to ponder each week. Join us for The Appraisal Update.

Bryan Reynolds brings us one story, one idea, one single point to ponder each week. Join us for The Appraisal Update.
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Bryan Reynolds brings us one story, one idea, one single point to ponder each week. Join us for The Appraisal Update.






The Appraisal Update - Episode 13 05152019

In which Bryan Reynolds chats with Hal Humphreys about investigations. Hal is a Certified Fraud Examiner and a Certified General Real Estate Appraiser. He's investigated hundreds of cases. Find out what he has to say about what to do if you end up under investigation.


The Appraisal Update - Episode 12 05062019

What do you do when you get sued? How should you respond to a subpoena? What do you do when you get a complaint filed against you? Join Bryan Reynolds, your host, as he quizzes Craig Capilla, attorney with the Franklin Law Group, about how to handle those troublesome times.


The Appraisal Update - Episode 11 04292019

Bryan Reynolds, of Appraiser eLearning, chats with John Brenan, of The Appraisal Foundation, about USPAP and the industry in general. Tune in and hear what Mr. Brenan has to say about the state of the industry. This episode was recorded live at the Appraisers Conference and Trade show, an annual conference hosted by Appraiser eLearning and the National Association of Appraisers.


The Appraisal Update - Episode 10 04222019

What is an appraisal conference? Have you attended one? Should you? Bryan Reynolds, you host, visits with Craig Morley, acting president of the National Association of Appraisers, to discuss the ACTS Conference. Appraisers Conference and Trade Show. This interview was recorded live at the Second Annual ACTS Conference in Salt Lake City, UT. Give a listen and learn why you should be involved in your local appraiser coalition and how you can benefit from attending the next ACTS Conference.


The Appraisal Update - Episode 9 04152019

Ever had a hard time finding that third comp? You got two great sales, but just can't find the third one to fit the parameters. What do you do? Do you make one up? Do you leave it out? Check in with Bryan Reynolds and learn some ways to deal with limited sales data.


The Appraisal Update - Episode 8 04082019

What is it going to take for appraisers to be considered professionals? Today we operate in a business, but sooner than later - if we play our cards right - we can be seen as professionals. Professionals, not tradespeople or just business people. Join Bryan Reynolds in this episode of The Appraisal Update as he discusses the profession of appraising real estate.


The Appraisal Update - Episode 7 03252019

How much detail do you need to go into when reporting your observations? Do you have to report holes in screens? Don't all screens have holes? Join Bryan Reynolds on the AeL weekly podcast, The Appraisal Update.


The Appraisal Update - Episode 6 03182019

Join Bryan Reynolds, of Appraiser eLearning, as he chats with "Billy," an appraiser who had a complaint filed against him. Not only did Billy overcome the complaint. It was 100% dismissed. He then sued the complainant and got a settlement. So, it's possible to no only overcome the bullying but to come out on top. This episode is a must listen for all appraisers. We put ourselves out there on a daily basis. It's nice to know that when we do good work, we can beat the ill-tempered bullies of...


The Appraisal Update - Episode 5 - 03112019

In this episode of The Appriasal Update, Bryan Reynolds chats with Jim Park the executive director of The Appraisal Subcommittee (ASC). The ASC is the body that regulates appraisal requirements, appraisers, and - generally speaking - all things appraisal related. Join Bryan and Mr. Park as they discuss the state of the appraisal industry, where we are and where we're going. This episode is a little longer than normal, but we thought the content was useful and important.


The Appraisal Update - Episode 4 - 03042019

Bryan Reynolds chats about highest and best use and ways we might consider this foundational appraisal issue. How do you address issues of adaptive reuse? How do you deal with a property that’s unique? HABU isn’t always a foregone conclusion. Listen to Brian talk about the ways to consider this section of the appraisal, one of the most overlooked - yet most important parts of the process.


The Appraisal Update - Episode 3 - 02258019

A kick in the head can be a great learning opportunity. Have you ever been kicked in the head? Sometimes, we need a swift knock to the noggin to drive home a point. This episode - Pain Take the time to build your toolbox with ways to make money. Don't avoid jobs just because you have a notion that it's outside of your normal appraisal practice. You can work as a consultant. We suggest you do, when you get the opportunity. Sometimes, we kick Bryan Reynolds in the head just for fun. Join us...


The Appraisal Update - Episode 2 - 02118019

In which Bryan Reynolds talks about basements. Can you trust the homeowner? Hal Humphreys here. Along with Bryan Reynolds, I produce this podcast and help with educational development here at Appraiser eLearning. I once had a basement issue with a house that I owned. I sold my first home in Green Hills in Nashville several years ago. An agent wanted to show the house to her client and scheduled a showing on a weekend. It had rained - a lot - the previous week, like several nights in a row....


The Appraisal Update - Episode 1 - 02112019

In which Bryan Reynolds talks about property inspections and USPAP. The Appraisal Update is the official podcast of Appraiser eLearning. Join us every week to get an update, a single scenario, a point to ponder - something to consider for your appraisal practice today. Appraiser eLearning provides the best quality continuing education in the real estate appraisal space. What sets us apart? For one thing - when you call Appraiser eLearning, you'll talk to a real human being. If we don't...