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Understanding Bad Faith (Jean-Paul Sartre 2) – TBWJP013 - The Ben Wood Johnson Podcast

Examining Bad Faith This Podcast discusses the notion of freedom. But it does so from a Sartrean perspective. The focus is on the concept of “Bad Faith.” In this installment, I examine the degree to which the being is able to reconcile the self in relation to the self and others. In this instance, the being tends to lie to the self. The being is trying to deceive the self. The Being is Fixed The being wants to remain “fixed.” Sartre, on the other hand, argues that the being is always...


The Notion of Freedom (Jean-Paul Sartre) – TBWJP012 - The Ben Wood Johnson Podcast

Introducing Jean-Paul Sartre Jean-Paul Sartre is a household name. He was born in 1905 and died in 1980. The influence of his works is still palpable in the world today. The Sartrean model impregnated the field of philosophy. The Sartrean approach to human existence is known as “Existentialism.” Under this paradigm, the understanding is that human beings are free to be. In other words, human beings have the capacity to emancipate their selves from whatever. The Notion of Freedom In this...


The Universality of Human Rights (Part 2) – TBWJP011 - The Ben Wood Johnson Podcast

Universal Rights This podcast is the second installment of a series of recordings about rights. This particular segment discusses the notion of universality in rights. The argument here is that there is no universality in the notion of rights. That understanding presupposes the concept of rights is relative to a particular social setting or a culture. What is righteous to some may not be so for others. This reality often creates problems for the individual. What is right then? The answer is...


Introducing the Concept of Rights (Part 1) – TBWJP010 - The Ben Wood Johnson Podcast

Defining Rights What is “rights”? This is a fundamental question, which various thinkers and philosophers alike have asked their selves, but very few have been able to answer. Certainly, humanity has a good understanding about the notion itself. Here, let us examine the term a bit deeper. A World of Problems The world we live today is plagued with all sorts of problems. Granted, many of the issues we face as a species are unavoidable. They are a part of being in this world. Others...


Rationality Vs Emotionality (Part 2) – TBWJP009 - The Ben Wood Johnson Podcast

Are Men in Charge of their World? One of the key things we must understand about the notion of rationality is the idea that men are in charge of their world. Whatever men do, they say, is a "choice." Thereby, men are sentient actors in their world. Here, I beg to differ. Here is why... Emotionality is nature. Rationality is nurture. One is inherent (natural); they other is acquired (nurtured). In this Podcast, I argue that men are innately emotional. Similar to the previous Podcast in the...


Rationality Vs Emotionality (Part 1) – TBWJP008 - The Ben Wood Johnson Podcast

Are Men Rational Beings? This is an interesting question. It is also a question, which most people would answer in the affirmative. In this Podcast, however, I beg to differ. When we speak of rationality, what do we mean? The term rationality implies a certain logic or reason in the way men are in their world. That is, men are inherently rational or they are endowed with the capacity to reason. That capacity, in turn, allows men to act a certain way. But no matter how a man behaves, if...


War and Peace (Lysander Spooner) – TBWJP007 - The Ben Wood Johnson Podcast

What is War? When we hear the term war, what usually comes to mind is a battlefield where one man goes after another; it is where one family goes after another; it is where one nation goes after another. But is there something else to the concept? I would say yes. A war is the notion of getting into a conflict, which could be physical (i.e., violent) in nature. It could be understood as a face-to-face encounter between two or more entities. A war could also be understood as a fight, which...


What is Technology (Society as an Illusion-Part 6) – TBWJP006 - The Ben Wood Johnson Podcast

Society as an Illusion This is the final installment of our series of podcasts about technology. This episode dissects technology by examining how society makes it impossible for the being to survive. As echoed in previous episodes, the being may have no alternatives but to adhere to already approved technologies to survive. The problem is that such technologies can be rationed to a point where the being seldom has access to them. As a result, the being may have no means of survival. This...


What is Technology (Societal Approval-Part 5) – TBWJP005 - The Ben Wood Johnson Podcast

Societal Approval for Survival Human survival is the foundation of human existence. A person cannot exist unless he can subsist. The individual cannot subsist unless he has the tools and the techniques, which would allow him to maintain his existence beyond chance. That is why technology is important for human survival. When a person is able to conceive his existence from his own lens, he is also able to view the world from his own prism. When a person views the world from his own...


What is Technology (Limiting Progress-Part 4) – TBWJP004 - The Ben Wood Johnson Podcast

How society is limiting progress This particular installment is part of a series of podcasts discussing the essence of technology in the world. Here, the discussions centers on the notion that the man is a slave. He is limited; he is restricted. Just the same, society hampers his survival. The man cannot survive because his destiny is intertwined with that of other man, whom is not very concerned with his well-being. The man finds himself in an eternal pain. He lives in poverty. Because of...


What is Technology (The Role of Nature-Part 3) – TBWJP003 - The Ben Wood Johnson Podcast

The Role of Nature in Technology This Podcast is part of a series of recordings about the nature of technology. This installment examines the role of nature in the creation of technology. It also examines the degree to which society hampers technology. The arguments presented in this monologue suggest that society is under control. As such, men found their selves under control. As a result, the being is not able to construct his own avenues for survival. Another argument echoed throughout...


What is technology (The Purpose-Part 2) – TBWJP002 - The Ben Wood Johnson Podcast

What is Technology? This podcast discusses the purpose of technology. It sets the stage for the next podcast, which examines the role of technology in human survival. This podcast is the second installment of a series of entries about the nature of technology. This podcast delineates the degree to which human beings were designed to survive with comfort. The argument here is that nature is the ultimate survivor. It creates the conditions for its entities to survive. Human beings are not...


What is Technology (Introduction) – TBWJP001 - The Ben Wood Johnson Podcast

Examining the Term The term technology is often used loosely to describe tools, gadgets, and other instruments, which had been invented by men. The common belief is that a technology, not in the etymological sense of the term itself, signifies the creation of new ways of doing things. In recent memory, many used the term to describe advances in various fields, notably electronics. But there is more to the term. In this podcast, I examine the term "Technology" from a philosophical lens. I...


Speaking Engagement - The Ben Wood Johnson Podcast

Welcome to Ben Wood Post! Click on the play button to view video Let me thank you for your interest in me. I would be delighted to speak at your event. As you browse through this page, you should be able to familiarize yourself with me. You should get a sense of what I do. That way, you would be able to probe whether I am the speaker you are looking for. You would also see my credentials and expertise. Online Request Form Once you have gathered that I am the person you need for your event,...


Being a Leader - The Ben Wood Johnson Podcast

Are You a School Leader? There is an argument to be made that being a teacher automatically puts the individual in a leadership position. But not all teachers understand their place or their role within a school system as leaders. Now, let us take this example up a notch. Suppose you are a school principal, would you consider yourself a leader? In this instance, the answer would not be that…hard to determine because being a school principal presumes that, you are in a leadership position....