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We are a group of funny and energetic guys just portraying ourselves through a microphone.

We are a group of funny and energetic guys just portraying ourselves through a microphone.


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We are a group of funny and energetic guys just portraying ourselves through a microphone.




Broval Sports

Whats up Broval Officers, we are back with another SPECIAL episode. Today the guys sit down and talk about a few different things from the sports world. As always we bring the laughs, hot-takes and commentary we know you love. Thanks for checking it out and be sure to share with a friend. Support the show (


Christian Rules

A couple members of the Broval Office talk about some christian rules and regulations that we have personally had to grow up with. We hope you can relate as well. Thanks for joining us in this new series of our podcast. Support the show (


Is men's worth based on money?

Whats up Broval Officers! We are back once again. Welcome to Season 4! To kick things off we are talking today about Men and their worth. Specifically when it come to money. Sit back, grab a friend and listen in. Welcome back!!! Support the show (


Santa or Satan?

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas from everyone here at the Broval Office. Today we talk all things Christmas. We would like to thank everyone for rocking with us this turbulent and unsure year. If your still with us we greatly appreciate it, we would not be where we are today without our Broval Officers. Stay safe over the holidays and we will see you all in 2021. Support the show (


Rodney Jr: Shrouded in mystery

Whats up Broval Officers and welcome back to the podcast. Today we have a VERY special episode about Rodney Jr, one of our dear members. Shrouded in mystery, we get into Rodneys early life, defining years and later escape into the arms of the Lord. Some of it may be too wild to believe but he spoke his truth. We hope you enjoy this episode and don't forget to like, comment and share, but most importantly, tell one friend about us. Today's music is brought to you by Yung Kratz music. The...



Whats up Broval Officers!!! Thanks for joining us again for another wonderfully, SPECIAL episode. Today the guys sit down to talk about growing knowledge in financial wisdom, growing net worth and much more. As always like, comment, subscribe and tell one friend about The Broval Office Podcast. Support the show (


Thanksgiving Rerun

Whats happening Broval Officers, so glad you have joined us once again for this very SPECIAL episode. Today, we give thanks for everything but especially for turkey, ham, mac and cheese and all the great holidays' staples. What are your go to eats on thanksgiving? What can be left off the menu? Comment and let us know. And Happy Thanksgiving. Todays Music brought to you by Yung Kratz. Support the show (


Bonus blooper episode: Legalized Drugs?

Whats happening Broval Officers!!! Thank you for joining us once again. Today the guys discuss legalization of hard drugs in Oregon and if that is okay or not. What are your thoughts on the subject? Music (Song called: Jets) brought to you by Yung Kratz Music. Support the show (


Social Media: Good or Bad?

Hey Guys!!! Thanks again for joining us on The Broval Office. Today the guys talk about social media and its effects on all of us. How do you feel? Is this a good or bad thing? Support the show (


"Dream" jobs

What is happening Broval Officers, and welcome to another episode of the Broval Office. Growing up we all thought about what we wanted to be when we grew up, so today we discuss some "dream" job scenarios that the Bros have along with some other stuff that belongs in the toilet. Don't forget to like, comment subscribe, share, and tell 5 friends about us. Thanks for listening. Support the show (


Simply Simp

We back, we back, we back, WE BACK, WE BACK, WE BACK, WE BACK!!! What is up Broval Officers. Its a bird its a plan its a Simp. We hope you guys enjoy our convo, strolling down memory lane. For the guys, whats some of your stories. Support the show (


Short Pods #1: Stay in your Lanez

Whats up Broval Officers!! We are back with another SPECIAL episode. Update from Pop Culture, in our first ever SHORT POD we discuss the Megan THEE Stallion and Tory "DAYstar" Lanez. What do you guys think should happen? Support the show (


Let's get Married?!

What is happening Broval Officers!!!! Thank you for the patience while we were in hiatus, but we BACK and better than ever. On this episode some of the guys (along with some special guests) stop in to talk marriage and when we feel a guy is ready to get married. Support the show (


Who's your favorite Villain

What is happening Broval Officers, as promised we have another SPECIAL episode. We talk villains and who is our favorite bad guy. Mr. EFK himself is back and better than ever so you are sure to be in for a treat. Support the show (


The NBA and Steven A. Josh

Whats happening Broval Officers. This week the guys sit down and discuss the NBA bubble, playoffs and everything in between. Check the episode out and let us know who you think will rise to the top down in Orlando. Support the show (


Mr. West

Kanye West. Legend? Genius? Man in the sunken place? The guys today talk Kanye West's actions throughout the years, his recent "run for president", and his GAP deal. Thank you for listening to the Broval Office. Take time to listen, like and share with you friends! Support the show (


Zombie, Zombie..........

Welcome back guys, today the "Brovals" talk about all things and what would happen during a "zombie apocalypse". We hope you enjoy another shorter episode. Be sure to go and tell a friend about it. Music this week (Know it), once again from the talented MakaihBeats. Support the show (


News, Government and Politics?

A plethora of topics ranging from moon landings to growing up speaking different languages, this week the guys GET INTO IT over different topics. Where do you land? This weeks music (All I Know) curated for you is by Makaih Beats. Support the show (


Mr. and Mrs. Smith Pt. 2

Lets talk entanglements again. After the Red Table talk with Will and Jada, the guys wrap up their talk about Jada and August. This weeks music (Waves Pt. 2) is brought to you again by MakaihBeats. Support the show (


Bro Code?

Have you or a friend you know fallen victim to dating their friends ex. Why did you do it? Did you consider your bro's feelings in the situation. This week the guys ponder a simple question: Would you date your bro's ex? This week's song (4 am) is brought to you by the talented Makaih Beats. Support the show (