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Podcasting for the canine community




Episode 129: Interviewing a new trainer

Interviewing a new trainer should be a process that all new and existing dog owners strongly consider. We say this because a lot of time, people end up with the wrong trainer for a range of different reasons. Many of these are because they didn't do their homework in the first place. Other reasons include being duped by clever marketing. It's forgiveable to assume, big add, lots of money so they must be a great trainer. It can also mean that they are just great at marketing and average at...


Episode 128: Jason Firmin

Jason Firmin is a name that has been attached to The canine Paradigm since our humble beginnings. In some ways, he's the third musketeer, apart from Birdy. Firmin may sound like a gruff, grumpy old bastard, however in reality he has a heart of gold. He still is all those things and more but he will drop everything to help out his mates and the industry. Recently Jason has been embarking on an incredible weight loss journey which he really needed to do due to several health concerns. Firmin...


Episode 127: The role of the master coach

The role of the master coach ultimately is to empower the student to learn everything they can. It's teaching a person to be empowered, not creating a dependant. In last weeks episode we spoke about dependencies. What's interesting and disturbing is that some coaches exploit that. They become a drug dealer rather than a life dealer. Instead of coaching the bird to leave the nest and fly, they keep the bird small and make it feel helpless without the coach. A true master coach is not about...


Episode 126: Diminishing return

Diminishing return is an episode that focus's around a point of obsession. That area is based around people who too much of something, which throws their life plan out of balance. For example, think of a student who studies for a job. Once they get the qualification, they then feel that perhaps they should do some more study to stay ahead of the game. Then, after they finish that course, they enrol in another and then another and so on. Now they are in a phase of diminishing return. In the...


Episode 125: Peggy’s Promise

Peggy's promise is a pet rescue charity organisation located on the central coast of New South Wales, Australia. It is mainly run by three ladies, Sharon, Eleni and Megan with a score of wonderful volunteers. These people give so much to all the throw away pets in society by opening their homes and their hearts. What most people don't know is that rescue organisations like Peggy's and so many more dip into their own pockets. Funding these operations are not cheap and there's not a lot of...


Episode 124: Keeping up with Jason Cohen

Keeping up with Jason Cohen is no easy task. This man is on the hop all day long as he has his finger in many pies. Being a dog trainer in Brooklyn, New York, he is dealing with a lot of people in a big city with a lot of dogs. Jason however has a great zest for life. He's a really upbeat guy that likes to try and help everyone. You only have to ask Jason and he will try his best. Along with Glenn, Jason spends a large part of his time dedicated to the IACP but it doesn't end there. You see,...


Episode 123: Pat Nolan’s Covid project

Pat Nolan's Covid project is a promising look into the potential of dogs being trained to detect Covid-19. We understand that there are no guarantees in this field, however it's exciting nonetheless. We're very supportive of Pat Nolan being a part of this project as it has potential to change the world. It's a part of our life for now to keep hearing the word Covid - 19 or Corona virus. We're sick of it for the most part as it has stopped the world and disrupped what we know as normal....


Episode 122: Training ideas during lock down

Training ideas during lock down is now the new norm for now which means we need to evolve. No one we know saw this coming, it's the stupidest thing and it's very serious. What is even more serious during this lock down process is how it will effect peoples lives and businesses. Not to mention the impact it's already having on mental health. So the lock down means change to our life and to our income. Fortunately we have access to the internet and we can still be somewhat social. To many...


Episode 121: Help your mates

Help your mates is a term touted in Australia ever since I can remember. For a while it seemed to run out of a bit of steam which is unfortunate. In some cases, people work on the premises of screw your mate. When you watch people beating each other over toilet paper, that makes you question the integrity of mates and mate-ship. In any emergency, you must take care of yourself first. You simply have to or the possibility of two accidents or worse exists. Then when you're in a good position,...


Episode 120: The fat commando

The Fat commando may seem ironic as a heading and you may be wondering what's the relevance? Well to answer that, you will have to listen to the episode smarty pants. While we are talking about smarties, Americans don't even have real smarties like Australians do. I mean, WTAF? They are not the same and not delicious. Lift you game USA, because Canada knows what we're talking about. We are living in strange times indeed and it has nothing to do with getting fat from eating delicious...


Episode 119: The six P’s

The six p's is an episode that focuses entirely on being a better organised dog owner or handler. The six p's mean that proper preparation prevents piss poor performance. It's an expression that's been around for quite a while and is still used frequently in many services. When you think about it though, it's hard to argue with. When you have a plan, it makes the operation so much easier. It relieves stress, because you're organised, it increases the time factor, it prevents frustration and...


Episode 118: Sara Brueske

Sara Brueske has the best last name by Australian standards. However, that's not why she is so well know. Sara has made an international name for herself as a professional trainer mainly through disc dogs and dock diving. She has a long list of accomplishments after her name in not only competing, but judging and ambassadorial roles too. There's a bunch of things we could tell you about Sara, however if you follow this link you can read about and see her in action. Zoom dog training Further...


Episode 117: Never stop learning

Never stop learning should be a mantra that most people adopt throughout their lives. When we open ourselves to learning something we expand so many opportunities. It enhances lives, communities, businesses you name it. The more we open ourselves up, the less ignorant we are and the more progressive we can be. rather than fight something on rumour or innuendo, we can really know what we're fighting for. Students of dog training need to remain educated over being opinionated. We will all do...


Episode 116: Tobias Gustavsson

Tobias Gustavsson is one of the team behind the Scandinavian Working Dog Institute. Tobias is not only involved in just training, he and his team are heavily involved in the science application. If you know anything about scent detection, you will know that it is considered an evolving science. There are so many areas about Canine olfaction we are still learning about. This is why it's so important to have research teams like Tobias and his colleagues. if we want to get better at what we do,...


Episode 115: Ben Geurts

Ben Geurts is well known in Australia for for producing quality working dogs for law enforcement agencies. Both he and his business partner Jason Kelly have valuable experience and backgrounds in canine training. Because of this, they saw it as a good opportunity to unite into a business. Along with the business, Ben runs a sport dog group and general obedience as well. So not only is it a job, it's also a passion. Both Ben and Jason are located in the Perth region of Western Australian. For...


Episode 114: Rescue dog remedy

Rescue dog remedy is an episode that we felt should be discussed as an help file for new owners. not just new owners, it's also for people who have been given incorrect information. For example, some people are told that their rescue dog has been a part of a bait ring. In a majority of cases, this is highly unlikely. It doesn't mean some dogs are not subjected to this torment. It does mean that at one time it became a story that escalated quickly. Because of this and other reasons, we felt...


Episode 113: Taking care of you

Taking care of you may sound arbitrary, however it's often so easy overlooked and undervalued. In many cases, dog handlers will fuss more over what their dog is eating while not giving a second thought to themselves. It's so wonderful that we are learning to take better care of our dogs. Owners are making better choices in diet and staying more informed on what should go into their pets food. But what about us? Why is it that our care has taken a back step? What type of backwards world are...


Episode 112: Cameron Ford

Cameron Ford is a fascinating person Pat met while he was in Las Vegas. Cameron is steeped in knowledge and has an extensive background in training dating back to 1995. He began his professional career as a canine detection handler for explosives and narcotics in the US air-force. From there, Cameron was posted in Germany and had access to most of the best canine training in Europe. When you hear this episode, we are both certain you will sit find it extremely interesting. Both he and his...


Episode 111: Urban Myths Part 2

Urban Myths Part 2 was inevitable after we had a backlog of myths from our last farming session. There are so many myths out there it's almost impossible not to hear them. However, there were a few that we had not heard before that were both comical and troubling. For example, If you give a working dog milk, it will never work again! Or you can get pregnant by sitting on a toilet seat. That's the kind of information that old mate down the road loves telling the kids. Urban myths exist in all...


Episode 110: Reflection & Gratitude

Reflection and Gratitude are virtues that most share around the time midnight ticks over on the 31st of December. Reflection allows us to examine life in and around us with a little more detail. Gratitude is recognising the many good people and things in our life that have made it great. For example, if we both reflect on the past 2 years, we are very grateful for where we are. We are also grateful for where we are going. The AMAZING people around us, the opportunities that have arisen....