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Episode 52: Getting out of the shit

Getting out of the shit, although a nasty sounding title, has something relevant to do with Pat. Whilst walking through the desert one day on patrol, he got himself in a shitty situation. However, the main focus point in this show is, how to say goodbye to a dog for behavioural reasons. This is a predicament that many of us Professional trainers have had to assess and help make the right choice. We also unpack a little bit about the difference between decision and choice. The show gets a...


Episode 51: Interviewing Meagan Karnes

Meagan Karnes, otherwise known as the Collared Scholar was in Australia running a series of seminars. Glenn and Pat had the good fortune of sitting down with her to get some insight into her origin story. Prior to Meagan throwing her hat in the ring of dog training, her role was a little different. Or maybe a lot different. Meagan told us the reasons why she became so frustrated prior to starting her new career. This is why she changed her stars in the first place. She also discusses her...


Episode 50: Diagnosing problems in training

Diagnosing problems in training came from points our listeners were posting in our Facebook group. Given that anyone who has owned or trained or been around dogs knows that there are always going to be problems. We figure it's best to identify what they are and how we can reduce or completely extinguish them. In addition to that, it's our 50th show! We are happy to celebrate with you and appreciate all the love and support from people all over the world. We have a lot more great content to...


Episode 49: Dealing with difficult clients and people

Dealing with difficult clients and people is a show we have danced around for a while but decided to finally do it. Anyone in business or life, has moments where discussing issues with people can be difficult. We all have different ways and recommendations of managing these outcomes to attempt to better resolve the outcome. Glenn and Pat share a few of many experiences over the years of dealing with some of the more memorable people and how they worked on the outcome. Conflict resolution is...


Episode 48: Interviewing Jerry Bradshaw

Jerry Bradshaw is known around the world as the father of PSA, (Protection Sports Association). Jerry is also well known through his successful training company, Tarheel canine. The Tarheel team have been supplying and training Police and law enforcement agencies with dogs that will suit the needs for tactical street work. Along with that, Jerry has been travelling the world lecturing and teaching on canine behaviour. He has his own podcast called Controlled Aggression and also a tactical...


Episode 47: Dog parks dystopia or utopia

Dog parks dystopia or utopia came about after Glenn had a small rant on social responsibilities and then Pat re-listened to the episode to correct a point on dog parks. As Pat has a local community dog park area that functions well, he felt the need to makes some valid contributions about how well good people and their dogs behave in some areas. Like everything, there are good and bad dog parks, so the important take home message is to ensure good research is conducted prior to taking your...


Episode 46: Social Responsibility

Glenn & Pat discuss the social responsibility issue with people making poor examples of themselves and particularly their breed when out in public spaces. A lot of people want to be out in public spaces with their dog, enjoying the social environment, however there are people who are very vague about their dog and mistake excitability for aggression and problematic behaviour. As always we are advocates of training and we encourage all people who own dogs to become more educated about...


Episode 45: Hot seat stories from the IACP

Hot seat stories from the IACP, comes directly from our time in Florida where we got to sit in a room with some of the many amazing people we know or met along the way at the conference. We got to share stories, listen to origins of other trainers, share some laughs and generally hang out with amazing people while Jay Jack was heckling in the background. As we have mentioned, one of the amazing experiences of travelling is meeting new people and making new friends from around the world as we...


Episode 44: IACP Wrap up

Glenn and Pat and a whole bunch of sweaty Aussies have returned from the IACP conference in Tampa Bay Florida with a whole bunch of stories and a podcast that was done in Glenn's hotel room that will be following soon from the IACP wrap up. We meet with some amazing people and had an awesome time networking and sharing stories and experiences, dancing on the beach, getting intoxicated at the gala and generally having a lot of fun together. We had a lot of amazing feedback on the show from a...


Episode 43: Questions from our audience Part 2

More questions, more answers. As we didn't have time to cover the questions asked of us in the last episode, we agreed that it was only reasonable to do another session so we could make our way through more from our listeners so enjoy Questions from our audience Part 2. This episode gets a little preachy but not without good cause. There are factions in our industry that are not cooperating with each other and it's not due to any good reason other than ego getting in the way and preventing...


Episode 42: Questions from our audience Part 1

We like to acknowledge the people who listen to our show because without you it would just be two Johno's sitting in a room entertaining each other. In this episode we answer some listener questions with TCP pearls of wisdom. Thanks to everyone who took a moment to write in and again to those who provide feedback and send words of support to let us know what you like, what made you laugh, made you cry, what's important and much more. we want to do more of this in the future so please feel...


Episode 41: Interviewing Larry Krohn

We get to speak with one of Americas top dog training Vloggers and all round nice guy, Larry Krohn about his origins and his book. Larry has an amazing following and fan base of frustrated dog owners who he has shed some wisdom to in many of his on-line recordings. We also find out that Larry is also a federal agent for homeland security, so he has to train dogs around his very important full time job. An incredibly nice guy and an asset to our industry, we hope to speak more with Larry in...


Episode 40: Dissecting Ego

Dissecting ego is an episode we have wanted to look at for some time now as it can be a troublesome emotion that many of us find damages opportunity, relationships and more. This week we get our resident psychologist, Birdie O'Sheedie back for her 3rd time on the show to help us look at what this little monster is and how to keep it under better control. If you find that people start to disappear from your life, perhaps it's time to start thinking about looking within to make some small or...


Episode 39: Interviewing Brent Dry & Cat Saunders

Another origin story of two people we know very well and love. Brent Dry and Cat Saunders are well established in the Australian canine community and are ingrained in the hearts and minds of many people both here and abroad for good reason. Both these people have been supporting the industry in a very big way by being very inclusive in their approach to people and training styles and attending many of the training seminars and learning opportunities around Australia. If you're in Melbourne,...


Episode 38: The Seminar Panel

While Forrest and Josh were in town and we had a live audience, we all thought it would be a great idea to have some beers and talk about our training lives and some deep thoughts in between on our seminar panel. Discussions were intense and a little emotion came to the surface at times, however it was a great time to have a room full of passionate people sit with each other and have the comfort to reminisce on why we came to be here, why we stay and how we can help to look after others and...


Episode 37: Forrest & Josh in the house

Forrest Micke and Josh Moran who have both been on the show before and are no strangers to many Australian folks who have been to their seminars, bought their DVD's through Leerburg and have done online coaching are now on Australian shores ready for their first joint seminar in Dural NSW. In this episode we talk about what's important in training while having a little fun together which we always tend to do.


Episode 36: Keeping sane in the dog industry

Something slightly different from our usual show however, very relevant as it's something that has an effect on all most people at one stage or another. The dog industry can be exciting and challenging however, it can also be intimidating and reckless at times as egos are often unchecked. Keeping Sane should be at the top of your priorities to maintain happiness. It's important to not ignore the signs of feeling burnt out and then knowing what to do before serious health issues start...


Episode 35: Following up with Jasmine Whiting

As promised, we follow up with our good friend Jasmine Whiting to find out how she's been getting on with life and her career in the dog training industry. Jas, has been getting busy getting on with life with some big goals in her future and some big ones she's already either made headway on or is getting into them now. We're impressed with how far she's come in a short time.


Episode 34: Interviewing Forrest Micke

Great to chat with our mate Forrest Micke who is not far away from returning to Australian shores for another educational super show. Forrest took a small break from the industry to catch up with other interests so we spoke about that in some detail. Forrest has been well know in the industry as a very successful artistic trainer with his own flair in engagement, particularly in heeling, of which he has released several videos through Leerburg.


Episode 33: Interviewing Josh Moran

We catch up with our old mate Josh Moran who can now be officially adopted into the 'Australian sons' mantle as he's about to head back here for his 3rd seminar tour. Josh talks about his steps into starting his career, his time with Leerburg, his own dogs, his passion and his loves.