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Welcome to the Cannabis 101 Podcast, your guide through the legalization and consumption of cannabis in Canada and beyond. It's not just about getting high, it's about getting healthy with a wonderful plant.

Welcome to the Cannabis 101 Podcast, your guide through the legalization and consumption of cannabis in Canada and beyond. It's not just about getting high, it's about getting healthy with a wonderful plant.
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Welcome to the Cannabis 101 Podcast, your guide through the legalization and consumption of cannabis in Canada and beyond. It's not just about getting high, it's about getting healthy with a wonderful plant.






Episode 26 - Dan Sutton - CEO/Founder Tantalus Labs

It was a pleasure to speak with Tantalus Labs CEO and Founder Dan Sutton this week. He has a great back story, is crushing it in BC and doesn't take himself too seriously. We had a wide ranging conversation about what they are doing in the Fraser Valley, as well as what's going on across the industry and how social media plays a roll in the cannabis space.


Episode 25 - Taylor Inglis - Grey Cup Champion - President at Destiny Bio Science

Taylor Inglis spent 7 years in the CFL winning a Grey Cup with the Eskimos in 2005. He's now the President of Destiny BioScience. We discussed cannabis in sports as well as the amazing things happening at Destiny now and in the future. They are certainly growing.


Taylor Inglis on Grey Cup

Taylor Inglis will join me next week to discuss Destiny Bio Science, of which he is the President. He's also a former Grey Cup Champion and teed up the game this Sunday between Winnipeg and Hamilton.


Episode 24 - Sean M Hayes - Cannabis Consultant

This week I spoke with Sean M Hayes, a cannabis consultant and we covered a lot of ground. Sean has been involved in the cannabis industry since pre legalization and we're both fans of more terpene education. David Wylie of joined me to discuss the week in cannabis news and this is the final episode to qualify for a BeachComber storage box from Mood courtesy of SpiritLeaf Argyll, as well as the Grav Beaker Bong we have have for you as a Cannaversary present.


Episode 23 - Jennifer Mason - New Heights Cannabis

This week I dove into Cannabis Tourism, a part of the industry that has yet to really take off due to strict regulations and the stigma. Jennifer Mason founder of New Heights Cannabis recently hosted a cannabis tourism summit and discussed how the industry is slowly growing in Canada.


Episode 22 - Meet And Green Free Movie, Grape Royale + Cannabis Character Cup

This week I recap the Meet and Green free showing of a Nightmare On Elm Street with 3 different attendees, Chris Ianson and I examine Grape Royale from Symbl and David Wylie from joined me to discuss the big news in cannabis. Plus free stuff to win just for listening!!!


Episode 21 - Jessica Petryshyn, Nicole Crane - SpiritLeaf Argyll

I had the pleasure of welcoming in studio the owner of SpiritLeaf Argyll in Edmonton, Jessica Petryshyn as well as her store manager Nicole Crane. We discussed what makes SpiritLeaf different than other retail outlets and the satisfaction they both get from welcoming in a new customer. Jessica also gave us a look into what it was like waiting to get the green light on her store.


Episode 20 - Greg Tranah - Velvet Management Inc, Brad Ward - Meet And Green, Chris Ianson - Educator

This week we celebrate the Canadian Cannaversary. It happens on Thursday October 17th and we have a special early Cannaversary present for our listeners. Greg Tranah of Velvet Management Inc gave me a look at the sales and marketing part of the industry. It's not easy in such a regulated industry but that's where creativity comes in to play. We also chatted with Brad Ward of Meet and Green and announced a FREE movie night in Edmonton!!!


Cannabis + Horror + FREE = Meet And Green Halloween FUN

A FREE Meet and Green event with free swag while watching A Nightmare On Elm Street. FREE tickets available Friday, find out where on this bonus content for this Wednesday's episode. Did I mention it's FREE???


Episode 19 - Peter Kirkwood, Hexo Corp

Peter Kirkwood of Hexo Corp spent some time educating me on how things work at 'The Future of Cannabis' as described on their website. It's a neat look at an award winning and growing company that is ready for Season 2 coming in December.


Episode 18 - Dain Supero, Jack Daneyko - TVape

With all the bad news south of the border when it comes to vaping I wanted to speak with someone in that part of the industry. Dain Supero and Jack Daneyko of TVape fit that bill. We discussed the 'crisis' in the United States and why that won't happen in Canada, as well as what you can expect from TVape in Season 2 this December.


Episode 17 - Sam Gordashko - Business Development Manager Lobo Genetics

Do you want to know what strain is right for you? Sam Gordashko of Lobo Genetics joined me in studio to discuss how a testing kit, a few swabs and your DNA can tailor your cannabis use specifically to your needs/wants. It's amazing technology that is great for those new to cannabis and experienced users a like. Cannabis 101 Podcast listeners can get 50% a testing kit!


Episode 16 - David Wylie -, Chris Ianson - Educator

This week I wanted to explore - in a civil way - what you don't like about legalization. Voice your opinion, but let's do it respectfully. I have issues with the advertising restrictions, for others it's quality and of course price is a big issuecafor a lot of people. Let's also remember we as a nation are less than a year into legalization so it will take time to work out the kinks.


Episode 15 - Chris Ianson - Educator

This week I put Chris Ianson to work twice. He joined me as usual for What's That Strain where I enjoyed Serratus from Tantalus Labs, but he also chatted with me about how his first grow went. If you're new you might get some tips, or if you're experienced you might give us some tips!!!


Episode 14 - The Rosin Bros, Chris Ianson, David Wylie

Have you ever heard of rosin? I hadn't until a month or so ago, now I love it. I had the Rosin Bros (Justin and Shevy) come out this week, they pressed and we tasted. It is great and you'll learn about it in this episode. Chris Ianson and I reviewed #402 Blueberry Kush from Haven St, and David Wylie and I discussed more trouble for CannTrust.


Episode 13 - Rob Schremp - Former NHL Player/CBD Advocate

Rob Schremp is a former NHL player who learned about the benefits of the cannabis plant and is now helping others in and out of sports find their path. It's helped him with depression and anxiety and it he feels it can help current and former athletes with recovery etc as well. Chris Ianson, our educator dropped by with LA Confidential from Aurora in What's That Strain.


Episode 12 - Sean Gareau - High Culture Glass, Chris Ianson - What's That Strain, David Wylie -

We explored the world of high culture glass with Sean Gareau who brought his own beautiful bong out and explained the world of high priced bongs. You won't believe how much one went for in Seattle recently. Sean also joined Chris Ianson for What's That Strain where Dean was able to enjoy some beautiful Jean Guy from 7 Acres. David Wylie of joined Dean for This Week in Cannabis News where they discussed bad black market vape cartridges, weed on display at a BC Fall Fair, good...


Episode 11 - Anne McLellan - Former Deputy Prime Minister, Led legalization Task Force

The honourable Anne McLellan led the task force that made recommendations for legalization. What was the process like? Are there things she would do differently? What about the future? How has this impacted Canada's international reputation? We covered that and more in a lengthy interview.


Episode 10 - Jacquie the Baker, Chris Ianson - Educator, David Wylie -

Jacquie the Baker joined me in studio to explain the process of turning cannabis into chocolate truffles - sorry, delicious chocolate truffles. If you're interested in baking with canna butter this is for you. We also profiled Wappa from Namaste in What's That Strain and a frustrating story out of Revelstoke, B.C. in This Week in Cannabis News.


Episode 9 - Brad Simon - Stealth Box, Chris Hanson - What's That Strain, David Wylie -

Looking at growing at home? We chatted with Brad Simon, COO of Stealth Box where you can grow easily and with discretion. We dove into Helios from Hexo Corp in What's That Strain and discussed cannabis tourism in This Week in Cannabis News. Plus the Cannabis Character Cup continues.