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Overcome self-doubt, realise your potential and create a life you love.

Overcome self-doubt, realise your potential and create a life you love.
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Overcome self-doubt, realise your potential and create a life you love.








Ep 14. Lorenzo Escobal: Facing fears, detailing cars, and working with Tesla and Google.

When things get desperate, it can either lead you to the depths of despair, or it can lead you to take stock and fall back on something – anything – to keep you going. For some that might mean taking on a second job to pay the rent – for me that was working as a carer and a van driver. For Lorenzo Escobal it meant cleaning cars. He was broke, and when his job applications were met with rejection after rejection, there was nowhere else to go. Refusing to let pride get the better of him, he...


Ep 13. Monique Hohnberg: Rise Regardless

It’s always cool to get to chat with someone who calls themselves an encouragement leader. Not only because we all need more encouragement these days instead of criticism, but because it’s great to speak about the human potential, and how we can all do so much more if only we’d get out of our own way. So when Monique Hohnberg said she would be on the podcast, I was over the moon. She’s the person who started Rise Regardless, a movement to encourage people to achieve more, do better, and...


Ep 12. Tony Wrighton: Sports Television, NLP and Boosting Your Energy

My big ambition in life is to make a career doing things that I enjoy and find interesting. For me that includes writing about mindfulness and the art of living, helping others, taking photographs, and talking to interesting people about interesting things. That's why I enjoy my recording my podcast. This latest episode is a perfect example of this, and it was a real honour to chat with Tony Wrighton who, like me, seems to be doing lots of things that interest him. If sport is your thing,...


Ep 11. Kerrin Black: Building Networks, Giving Without Expectation, and Short Strippers

Kerrin Black is driven. An entrepreneur in the true sense of the word, she's here to help. She travels the world as a publicist, trying to get the best coverage possible for her clients. And she runs two charities which aim to help those who can't the high costs of pharmaceuticals get the medicine they need. As if that wasn't enough, she is also the founder of Talent Finders – a resource for artists looking for clients and vice versa. But her biggest skill is network building. She is...


Ep 10. Self Portrait: Chris Brock – Do The Thing, Have The Power

Life is so unfair. That’s what I thought, anyway. I’d kept my head down, worked so hard, and did exactly what I was supposed to do. And while everyone around me seemed to be enjoying there rewards, I was still waiting for mine. It felt like an all-time low. I was getting up before dawn to deliver groceries to people, and feeling pretty sorry for myself. I never saw my wife, I could barely make ends meet. I was bitter and angry. But every day, as I drove my van from town to town, I got a...


Ep 9. Lucy Blyth: Harmonize Your Vibration to a Higher Frequency

If you were to look at anything under an electron microscope – your lunch, yourself, your t-shirt, space dust, moon rocks, the bricks in your house, a slice of cheese – anything at all – you would see it’s made up of atoms. And those atoms are vibrating. It’s one of the first things we learn in physics at school – everything is vibrating. All the time. And everything vibrates at a particular frequency. If you heat something up or give it energy in some other way (think microwave ovens) it...


Ep 8. Chan Phap Vu: Our World is a Manifestation of Our Mind

I had an amazing opportunity the other day, when I bumped into senior Buddhist monastic Chan Phap Vu. And when I say “bumped into” what I really mean is “followed around until he agreed to speak to me for twenty minutes.” Brother Phap Vu studied under Master Thich Nhat Hanh, and is an American monk of the Cinammon Tree Family in San Diego. He was ordained in 2003 at Plum Village monastery in France. During our conversation I learned something that seems obvious in retrospect – that many of...


Ep 7. Yewande Akinola: Engineering, Spirituality, And Building A Better World

People like Yewande Akinola inspire me. She’s well aware of the voices in her head that try to stop her doing things, but she refuses to let them hold her back. Instead of allowing them to undermine her dreams of becoming an engineer, she overcame them and left Nigeria to study at Warwick University in the UK. Instead of letting the voices that asked, “but what will people think?” hold her back when she was invited by Channel 4 and National Geographic to present the television show Titanic:...


Ep 6. Everton Bell-Chambers: Normal is an Illusion

I must have photographed Everton Bell-Chambers six or seven times – from the very beginning of my photographic career to where I am today, he’s always been lurking somewhere in the background, ready to get in front of my lens and help me out whenever I’ve had a creative itch to scratch and needed someone interesting to photograph. And Everton is certainly interesting. Born in Canada, bred in London, he’s dancing his way round the world. He’s got a batman tattoo and runs events for people of...


Ep 5. Laura Bingham: Eating Out Of Bins and Pushing Your Limits

Laura Bingham is braver than me. She's eaten out of bins, swam in shark infested waters, been alone in the desert and worse. Much worse. But there's been better, too. Much better. When she travelled across South America by bike, without any money, she was forced to beg for stale bread and scavenge for scraps to keep her going. But there were times where she was overwhelmed by human kindness when she was offered more food than she could possibly eat. ​She's an adventurer and explorer, and...


Ep 4. Toby Smallpiece: Achieving big things, step by step

I photographed the founders of Gun Brewery in Sussex, and spoke to one of the founders, Toby Smallpiece, about how he went from Internet Search Marketing to Craft Ale Brewing, and how everything came together as if by magic!


Ep 3. Mark Freeth: Yoga, and pushing boundaries

I photographed Mark Freeth of the Freestyle Yoga Project (, and we chatted about what Yoga means to him.


Ep 2. John Doig: Charcuterie, rare breed pigs and choosing your future.

I photographed John Doig, who founded Moons Green Charcuterie, and found out how he went from making television commercials in New York to making amazing cured meats in Kent, UK. And we chatted about the meat industry and following your dreams afterwards.


Ep 1. Charlie Palmer: Craft Your Own Path

A conversation with master craftsman Charlie Palmer, about doing your own thing, following your dream, and reaching your goals.