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Can you be too cool for Unschool? - S3 E13

Education “reimagined" in a “combined” way. Our guest for this episode, Cath Fraise, is the founder of Workspace Education ( where learning occurs through a combination of “unschooling” techniques. She explains how compassion, creativity, and innovation all play roles in creating an education space where “learning is reimagined” for not only the children but also their parents. Workspace Education is a place where learning and compassion are brought together...


Compassion in the forking Good Place - S3 E12

The crew of “The Compassionate Achiever Podcast” discuss the first season of the television show “The Good Place.” Tracy, Pete, and Chris explore questions such as “can you fake until you make it?” and “can you turn a ‘bad place’ into a ‘good place’?” There are spoilers for the first season so don’t blame us if we ‘forked’ up!


Yes. Yes, I will be your neighbor - S3 E11

The 'Compassionate Achiever' walks into Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. We spend this episode walking through “the neighborhood” using the newly released documentary about Mister Rogers (“Won’t You Be My Neighbor?”) as our guide for visiting topics ranging from prejudice to today’s #MeToo movement.


Thank you Mario! But our compassion is in another castle! - S3 E10

Video gaming, compassion and “unschooling.” This episode looks at the connection between video games and compassion from the perspective of kids…specifically from the perspectives of Cade (14), Quinn (12) and Cole Kukk (11). Is there a link between video games and violence? Are there video games where compassion is the key for ‘leveling up’? While we address these questions and more, we also get introduced to the concept of “unschooling” and its importance to successful learning.


You can't say that... can you? - S3 E9

Safe spaces, trigger warnings, and disinviting speakers. Should we have 'safe spaces' in universities and should teachers at all levels of learning provide ’trigger warnings’? To have or not have safe spaces...what is the compassionate answer? The articles discussed in this episode are: (1) and (2)...


The Compassionate Achiever Podcast - S2 E13 - Glori Norwitt

Glori Norwitt, Women’s Center of Danbury Chairperson, is our guest for this episode. The Center helps both women and men in sexual assault and domestic violence situations. Listening to Glori, you’ll understand why the #MeToo movement is about “us”’s about the structure and meaning of our relationships at home, school, work and really everywhere. Glori provides us with not only “compassionate tools” that we can use to help others address sexual and domestic abuse crises but also the...


The Compassionate Achiever Podcast - S2 E12 - Maya Soetoro - Ng

Maya Soetoro-Ng, Ceeds of Peace cofounder and director of the Matsunaga Institute for Peace & Conflict Resolution at the University of Hawaii, is our guest for this episode. Our Hawaiian inspired discussion included subjects such as the problem of loneliness, the importance of teaching values in education, and even her famous brother, President Barack Obama. This podcast with Maya is about not only compassion, courage, and conflict resolution but also purpose, power, and people. Mahalo nui...


The Compassionate Achiever Podcast - S2 E11 - Andrea Gartner

Andrea Gartner, the founder and CEO of “Pour Me,” is our guest for this episode about how to find ‘balance’ in life while building a startup company. Andrea leads us through a wide range of topics that include insights into how we can live a fulfilling life while making a rewarding living. Andrea is a living testament to how helping others can fuel your own success and her discussion with us about how she built a business while building a community provides practical advice on how to do...


The Compassionate Achiever Podcast - S2 E10 - Tom Matt

Tom Matt, the host of Boomers Rock radio talk show, is our guest for this episode. From discussing inter-generational collaboration in the workplace to overcoming drug and alchohol abuse, our conversation with Tom is about how to not only live life large but live a largely compassionate life (especially through “BEisms”).


The Compassionate Achiever Podcast - S2 E09 - Black Mirror And Compassion

“Black Mirror” and compassion. In this episode, which was inspired by the television show “Black Mirror," Tracy and Chris discuss the connections (or non-connections) between technology and compassion. From using social media to being governed by algorithms, technology is in almost every part of our daily lives. This episode is about taking the time to look into our own “black mirrors” for the purpose of reflecting upon how technology can be used for constructive and destructive purposes. If...


The Compassionate Achiever Podcast - S2 E08 - New Year, New Feed

We start the new year with “understanding” (the “U” in LUCA). Tracy and Chris talk about the effects of intuitive versus deliberative thinking when it comes to understanding and solving problems. The discussion ranges from understanding what “The Human Advantage” is to understanding what the perfect cup of coffee includes. Enjoy your ‘perfect’ cup while you listen to this episode.


The Compassionate Achiever Podcast - S2 E07 - Dealing With The Holidays Part II

Handling the Holidays" podcast. Tracy, Pete, and Chris talk about the “craziness” of Christmas and how to compassionately make it through the holiday season: building a "gratitude attitude," unlocking your "multiple identities," and finding your “Silver and Gold.” We wish you all an enjoyable holiday season and a compassionate new year! @compachieverpod


The Compassionate Achiever Podcast - S2 E06 - Joan Sullivan Palladino

Dr. Joan Palladino, Chair of WCSU’s Nursing Department, is this week’s guest. We discuss how the compassion of colleagues and leaders can strengthen a work environment where trauma and tragedy are constants. If you’re interested in learning more about the power of self-compassion, a “good cry,” and empathy fatigue (as opposed to compassion fatigue), Dr. Palladino has you covered better than any health care plan!


The Compassionate Achiever Podcast - S2 E05 - Usman Akhtar

Imam Usman Akhtar, the Imam/Director of Religious Affairs at the Danbury Masjid, is our guest for this episode. We explore the connections between Islam, compassion, and success as well as some misconceptions about living life as a Muslim. Usman shows us how the Quran offers one path to walking life as a compassionate achiever.


The Compassionate Achiever Podcast - S2 E04 - Dealing With The Holidays

Tracy and Chris have some tips to help you survive your holiday gatherings compassionately, some new traditions you may want to try with your own families, and a homework assignment for our listeners. Happy Thanksgiving from all of us here at the Compassionate Achiever Podcast.


The Compassionate Achiever Podcast - S2 E03 - Cliffe Knechtle

Cliffe Knechtle, the Pastor of Grace Community Church in New Canaan, CT and host of “Give Me An Answer,” is our guest for this episode. We discuss a wide range of topics ranging from the role of compassion in Christianity to how to maintain compassion for others while they are seemingly attacking you for your beliefs.


The Compassionate Achiever Podcast - S2 E02 - Elin Hilderbrand

Elin Hilderbrand, The New York Times bestselling author of over 20 novels, is our guest for this episode. We explore the role that compassion can play in writing as well as explain the meaning of ‘Hilderbranders’ and #mamastrong. From overcoming writer’s block to confronting cancer, Elin’s interview is one filled with hope and inspiration.


The Compassionate Achiever Podcast - S2 E01 - LIVE With Farooq Kathwari

Mr. Farooq Kathwari, CEO of Ethan Allen, is the guest for our first-ever “live audience” podcast. The students of the Kathwari Honors Program help Tracey and Dr. Kukk navigate—through their questions to Mr. Kathwari—a wide range of topics regarding the power of compassion in achieving goals on the personal, professional, and international levels. We had fun doing the episode and we hope that you have fun listening to it.


The Compassionate Achiever Podcast - Episode 14 With Marilyn Turkovich

Marilyn Turkovich, the Executive Director of The Charter for Compassion International, is our guest for this episode


The Compassionate Achiever Podcast - Episode 13 With Chief Jennifer Tejada

Jennifer Tejada, Police Chief of Emeryville, California (and Marin County’s first female chief of police), is our guest for this podcast episode. We discuss how the combination of mindful meditation and law enforcement training creates more effective, compassionate, and resilient police officers. Chief Tejada helps us write the “ticket” about mindful policing.