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Educational and Informative podcast's coming your way.


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Educational and Informative podcast's coming your way.




While we study AI, AI studies us

We need to realize in the end is that AI is a great tool, but if it’s out of control, it can be perilous as well! Is it necessary to rely so much on artificial intelligence? Our society tries to make it easier for people to live their lives, but in doing so, we are relinquishing the control to AI. Therefore, we have to do everything in our power to regain control as fast as we can. Since AI is studying us through the data we feed and offer, it can be very tricky. We also need to understand...


Three ways Covid-19 would influence higher education

The global pandemic of COVID 19 has brought human civilization to its knees. It has made us realize the palpable dangers that our system could be subjected to- affecting all spheres of life across the globe. It has brought to its fore the vulnerabilities of the human species, ushering the ‘new normal’ for the world at large. In this podcast, we look at three major ways in which this pandemic would affect the future of educational institutions, pedagogical practices, and campus life in...


9 Reasons Why College Has Become Stressful For Students

College education has become very stressful for students and its not just one aspect of it but many other factors that make it stressful. Let's find out the 9 reasons why?