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35: What’s the real cost of curriculum design?

With the current shift in focus from Ofsted, many primary schools are looking at how to refresh or redesign their curriculum. But what work does it entail and how much does it cost in real terms? Mel and Caroline talk from their experience of designing and implementing curricula, discussing the DIY option versus buying in a curriculum package. Essential listening for primary schools.


34: My curriculum conversation with Ofsted's Chief Inspector, Amanda Spielman

This September sees the launch of Ofsted’s new inspection framework. So, what changes will schools notice and what will inspectors be looking for? We decided to cut through the myths and speculation and ask Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector, Amanda Spielman, herself about the shift in emphasis towards looking at the quality of curriculum in England’s schools. An essential listen for anyone in primary education.


33: My curriculum conversation with Professor Sam Twiselton, OBE

In this episode, Caroline talks to Sam Twiselton, Director of the Institute of Education at Sheffield Hallam University. Sam is a leading light in the education world, promoting teacher training issues and working on Ofsted’s game-changing curriculum group – amongst many other roles. Caroline and Sam discuss what makes a good primary curriculum, how to balance knowledge and skills, and what schools need to consider in the months to come. Essential listening.


32: Excellence in the Early Years with Alistair Bryce-Clegg

In this in-depth episode, Caroline talks to Alistair Bryce-Clegg, an established and well-known educational consultant specialising in the education of children in the Early Years. They discuss elements of good practice, such as how to support children’s common play behaviours, continuous provision, planning, resources, transition and much more!


31: Are there three types of curriculum?

In this podcast, Caroline talks to Cornerstones’ Managing Director, Simon Hickton. They describe the three curriculum approaches described by Ofsted in their latest update and discuss the essential factors common to all of them. Simon and Caroline also explain how schools can decide upon their curriculum emphasis and how to use the Cornerstones Curriculum to achieve this.


30: How to achieve Ofsted’s three Is of curriculum

In this podcast, Caroline talks to Cornerstones Curriculum Director and author, Melanie Moore. They unpick the new guidance from Ofsted, centring on curriculum intent, implementation and impact: the essential ‘three Is’ that all schools need to be able to plan for and articulate. Caroline and Mel explain what to consider in order to get ready for the new Ofsted inspection framework in 2019. They also describe how schools can achieve the ‘three Is’ using the Cornerstones Curriculum.


29: What are knowledge organisers and how can we use them in the primary classroom?

In this podcast, Caroline talks to Curriculum Manager, Catherine Scutt. They take a closer look at a resource that's gaining popularity in primary schools: the knowledge organiser. Caroline and Catherine explain what to consider when writing knowledge organisers and share tips on how to use them best in the primary classroom. They also describe how the team here have designed them to support the Cornerstones Curriculum.


28: Bonfire night – Classroom edition

In this special classroom edition podcast, Caroline talks to Professor Al about the events of 5th November, including the history of the failed Gunpowder Plot, the traditions of Bonfire Night and the story of the fated conspirator Guy Fawkes. Use this podcast as a stimulus for class discussions and as a starting point for further research on this historical topic.


27: Cornerstones in action: reducing teacher workload with Adam Newman

In this podcast, Caroline talks to Adam Newman, Year 6 teacher and Curriculum Lead at Farmillo Primary School in Nottinghamshire. Adam gives his take on the teacher workload issue and describes how the Cornerstones Curriculum has impacted on workload at his school.


26: How connected is your curriculum?

In this podcast, Caroline and Mel explore the importance of designing a well-connected and robust curriculum framework. They also highlight the different ways that connections are built into the Cornerstones Curriculum, helping children deepen their knowledge and skills.


25: Teaching the First World War in a primary classroom

In this short podcast, host Caroline Pudner talks to Melanie Moore about the special project, Fallen Fields, which has recently been updated to coincide with the Armistice Centenary. Melanie talks us through the project and its incredible resources, and offers useful tips about how to teach it with both primary and secondary children.


24: How to set up continuous and enhanced provision in the Early Years

This podcast features Emma Reynolds, an Assistant Headteacher and EYFS leader across three schools with over 20 years experience. Emma talks to host Caroline Pudner about the importance of good quality continuous and enhanced provision in Early Years settings, and what to consider when planning, resourcing and managing them.


23: Testing and assessment: making it meaningful

This podcast features part of our exclusive interview with Ofsted’s Director of Education, Sean Harford (for the first part, see podcast edition 19). This time, the conversation focuses on the sticky but crucial subject of assessment and its place in the curriculum. Cornerstones Director, Simon Hickton asks Sean to explain his views on meaningful testing and the latest guidance to schools about what to consider when approaching assessment.


22: Cornerstones in action: Spilsby Primary Academy

Melanie Moore visits Spilsby Primary Academy in Lincolnshire to talk to headteacher, Andy Clark and Mel Standbrook, the Chair of Governors. The school have taken on the Cornerstones Curriculum and adapted it in creative ways to suit their school. They discuss how they have approached this and share tips for successful homework, project books and planning across year groups.


21: How to choose the best primary teaching resources

Host Caroline Pudner talks to Curriculum Manager, Catherine Scutt, who leads the resource team at Cornerstones. They discuss the important role that resources play in supporting a coherent curriculum and what to consider when choosing them. Catherine also describes the quality control process that her team follows to create the resources for the Cornerstones Curriculum.


20: ‘Children only have one childhood and we have a responsibility to get it right’ Melanie Moore explains what’s at the heart of the Cornerstones Curriculum

Host Caroline Pudner talks to Creative Director and author of the Cornerstones Curriculum, Melanie Moore. Mel explains the inspiration behind it, the principles it is built upon and how her passion for helping children enjoy learning through experience has come to fruition, thanks to the incredible work of thousands of senior leaders, teachers and children.


19: An interview with Sean Harford, Ofsted’s National Director of Education

Episode 19 of The Curriculum features an exclusive interview with Sean Harford, recorded at Westminster in May 2018. We took the opportunity to raise some important questions about Ofsted’s curriculum work and to gain a sense of what might feature in the new inspection framework. Sean Harford’s guidance is straight-to-the-point and offers an insight into the future of the curriculum in England’s primary schools.


18: Coherent curriculums: Why are they important?

Episode 18 of The Curriculum explores the benefits of having a coherent curriculum in place, supported by high quality resources. Host Melanie Moore talks to Caroline Pudner about the recent curriculum report from Policy Exchange, and her own experience of the pitfalls of not having a coherent curriculum in place. They also share some top tips for ensuring coherence in school.


17: Coherent curriculums: how to be part of the curriculum revolution

Episode 17 of The Curriculum explores how a coherent curriculum can help a school make remarkable progress. Host Caroline Pudner talks to Bev Dodd – School Leader and Education Consultant at Cornerstones. They discuss Bev’s latest visit to an exemplary primary school in Rochdale, who have moved from Special Measures to Outstanding in a relatively short space of time.


16: Beyond the word wall: building vocabulary in the classroom

Episode 16 of The Curriculum examines the curriculum requirements for building vocabulary and offers advice to teachers. Host Melanie Moore talks to Amy McCaw and Caroline Pudner – both primary teachers, English specialists and Cornerstones Consultants. They discuss the challenges teachers face in helping children build a varied vocabulary, and share creative, proven tips for how to foster a love of words in the classroom.