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Episode 205: Maximizing Your Website to Get New Patients while Flying First Class to Australia

From websites that attract new patients to credit card reward secret, Jeff Gladnick, CEO of Great Dental Websites share tips, tricks and ideas on how to maximize new patient growth online. Too often, we fail to invest the necessary dollars in our online presences causing us to lose hundreds of potential new patients every single year. We invest in our phone bill and electricity but often neglect to invest it in new patient generation. Plus, at the end of this episode, host Ryan Vet talks...


Episode 203: Dancing into Dental Relationships

It is easy to let work impact or home life and things going on in our personal life to creep into work. Dino Watt appears on this dental podcast episode to talk about relationships in dentistry. Interviewed by host, Ryan Vet, Dino shares of his background and story and what led him to inspire others towards healthy relationships and an appropriate work/life balance. Further, Dino is a firm believer of dancing. Ryan, being a subpar dancer on a good day, even was on his feet dancing in the...


Episode 203: CBD in Dentistry with Trina Felber

Everyone is talking about CBD. Is it marijuana? Is it dangerous or addicting? While we do not take sides for or against CBD in dentistry, we do want to provide information so you, our listeners, can do your own research. If patients have not yet asked you about CBD in toothpaste or in oral care products, it is just a matter of time. Host Ryan Vet interviews Trina Felber on oral systemic health as well as her opinion of CBD in dentistry.


Episode 202: Stop Unflattering Yourself - Tips to Make Your Practice's Image Shine

We are all self-conscious about the way we look so we take time to pick out our clothes or shoes or hairstyles or cars or houses...but do we take the time we need to with making sure we put our best foot forward for our dental practice? On this episode, Dentistry's Image Expert, Janice Hurley, shares practical tips on how to better yourself and your practice's image.


Episode 201: Happy BELATED New Year - Reading Resolution

Now that Q1 is over and Tax Day has passed, it's time for your true NEW YEAR'S Resolution. Tune in to hear Dental Economic's Editor in Chief, Dr. Chris Salierno on the Dental Podcast, share about the best books for dentists in 2019. Whether you are a dentist, hygienist, assistant or front office staff, these books are all great recommendations for dental book to read in 2019. Don't miss as our host, Ryan Vet, kicks off the new season with a bang as he interview's Dental Economic's editor...


Episode 113: TA-DA It's All About the Office Culture - Featuring Guest Judy Kay Mausolf

In this Season One Finale, practice coach and renown inspirational speaker, Judy Kay Mausolf talks with Ryan Vet about office culture. Keeping an upbeat attitude in offices can be challenging. Especially with the busyness of the holiday season. Listen as Ryan and Judy Kay talk about creating wonderful experiences for your team. Visit Judy Kay's site by clicking here. You can buy her books on her website or by clicking here. We know you're so upset that this is the last episode of Season...


Episode 112: More Blessed to Give than Receive - Dr. Christina Rosenthal

We've all been faced with trials and obstacles in our lives. We can't choose the cards we are dealt, but only how we play the hand. Dr. Christina Rosenthal shares an inspiring message in this episode on how she overcame obstacles in her life to become a leading dentist. Despite the odds stacked against her, she persevered. More amazing than her accomplishments is the way in which she gives back to those in underserved communities. She realizes that we all have been blessed with skills and...


Episode 111: Experts in Dental Embezzlement

It's one of those topics that's tough to talk about, dental embezzlement. Dental practices are built on a sense of trust and teamwork. The familiar, close-knit nature of the dental industry makes it nearly impossible to want to confront the possibility that there is the occurrence of embezzlement in the dental office. In this episode, dentistry's foremost expert on embezzlement, David Harris, shares tips and trick to keep your practice safe. Further, David has offered all listeners this...


Episode 110: Through the Fire - The Importance of Leadership and Teamwork

Dr. Bill Simon comes onto this episode of the dental podcast to share how he and his team persevered through trials and hardships that too many would seem impossible to overcome. On this episode, hear his leadership insights that you can immediately go and apply, no matter what your position is or what type of team you're on. Dr. Simon also shares with host, Ryan Vet, some of his favorite books which are included below: Leaders Eat LastIt's Your ShipAlso, at the beginning of this episode,...


Episode 109: Dental Membership Plans - What's the Big Deal?

Everyone is talking about dental membership plans these days. Do they even matter? In this episode, Ryan Vet interviews Dave Monahan, the CEO of Kleer. They cover everything from a zoo on Miami Beach to playing basketball with the CEO of Microsoft. Dave also shares about Kleer. Kleer provides membership plans for dental offices. More than membership plans, we talk about the importance of having recurring revenue streams in your practice. This adds value and consistency to your practice....


Episode 108: While in Hawaii, Don't Miss New Patient Revenue

In this special edition of the Dental Podcast, host Ryan Vet brings on guest, Dr. Ryan Hungate, a practicing orthodontist and founder of Simplifeye. Having first met in Hawaii, this episode is perfect for the American Dental Association's Annual Meeting. The two Ryan's talk technology in the dental practice from Amazon Alexa to to Dr. Hungate's time work for Apple during the release of the first iPhone. From tips and tricks of things to do in Hawaii, to a guest interview with the founder of...


Episode 107: What Christopher Columbus Knew about Practice Management Software

It's Columbus Day and little did you know that Columbus himself has valuable lessons on dental start-ups and practice management software. Joining Ryan Vet on this episode is 20-year dental industry executive and veteran, Andy Jensen. Not only is Andy passionate about implementing software to improve your practice, he is a history buff. In this conversation, Ryan and Andy explore the history of Christopher Columbus. Andy pulls leadership and change management lessons from the life of this...


Episode 106: A Ninja's Secret to Patient Experience

In this exciting episode, Drs. Desiree and Ash Walker join Ryan Vet on The Dental Experience Podcast. They have built Desiree's practice all around patient experience. Each decision made, down to the most minuscule details, all focus on creating an experience worth sharing. Plus, to make things more interesting, Desiree was a contestant on American Ninja Warrior. When she and Ash built Lumber River Dental from the ground up, her ninja-like habits had a key role in creating an epic office. If...


Episode 105: The Day Insurance Billing Changed A Life

It's amazing how less than $3,000 a year could change a life. On this episode, Dr. Roy Shelburne shares the true story of how his world was turned upside down with a single phone call, all because of insurance. Dr. Shelburne now spends his life inspiring dentists and their teams to put systems and processes into place to ensure that they employ the most current best practices when it comes to patient billing. Also, on this episode, listen to a real life phone call of a patient calling into...


Episode 104: Friendlier People, Tastier Toothpaste, Happier World - Part Two

Join us in continuing the inspiring conversation as Ryan Vet wraps up his interview with Craig Dubitsky. Together they explore the business scheme that turned America into a habitual, teeth-brushing, society. Craig also reveals more about the importance of friendly and delightful toothpaste for kids and adults alike. Plus, here Craig share the importance of being friendly and the great lengths at which he goes to make sure that he provides the friendliest customer experience possible. And if...


Episode 103: Friendlier People, Tastier Toothpaste, Happier World - Part One

In this special two-part episode, Ryan Vet hosts the friendly founder himself, Craig Dubitsky. More than disrupting multi-billion dollar industries, Craig has a unique perspective of brands, product and team culture. His unique perspective holds nuggets of wisdom that all of us need to heed, both personally and professionally. From his creation of eos lip balm to to his work with method home products to hello products, his foray into oral healthcare, Craig wants everyone to be a little...


Episode 102: People Are the Calling - Philosophy, Phones and More

This episode is loaded with insights as Ryan Vet interviews guest, Amol Nirgudkar. You will hear four core principles Amol has carried to all of his business ventures from being a CPA to owning dental practices to his current role as CEO of PatientPrism. This episode also contains a real phone call between a patient and the staff as well as exclusive audio from a child prodigy musician. In the closing segment, Brad Winter, shares the best places to check out this weekend in Columbus, Ohio,...


What is The Dental Experience Podcast?

Coming Fall 2018, an all-new dental podcast focused on creating experiences worth sharing for the practitioner, the team and the patients. In this brief, introductory episode, the big idea of the podcast as introduced with an idea of what you can expect in season 1. Plus, hear one of the many stories that inspired the podcast.