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Buying and Selling on Terms with Chris Prefontaine

In this episode David Talks with Chris Prefontaine about his real estate investing business and how he buys and sells all of his deal on terms! At any given time Chris controls over 50 properties, is currently doing 5-10 deals a month and has 20-25 Million dollars worth of real estate under his control, all without using his own cash or credit. Chris loves to help his students learn the business as well and he has a passion for teaching. You can watch a free webinar that Chris has put...


Building Wealth with Paul Thompson

In this Episode David talks with Paul Thompson out of Little Rock Arkansas. Paul is the host of the podcast "Ready Investor One" and also runs a mastermind called "Level Up Your Life Mastermind". David and Paul talk about how there are so many ways of purchasing Real Estate Creatively as well as how they are TONS of ways of selling Real Estate... also, Creatively. Paul shares with our audience his list of 5 Things you can do today to create a new money mindset as well as the 3 investments...


Land Investing with Mark Podolsky

In this episode, David talks with Mark Podolsky (AKA The Land Geek). David interviews Mark and asks him all sorts of questions about how he invests exclusively in Raw Land all across the country! Mark has been investing in land for over 15 years and he has done over 5,200 deals!! He has an awesome approach to finding deals as well marketing to the owners of these properties BEFORE the properties go to tax sales. Then he offers to buy the land for pennies on the dollar and flips them for HUGE...


Dan Schwartz and Investor Fuse

In this episode, David talks with Dan Schwartz from Dan is a software and website developer and we talk about how his product, Investor Fuse, is launching outside of Podio in a few days and how the NEW Investor Fuse 2.0 is going to be the BEST lead follow up and Lead Management System on the market. Dan talks about how your CRM or your Lead Management System should not be a time-consuming activity and how his system can help you create your own systems to better keep...


Whitney Nicely - Lease Options to Freedom

In this episode, Whitney Nicely - Lease Options to Freedom Dave speaks with Whitney Nicely an expert property investor, speaker, and real estate coach. She’s called the queen of real estate investing in East Tennessee. But that’s not how she started. Before quitting her 9 to 5, Whitney scraped by on $24,000 a year working a desk job and living on her parent's couch. That was in 2013. Now, she owns more than $2.5 million in real estate assets. And she’s only 33 years old. Whitney teaches...


Systems with Don Costa

In this episode David talks with Don Costa from the Fresno CA market. We focus this episode on systems and how to create a process for each job in the business so it can be redone over and over again simply! David first met Don over a year ago and interviews him on his business and his systems and how they have changed since they first met. Don is absolutely crushing it Rehabbing Houses, and Flipping Properties. He is on pace to do over 250 Deals in 2018 by adding wholesaling to his tool...


10 Most Expensive Tax Mistakes with Craig Cody

In this episode David talks with Craig Cody from "Craig Cody and Company" a certified CPA and Tax Coach. David and Craig talk about how having a tax coaching could possibly be the best decision a business person makes. Craig and his clients review financial statements monthly and review all the ways to save money by NOT paying taxes. Basically he is a master of the tax loophole, deductions and how to avoid paying taxes. He knows his stuff and he shared his list of the "10 Most Expensive Tax...


How to Get the Ex Wife to Sign

How to Get the Ex Wife to Sign! This episode focuses on the importance of Follow up and team work! It also focuses on the power of persistence. In this episode we talk about a recent deal that we closed that made us over 10K in wholesale profits. How it took us 4 months to get the deal to the finish line and most importantly how we did not give up in the process of working this deal. It will only take 2 minutes was the joke in this episode and it really took 4 months. Lots of very valuable...


How to Rehab a Rental

How to Rehab a Rental a rental property is a quick video episode of a before and after project we recently completed in St. Louis Missouri. If you are thinking about how to rehab a rental check out this video on YouTube at This episode is much better to Watch so please check it out. Here we walk through a property we purchased that was distressed and show you how we rehabbed the rental property. You want to make it bullet proof for your...


The Automated REI

The Automated Real Estate Investor is a pretty cool tool that scrapes Data from Zillow and then sends the property owner a text message that you create to generate high quality leads! This system can generate response rates as high as 30-50% depending on your message. Once you create an account you set up your own campaign. Use a Simple Message to get a higher response Rate. The regular rate is $119/mo but if you use the promo code davidf356 at you get it for...


Overcoming Wholesaling Challenges

Overcoming Wholesaling Challenges is a great episode playing off of last weeks episode where we answer some of your nagging issues getting started. David and Mike sit down again to answer questions and provide solutions to you. Don't let the issue be a road block for you, go around it. Figure out a solution! Today we share some issues and solutions. Thanks for Listening! To see our current inventory visit Or to get started in real estate learn more...


Barrier Busting

Barrier Busting today with Dave and Mike. Today the Discount Property Investors jump in to answers questions they are getting. We wanted to find out the biggest challenges you are facing and answer as many of you as we can. One of our goals this year is to help as many new people get started invesint as possible. To see our current inventory visit Or to get started in real estate learn more at Download the DPIP...


Nothings for Sale with Brian Trippe

Nothings for Sale with Brian Trippe is a new Book that we have the honor of speaking with the Author about. Brian joins David as they discuss his new book "Nothings For Sale", his local REIA, and his real estate investing business. Brain has started his own REIA and provides tons of value to his group, his investors, and his community. We highly recommend Brian's book "Nothings For Sale". It breaks down how to become the LOCAL AUTHORITY by giving everything away. We love this mindset and we...


Bandit Signs

This episode Dave and Mike Discuss the power of Bandit Signs and explain what they are, how they are used to generate leads, where to buy them, and where you should put them. We get into the how, where, why, when, and what, and basically talk all things about bandit sign marketing. This is a great episode to explain the easiest way to start marking for motivated sellers if you are new to wholesaling or even if you are a seasoned investor. The name of the game is consistency. Quotable quotes...


Simple Not Easy - Case Study with Alex Ficco

In this episode David Dodge interviews Alex Ficco, one of his Students that has been crushing it in Reno, NV Market. Alex Ficco is a part time wholesaler that has only been wholesaling for a few short months and has already completed 6 deals and has made over 25K in wholesale fee's. Alex joined the Discount Property Investor coaching program only 3-4 months ago and was determined to succeed. With a little guidance from Dave and Mike, Alex has learned just how simple this business is, however...


The Power of the JV

The Power of the JV. Joint ventures are a great way to get started in Real Estate and leverage other peoples experience. Listen in as we explore some ways we have partnered with others and used the power of the Joint Venture agreement to do more deals and make more money! JV Agreements are super simple and open up so many additional opportunities to help grow your business. Quotable quotes : "Our Success has really been based on partnerships from the very beginning" To see our current...


Whats working in Marketing Now

Whats working in Marking Now is an episode we created to talk about what types of marking channels and strategies are working best in our market at the current time. As the Market conditions change and more and more competitors are entering our market we have to stay ahead of the pack and are always testing new strategies to reach our local motivated seller. Listen in as we explore what we are doing now to keep the deals coming in and what we have been seeing from others all around the...


Lindsay Lane Rental Case Study

Lindsay Lane Rental Case Study! This season we want to open up the podcast to show more of what we are doing in our business. This episode is on a property we purchased to hold as a rental. Check out Lindsay Lane Rental Case Study and let us know what you think. This episode is probably best to be watched so don't forget to check us out on YouTube as well here: Quotable quotes : "Landlords grow rich in their sleep without working, risking, or...


The Langholm Rental

Thank you for tuning in to the Langholm Rental Case Study! This is another episode on a property we purchased to hold as a rental. Check out the Langholm Rental Case Study and let us know what you think. We are trying to do more in depth coverage of our wholesale, rental, and retail flips this year. Some of these episodes are probably best to be watched so don't forget to check us out on YouTube as well here: We publish each of our episodes...


Collier Case Study

Hey everyone, Thank you for tuning in to the Collier Case Study! This episode is on a property we purchased to hold as a rental. Check out Collier Case Study and let us know what you think. We are trying to do more in depth coverage of our wholesale, rental, and retail flips this year. Some of these episodes are probably best to be watched so don't forget to check us out on YouTube as well here: We publish each of our episodes there as...