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We are the global community for medical students, doctors and other healthcare professionals interested in the exciting world of medical entrepreneurship and innovation!

We are the global community for medical students, doctors and other healthcare professionals interested in the exciting world of medical entrepreneurship and innovation!
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We are the global community for medical students, doctors and other healthcare professionals interested in the exciting world of medical entrepreneurship and innovation!




Ep. 80 - SummerSlam Weekend Recap

We are joined by Rob Bonnette from the Stroke of Genius Blog to recap SummerSlam weekend and then we get into this past weeks news in Comic Books, TV and Movies. Show Topics Comic News Marvel Knights are coming back Champions #24 takes on school shootingsBatman is an Atheist Pearl is not a Jessica Jones Remake but you should read it Stan Lee is granted a restraining orderTV News Legends of Tomorrow Stars address DC Diversity Push Why Netflix Drama’s drag midseason The Last Sharknado...


Insecure Recap S3E2 - Familiar-Like

We are back to recap Season 3 Episode 2 of Insecure Familiar-Like. This episode was Issa and Daniel centered and explored Daniel's insecurities along with Issa's problematic office. We talk about Daniel masculinity being fragile, Stephanie still being thirsty for Daniel, Devin and Brandon thirst for Tasha, Issa credit score, will Issa and Daniel get back together and so much more. You can follow Stephanie @Sunnytwotethat on Twitter and you can find the Mocha Minutes podcast on iTunes,...


Ep. 79 - The Space Force

We are joined by Old Man Wade and Super Woke Javi from The Old Man Wade Podcast to discuss this week news in comic books, TV, Movies and ridiculousness. Show Topics First Topic SPACE FORCE!!!!! Comic Book News DC Has Know Idea What To Do With Cyborg Batman #50 Tops the July Charts (Of Course) Marvel Relaunching Uncanny X-Men DC New Big Event TV News Fox May Be Making a Live Action Family Guy Film Disney Not Holding Back on this new Star Wars Show Talking Dead Executive Producer...


BlaKKKlansman - Movie Review

Brandon, Devin and Danielle from the Mocha Minutes podcast are here to review Spike Lee's new movie BlacKKKlansman. This film tells the story of Ron Stallworth, an African-American police officer from Colorado, who successfully managed to infiltrate the local Ku Klux Klan and became the head of the local chapter. We discuss who this film is written for (white people) how this ties into our political climate today, the humor in this film, their portrayal of David Duke, Spike Lee's best...


Insecure Review S3E1 - Better-Like

Brandon, Devin, Danielle and Stephanie from the Mocha Minutes Podcast are back to review Insecure Season 3 Episode 1 Better-Like. Insecure is finally back and with that sucker Lawrence off the show, Issa crashes on Daniel's couch and tries to save up extra cash. Molly returns from a beach vacation with renewed determination to maintain boundaries in her life. We discuss if Molly can stay within her own parameters, How Petty Daniel is, why did Issa go stay with Daniel, How triggering...


Ep. 78 - Who Asked For This

Brandon, Mike and Devin are joined by Tachi from the TV Channeling Podcast. We had a great time talking this weeks news in TV, Movies and Entertainment. Show Topics Random News They Growing Lungs in Labs Now Apple is worth $1 TrillionTV News WB May be bringing Alf Back Patrick Stewart coming back to Star Trek Batwoman Show seems to be Green Lit Marvel Killed the Donald Glover Deadpool TV Show Tim Allen Show Will be the new RosanneMovie News DC Announces Another Film SMH Movie Theaters...


Ep. 77 - Bills Bills Bills

Brandon, Mike and Devin are joined by Rashanii from the Single Simulcast to discuss this week in entertainment and nerd news. Show Topics Comic Book News Details on new DC Big Crossover Event Saga taking another break (Fuck) Marvel Changes Venom Origin Did Marvel Really Do This FUCK RICHARD MEYER (MUST WATCH FOR THE SHOW)MAIN SHOW TOPICTV News 10 Anticipated Show Premier in August Why Robin said Fuck Batman Toxic Fandom Strikes again smh Bryan Christopher Died Mowgli coming to Netflix...


Mission Impossible: Fallout - Movie Review

The crew is joined again by Stephanie from the Mocha Minutes podcast to discuss Tom Cruise new Impossible White man film... Mission Impossible Fallout. This is the 6th film in the series and is the clear cut best film. At 56 years old Tom Cruise is better than ever and delivers his best performance as Ethan hunt. We talk about Henry Cavil and his role as the villain in this film along with Steph and Danielle thirst for him, Tom Cruise running, how great the action scenes were shot, Ving...


Ep. 76 - DC Divorces the Murderverse

Brandon, Mike and Devin are joined by Rich Fann from the PWTorch Deep Dive Podcast to discuss all the entertainment news coming out of San Diego Comic Con 2018. Show Topics Comic Book News Green Lantern Relaunch with Crazy Grant Morrison Writing Tom King death threat at SDCC Jeff Johns coming back to write Shazam DC is doing a book about the 3 Jokers 2018 Eisner Award Winner (Comic Book Awards) TV News Swamp Thing to be in separate universe from Titans and Doom Patrol Clone Wars...


The Equalizer 2 - Movie Review

Brandon and Rashanii are back to review The Equalizer 2 starring Denzel Washington. This is your typical summer action film but Denzel completely carries this film with his acting, facial expressions and action scenes. We talk about Denzel character getting a back story, how awesome the fight scenes were, how pointless some of the sub-plots are, but the miles subplot is good, how we go to the movies too often and soo much more. You can find Rashanii and the Single Simulcast on iTunes,...


Sorry To Bother You Movie Review

Sorry to Bother You is a funny, real, depressing and most importantly relevant take on life and specifically life in a capitalist society. Brandon, Rashanii, and Devin review the debut film of Boots Riley starring Lakeith Stanfield andTessa Thompson. We talk about how this film made us feel, how smart this film is, what its like working in a telemarketing, the cool cinematography, capitalisim in america, people having a line and so much more. This film touches on so many things in a...


Ep. 75 - F*CK Hulk Hogan

The Crew is back and we are lucky to be joined by Stephanie from the Mocha Minutes Podcast to talk this week in Entertainment and Nerd News. This week we talk San Diego Comic Con, Scarlett Johansson being trash, Sex Robots, Kevin Feige talking about the future of the MCU, Hulk Hogan being reinstated to the WWE, Tom Cruise wanting to work with The Rock, Skyscraper bombing at the box office, New Robo-Cop movie, Wizard of OZ remake and much more. You can follow Stephanie @Sunnytwotethat on...


Skyscraper - Movie Review

Brandon and Rashanii are joined by Stephanie from the Mocha Minutes podcast to review Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson summer blockbuster Skyscraper. This is a reverse Die Hard Impossible White Man film that has tons of flaws, a basic plot, and lacks emotion but is still good for some laughs and has some cool action scenes and some real impossible task. We talk about how good of an Impossible White Man The Rock is, Rashanii fear of heights affecting him in his enjoyment, The Rock not showing and...


Ep. 74 - In Feige We Trust

The crew is back for another look at the past week in Nerd News. We are getting this episode out a little late because of some technical difficulties. This week we talk about Marvel partnership with Vans, backlash for name actors because of fandom, Sophie Turner wants an avengers crossover, Thanos killed half of all life, New Men in Black film, and the future of the MCU and much much more. A fun show as always, Please be sure to subscribe to our show on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, and...


Ant-Man and the Wasp - Movie Review

Brandon, Devin and Rashanii are back for our Ant-Man and The Wasp Movie Review. This film is the most Disney Marvel film ever and it hits across the board. Its a light, fun, contained story that fits in this universe but its not as dark and serious as recent Marvel films. We talk about this film really being The Wasp film, how good Hope's action scenes were, the CGI being amazing, the consequences of the after credit scene, Cassie being adorable and much more. You can find Rashanii and...


Uncle Drew - Movie Review

Brandon, Devin and Rashanii are back for out Uncle Drew Movie Review. This is a fun, brainless films that features some cool basketball, terrible acting, simplistic plot but yet is a must see film for anyone who wants an enjoyable 90 mins. We talk about which NBA player was the best actor/actress, how good Chris Webber was in this film, wanting to see more of Uncle Drew, How this film is bad but still a must see and much more. You can find Rashanii and the Single Simulcast on iTunes,...


The First Purge - Movie Review

Brandon and Rashanii are back to review The First Purge. This franchise has quickly evolved into a Black Action/Horror franchise is this is the best of the series. This film takes a meta look at how the government and parts of the white community view black and brown people specifically low income black and brown people. We talk about how this film relates to real life, how white people view poor minorities, Van Jones surprisingly tone death role, Daniel from Insecure become "Rambro", the...


Superfly - Movie Review

Brandon, Rashanii, Devin and Danielle are here to Review Superfly 2018 starring Trevor Jackson, Jason Mitchell, Michael Kenneth Williams, and Lex Scott Davis. This film was the 2018 remake of the famous 1972 Blaxploitation film and takes place in modern Atlanta where Priest is a drug kingpin that has never been caught and is looking to get his final score to get out the game. This is not a "good" film but this is an enjoyable film and we talk about how corny the Snow Patrol is, Danielle...


Tag - Movie Review

Brandon and Rashanii are back to review Tag starring Ed Helms, Hannibal Buress, and Jeremy Renner. This film might be one of the whitest films of all time. Its based on a real life story of a group of friends who travel across the country every May to continue the same game of tag for 30 years. This film is as ridiculous as the plot sounds and we talk about how we knew Hannibal Buress character wasn't real because black people could not do those things, how Jeremy Renner did this film...


Incredibles 2 - Movie Review

Brandon and Rashanii are joined by the regular crew of Devin, Danielle and Mike and late Stephanie from the Mocha Minutes podcast to talk Incredibles 2. 14 years in the making and it was well worth the wait. This film gave you all the nostalgia of the old film plus a bigger story, better plot and of course the adorable Jack-Jack. We talk about the short film the was the prelude to this film, how Mr. Incredible aint shit, Elastigirl being thick AF, Rashanii's theory about Violet "real"...