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Expert advice on the world’s top cosmetic procedures and practitioners.

Expert advice on the world’s top cosmetic procedures and practitioners.


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Expert advice on the world’s top cosmetic procedures and practitioners.




How to Get a Perfect Smile with Top Cosmetic Dentist Dr Michael Apa

All the top tips for maintaining beautiful teeth from New York City's leading cosmetic dentist and insider secrets of his magic powder.


Liposuction and Fat Removal with Dr Olivier Amar

Looking at the best ways to contour your body using liposuction and how to use your own fat to augment your breasts and rejuvenate your skin with top UK surgeron Dr Olivier Amar.


How to Get Perfect Breasts with Dr Patrick Mallucci

We discuss the perfect shape and contour of women's breasts and how to get that through breast augmentation or reduction surgery. This is essential listening for anyone considering cosmetic breast treatments.


How The Beauty Industry Is Killing The Planet with David Alpert

David Alpert the MD of the International Institute for Anti-Ageing (IIAA) talks about the ever growing problem of pollution caused by the beauty industry and how we must change our habits soon to save the planet from environmental disaster.


How To Measure Your Beauty With Dr Julian de Silva

Dr Julian de Silva explains his phi face measuring techniques to evaluate facial beauty and to improve facial features according to the Golden ratio of beauty. You can see his pioneering work at and at


Thread Lifting Rejuvenation with Dr Gerald Pierone

Check out the latest facial and body thread lifting techniques with Florida based surgeon Dr Gerald Pierone. He is one of the best practitioners in the world for this innovative and relatively new technique which gets great results without the need for surgery.


The Lunchtime Face-Lift with Dr Judy Todd

How to have 80% of the effects of a face-lift, reduction of jowls, tightening of the jaw-line, reduction of turkey neck and double chins, but with no anaesthetic, no scars, and just a few days down-time. And it's considerably cheaper. So find out how Face Tite works with Dr Judy Todd at the Synergy Clinic in Glasgow.


Youthful Eyes with Dr Julian de Silva - How Eyelid Surgery Can Make You Appear 10 Years Younger

Leading plastic surgeon Dr Julian de Silva discusses the latest rejuvenating eyelid surgery techniques to refresh your eyes and take years off your appearance. From upper and lower blepharoplasty to fat injection and hyaloronic acid fillers. This is the most definitive guide for anyone considering eyelid surgery or fillers.


The Perfect Pout with Dr Greg Bran

The lips are such a focal point of the face. Dr Greg Bran delves into what makes the perfect pout and how to improve yours with surgical techniques.


Botox and Fillers with Dr Jean-Louis Sebagh

Everything you need to know about injectable tweakments from one of the best practitioners in the world, Dr Jean-Louis Sebagh.


The Brazilian Butt Lift with Dr Chris Inglefield

Possible the most controversial procedure in the world, the Brazilian Butt Lift has caused fatalities around the world caused by extreme complications. But Chris Inglefield says in the hands of a good surgeon it is can be done well and safely.


The Secret Hollywood Nose-Job with Dr Raj Kanodia

The advantages of closed scar-less rhinoplasty over open rhinoplasty, controversial minimum age requirements (14 for girls, 15 for boys), famous Hollywood clients, and how to achieve just six days downtime with careful preparation techniques and anaesthesia.


Selfie Dysmorphia - Botched Surgeon Paul Nassif Explains The Growing Problem

Botched TV surgeon Paul Nassif reveals the biggest problem for cosmetic surgery is selfie dysmorphia in 20-something women. Dr Nassif says face tuning apps and filters have created an unrealistic demand for augmentation treatments and surgeries in younger women.


The Seamless Face Lift With Rajiv Grover

This podcast is all about having a face-lift. How old should you be, what preparations should you make and how best to optimise the effects. All of the answers to these questions will be coming from one of the best face-lift surgeons in the world, Rajiv Grover.


The Editor's List Pilot

Welcome to The Editor's List podcast with me, Olivia Falcon, a beauty journalist and founder of The Editor's List, a concierge style service that directs people to the world's best cosmetic surgeons, doctors and dermatologists. For anyone out there considering a surgical procedure or someone who like me is fascinated with the fast paced developments in the beauty industry please sign up and tune in. Over the forthcoming weeks and months I will be talking to Hollywood celebrity surgeons,...