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Expert advice on the world’s top cosmetic procedures and practitioners.

Expert advice on the world’s top cosmetic procedures and practitioners.


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Expert advice on the world’s top cosmetic procedures and practitioners.




The Latest in Anti-Ageing Eye Treatments with Dr Maryam Zamani

Dr Maryam Zamani, the doyenne of ocular plastic surgeons, reveals the latest anti-ageing eye surgical treatments, tweakments, plus the latest advances in skincare serums to care for the most delicate skin on our bodies.


The Natural Anti-Acne Super-Supplement from Bali With Amazing Results

Balinese natural supplement range G Herbal have had some remarkable acne success stories with their new super-supplement SKIN, taking several clients from acute acne to clear skin in just a couple of months. G Herbal founder Philip Goosens reveals how they devised their oral anti-acne product G Herbal SKIN and how it copes with adult, hormonal and even cystic acne - without any nasty side effects. I've also been taking their WEIGHT pill which has really helped my bloating and digestion,...


Vaginal Rejuvenation with Dr Shirin Lakhani

Everything you ever wanted to ask about vaginal rejuvenation from top expert Dr Shirin Lakhani. The very latest treatments to improve confidence and feminine health - as well as some key treatments for male impotence issues. Apologies for any sound quality issues but this was recorded over an internet call due to Covid lockdown restrictions.


The Art of Browlifts With Dr Lucian Ion

Eyebrows have been at the forefront of the beauty industry's interest for the past 10 years due to the prominence of models such at Cara Delevingne. Top surgeon Dr Lucian Ion runs through the latest surgical procedures to create the perfect brow.


Five Ways to Finesse Your Face with Dr Lara Devgan

Top New York board certified plastic surgeon Dr Lara Devgan reveals five ways to subtly rejuvenate and refresh an ageing face.


How to Deal With Acne Scarring with Dr Monir Somji

Dr Monir Somji talks about the five different types of acne scarring and how to treat them all. At his Dr Medispa clinic he discusses his tailored approach using minimally invasive subcision, localised TCA CROSS skin peels for ice pick scars, azeliac acid for post inflammatory hyperpigmentation and tyrosinase inhibitors, retinols, pre-biotic skincare, and the latest micro-needling energy devices. This is a definitive guide for any acne sufferers. Please note this was recorded on Zoom due to...


The Future of Facials with Dr David Jack

We discuss with Dr David Jack the latest high-tech facials and injectables, from holistic treatments to chemical face paints and micro-needling and radiotherapy. Please note that this podcast was recorded over the internet due to new social distancing rules so there are a few slight sound quality issues.


How to Lower Your Hairline With Plastic Surgeon Mr Greg Bran

Greg Bran discusses how to lower hairlines imperceptibly to improve the proportions of the face and forehead. This treatment has been a hugely empowering treatment for several women and men, and has transformed their features and confidence.


Fixing Double Chins and Turkey Necks with Dr Judy Todd

Aesthetic doctor Judy Todd discusses how to fix a double chin, soft jaw-line and turkey neck with non-surgical treatments, Ellevate, FaceTite and Morpheous8.


Non Invasive Blepharoplasty Solutions with Dr Julian de Silva

Leading Harley Street occular plastic surgeon Dr Julian de Silva gives the latest insight into non-invasive eye rejuvenation treatments and tweakments.


Norman Waterhouse on Neck Lifts

One of the world's leading cosmetic surgeons Norman Waterhouse gives expert advice on how to deal with sagging turkey necks.


Norman Waterhouse on Face Lifts

Norman Waterhouse is a Consultant Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon of national and international repute for facial rejuvenation surgery. Here is talks about the latest techniques in facelifting. Essential listening for anyone considering a facelift procedure.


How Supplements Can Help Your Skin With Lorraine Perretta

Nutritionist Lorraine Perretta explains how the right supplements can help your skin age gracefully. She showcases the range of benefits to skin from the Advanced Nutrition Programme.


Cosmetic Dermatology with Neil Sadick MD in New York City

Talking about the latest lasers and fillers for the treatment of acne, age spots, dark circles and cellulite. This is the cutting edge of non-invasive skin rejuvenation with one of New York's finest Dr Neil Sadick. Please note this podcast was recorded several weeks before the COVID-19 lockdown.


Transgender Surgery - Male to Female Explained With Dr Chris Inglefield

One of the UK's leading transgender surgeons, Dr Chris Inglefield explains the latest in treatments for male to female gender transitions. This is a definitive guide by one of the world's top medics in this field and covers facial feminisation, breast augmentation and bottom surgery. There will be another podcast on female to male transition soon.


Meg Mathews' Menopause Advice

Everything you need to know about the menopause and perimenopause from someone who has been through it all. 90's rock chick turned wellness expert Meg Mathews talks through her the problems most women face and how to solve them, plus Olivia talks about non-invasive solutions to help maintain happy and healthy vaginas.


Advanced Face-Lift Techniques with New York surgeon Dr. Andrew Jacono

This is the essential guide to the latest techniques in face-lift surgery. If you are considering a procedure you simply must listen to this.


How to Get a Perfect Smile with Top Cosmetic Dentist Dr Michael Apa

All the top tips for maintaining beautiful teeth from New York City's leading cosmetic dentist and insider secrets of his magic powder.


Liposuction and Fat Removal with Dr Olivier Amar

Looking at the best ways to contour your body using liposuction and how to use your own fat to augment your breasts and rejuvenate your skin with top UK surgeron Dr Olivier Amar.


How to Get Perfect Breasts with Dr Patrick Mallucci

We discuss the perfect shape and contour of women's breasts and how to get that through breast augmentation or reduction surgery. This is essential listening for anyone considering cosmetic breast treatments.