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Hosted by education technology advocate, David Cicero, the Edmentum Podcast discusses trending topics in the education industry such as social emotional learning, career and technical education, project based learning, and more, with educational leaders and industry experts.

Hosted by education technology advocate, David Cicero, the Edmentum Podcast discusses trending topics in the education industry such as social emotional learning, career and technical education, project based learning, and more, with educational leaders and industry experts.


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Hosted by education technology advocate, David Cicero, the Edmentum Podcast discusses trending topics in the education industry such as social emotional learning, career and technical education, project based learning, and more, with educational leaders and industry experts.






E27: Overcoming the Second Digital Divide - Shifting from Consumers to Creators

Dr. Troy Hicks is a professor of English and education at Central Michigan University and focuses his work on the intersections of literacy and technology, and, more broadly, teacher education and professional development. David and Dr. Hicks sit down to explore how teacher and student roles are gravitating away from their historical consumer paradigm, and the mindsets needed to thrive in this new environment.


E26: Overcoming the Second Digital Divide - Lessons Learned from Frederick County Virtual School

David sits down with Dr. Stacey Adamiak, Edmentum Advocacy Consultant and former Principal for Frederick County Virtual School in Maryland, to discuss the stages of accessibility in online learning and the importance of placing a greater focus on the gap between physical access and access to academic knowledge.


E25: Mentoring to Maximize Virtual Instructor Success

What strategies are you using to overcome the challenges of virtual instruction? EdOptions Academy's Interim Leader of Student and Teacher Services, Nichole Bansberg and Instructional Coach/Mentor, Diane McRandal, come on to talk about how purposeful mentoring and coaching fuels virtual school program success by cultivating stakeholder connections.


E24: Building a High Quality Virtual Program with Dave Adams

Dave Adams, former Edmentum Chief Academic Officer, comes on the show to share newly published research on building high quality academic programs. From re-imagining stakeholder roles to teacher communities, this research dives into the most important elements of successful virtual programs, and serves as a model for districts and school around the globe. Check out the research on Executive Summary: Building High-Quality Sustainable Virtual Programs Elementary Students and...


E23: It's Time to Look Forward to Virtual Learning

Continuation instruction, nuclear footballs, and "fenergy." Dr. Troy Podell returns to the Edmentum Podcast to help answer the question: What can educators do to feel excitement, instead of uncertainty, when it's time to switch to virtual learning? Searching for virtual or hybrid-learning resources? We collected our best tools and resources to help make sure you and your students will be successful with your virtual, hybrid or blended learning program. Check out Edmentum's free Hybrid &...


E22: How the Tinkering School is Putting Experience First to Redefine Online Learning with Gever Tulley

Ever heard of a global academic community? You may soon enough if the Tinkering School has anything to say about it. David sits down with Tinkering School Founder Gever Tulley, and the Tinkering School Volunteer Space Agency (VSA) - a student group formed by Tinkering School students and alumni - to talk about how they transformed a classroom into a Mars lava tube, built web-controlled rovers, and now are opening their online doors to facilitate "Mars Missions" for schools from around the...


E21: Empathy Mapping: A Recipe for Re-Connecting with Students

Education Coach and author, Jorge Valenzeula, joins David to talk about the power of systematically connecting with students using empathy mapping, and shares special considerations for remote learners. You can find his empathy mapping explainer video on Edutopia here.


E20: Social Structures are Critical to Your Online Program's Success with David Adams

Why is social experience critical to students success in their core academic subjects? How important is it to the future of schooling? David Adams, former CASEL board member and current CEO at The Urban Assembly in New York, joins us to help answer these questions.


E19: Uncovering the Needs of Remote Learners with Vigo Success Academy's Lindsay Wilhoyte

David sits down with Edmentum's Teacher of the Year, Lindsay Wilhoyte, Success Coach at Vigo Virtual Success Academy in Indiana. Lindsay talks about how an "above and beyond" mindset is required to run an effective virtual program, and how they are re-imagining relationship building in a remote learning environment. Meet Edmentum's 2021 Inspiring Educator Award winners here!


E18: Avon High School's Tremendous Credit Recovery Success with Denise Handlon

Edmentum's Administrator of the Year, Denise Handlon, joins us to talk about how they used Edmentum Courseware to increase credits earned in their credit recovery program by over 2000%. By laser focusing on preparing student's to re-enter first time credit classrooms, Denise and her team have been able to maximize the impact their school's curriculum on their most in-need students. Meet Edmentum's 2021 Inspiring Educator Award winners here!


[Summer of Reflection Series] E1: A Summer of Reflection with Jen Perry

To kick off this summer of reflection series, Edmentum's SEL Learning Designer Jen Perry joins us to rethink what "reflection" means. From cooking, to kayaking, to listening to podcasts, David and Jen explore ways to find new meaning in summer activities.


[Summer of Reflection Series] E2: Four Steps to Build Your Personal Brand (and There’s PIE!) with Jonte Lee

You may remember Jonte Lee, the DCPS kitchen chemistry teacher, from Ep 15 of The Edmentum Podcast. Through countless media features (Good Morning America, The Washington Post, CNN, and more) Jonte has honed his brand to maintain his commitment to the communities he serves. In addition to being an SME in science, Jonte also holds a masters in Marketing. In this episode, David and Jonte talk about how to build a personal brand.


[Summer of Reflection Series] E3: What the Mandalorian Teaches Us About Change Management with Daryl Vavrichek

Daryl Vavrichek is a Change Management expert with over 20 years of experience in education. In this episode, David sits down with Daryl to discuss the first two steps in any change management effort, and reveals how the Mandalorian inspires us to walk the walk of the change we want to see in our districts and schools. #SummerofReflectionSeries


[Summer of Reflection Series] E4: Own the Moment with Mindfulness Magic with Samantha Snowden

In our final episode of the Summer of Reflection mini series, David sits down with Samantha Snowden, a Kids and Family Mindfulness Expert at headspace. They talk about what mindfulness is, and how educators can use it to completely change the dynamic of their schools and classrooms. Also, a headspace subscription is FREE for educators. Check it out here #SummerofReflection


E17: Beyond Student Agency - The School Where Students Drive the Curriculum with Gever Tulley

Exploration. Expression. Exposition. These are the cornerstones of learning at the Brightworks School in San Francisco, CA. This month David interviews Founder Gever Tulley to discuss how a strong student agency model re-evaluates the strictness of curriculum and instructional strategies to empower students AND teachers to learn and be resourceful.


E16: From Overwhelmed to Inspired: How to Be a Happy Teacher by Embracing Resiliency

Listen to the recording from our [SXSW EDU 2021] live podcast event where special guest Jen Molitor, author of The Happy Teacher Handbook and principal of Blanchester Local Schools in Ohio, comes on The Edmentum Podcast to talk to host David Cicero about the importance of making resilience a conscious effort. We’ll discuss how to positively affect student engagement, parent interaction, and the teachers experience. Edmentum Educator Network members Julia Roberts, a lifelong educator who has...


E15: Becoming a Community Teacher Through Virtual Instruction with Jonte Lee

Jonte Lee is the DCPS STEM teacher whose popularity skyrocketed after he turned his kitchen into an online chemistry lab for his students. In this episode, David sits down with Jonte and discovers how this innovation has led to increased access to authentic teaching and learning experiences not only for students, but the community at large.


E14: Leaving the Classroom to be an Effective Teacher with Meghan Ramsey

Meghan Ramsey, the traveling teacher, has traveled to 27 countries so far throughout her teaching career. In this episode David sits down with Meghan to explore her transition from teaching inside to teaching outside the classroom, and how this drive to see the world has helped her approach education from a different lens.


E13: Taking Teaching on the Road with Cathy Cluck

In this episode David sits down with Catherine Cluck, AP U.S. history teacher at Westlake High School in Austin, Texas, and the producer of a viral series of on-site history videos - #thegreatamericanhistoryroadtrip. During this episode they talk about the road trip, what barriers had to be overcome to make it happen, and how this instructional strategy deeply connects students to academic content.


[Podcast for Families Series] Effective Home Learning in 30-Minute Chunks

It's the final episode in our first-ever mini series! Many families with students learning from home have discovered that the traditional school day schedule doesn’t always work when students are at the kitchen table instead of the classroom. But that’s not a bad thing by any means. Dr. Elizabeth Davis, education veteran and online learning instructional leader for Edmentum, talks to us about how we can take advantage of learning in the home environment and utilize the 30-minute chunks for...