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What if you could have the life you want, now? When you look at what creates the life you have, your emotions and energy are a key component and engineering them engineers your life. Justin Wenck has a PhD in Electrical Engineering and over a decade of experience with yoga, meditation, nutrition, fitness, and personal development and he'll be your guide on this journey.

What if you could have the life you want, now? When you look at what creates the life you have, your emotions and energy are a key component and engineering them engineers your life. Justin Wenck has a PhD in Electrical Engineering and over a decade of experience with yoga, meditation, nutrition, fitness, and personal development and he'll be your guide on this journey.


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What if you could have the life you want, now? When you look at what creates the life you have, your emotions and energy are a key component and engineering them engineers your life. Justin Wenck has a PhD in Electrical Engineering and over a decade of experience with yoga, meditation, nutrition, fitness, and personal development and he'll be your guide on this journey.




Own Your Power and Value Your Value

"How did you get French fries?!? They aren't even on the menu!" "I asked" This is a real conversation that happened at a remote hotel in Costa Rica. When we value our value and own our power, we ask for what we want and then it can become a reality in time. On today's show I'm going to be talking about how to own your power and starting to value your value. This show might be for you if you're spending your time doing things for others and not for yourself, or if you keep spending money...


Book Launch Celebration

Today on the show we're celebrating the launch of 'Activate Your Life: Vol. III" I've been selected as one of 23 amazing coaches around world to share my exercise 'Your Future Life Now', which wiil help people who want to make a change in their life quickly and easily. You don't want to miss it, so head over to Amazon to get your copy and you'll be at the source of a bunch of incredible transformational tools! If you find the tools valuable, the most valuable thing you can do is leave a...


When One Door Closes...Let it Close!

When one door close another one opens. You've heard this had you might be calling bullsh!it, but let me ask you this: Do you actually let the door close? Or do you stick your foot into it to keep it cracked? I know I have and this has turned out to be what's prevented the new door from opening. Most recently I learned this when I came across computer problems with my Windows PC that wasn't letting me use my Podcast mic. I hadn't even had this computer for a year…I have to get at least 2...


Ep 74: Going for the Essence of What You Want

My old home, my old set of relationship, my old job…they don't work for me. And it's sad. Sad because I thought "I had it all!" What did I really think I had though? I thought I had security, comfort, and predictability. This is the essence of what I thought I had in the house, job, and relationships. The truth is this: Anything of this material world will NEVER. I repeat NEVER provide security, comfort, and predictability. They can only provide the illusion of that. How can you enjoy...


Ep 73: Finding Enough at SoulPlay Festival

"Erotic Sovereignty", "Ecstatic Aquatic Experience", and "Transformational Titi Massage" These were just some of the workshops I attended at this year's SoulPlay festival. There were many many more I could have attended and felt I SHOULD attend. Yet I didn't. What did I do? I went to sleep an hour before things ended the final night, and I left early the last day without attending any more events. Why? Between the workshops, the music, the nature, and the deep human connections I made,...


Ep 72: Tropical Meditations: Surfing in Playa Jaco

Want a tropical get away, but can't actually get on a plane anytime soon? I'm going to bring the tropics to you. I'm creating a new Tropical meditation series. I'm sharing a proof of concept version. Prepare to let go of your daily struggles as you surf a glorious wave to relaxation in Jaco, Costa Rica. This meditation is very relaxing so avoid listening to it while doing anything that requires your full focus such as driving a car or arguing on Facebook. If you have feedback or want a...


Ep 71: Loving the Hate and Going Ad-hoc

"…Don’t worry about sharing the selfies and life experiences….just live them…They look kind of forced" Haters gotta hate, and lovers gotta love. How do you think I responded to this unsolicited advice from someone I haven't spoken to in over a decade?!?! I'm not going to change what I'm going to post or when. When things are great, I'll share. When they suck, I'll share. Still…there was something to consider… Am I forcing anything? I've been doing this podcast weekly since January...


Ep 70: Searching for a Shaman

Coming down to Central America I was open to meeting a Shaman. I didn't want or need to find one, but if an opportunity arose I would take it. While in Belize my amazing guide Amador felt a good connection with me and said he would introduce me to the 2 shamans he's worked with. I said yes. He asked, who do you want to meet with first? Don Canto or Don Miguel. In today's show I talk about how I selected which Shaman to work with, how I didn't quite get what I was looking for, but found...


Ep 69: Choosing Happiness

"May I sit here?" "Yes," they reply. "How are you?" "Oh, I don't want to talk to you" This was an interaction I had during one of my meals here on meditation retreat in Costa Rica. Being in an environment like this is like being back in high school with challenges deciding who to sit with, who to talk to. What are the "better" groups to be in and wondering, will I be liked and accepted by others? There's one big difference: I've chosen to be here. This choice extends to how I want to feel...


Ep 68: Lessons Learned from Lost Civilizations

Recorded from San Ignacio, Belize near some of the most amazing demonstrations of the Mayan Civilization, what lessons can be learned from this society that had some of the most sophisticated mathematics and architecture for its era that then practically disappeared around the 900ADs leaving vast structures abandoned that are still being rediscovered today? I discuss what I've learned by touring the Xunantunich ruins and ATM (Actun Tunichil Muknal) Cave, and learning about the culture and...


Ep 67: (Scuba) Diving Into the Games of Life

"I'm disappointed in you…I have plenty of other men in my life that don't disappoint me" How would you have reacted if someone said that to you? Do you want to direct your life or do you want to be driven by circumstance? I learned from my mentor, Jim Fortin, that the way you do one thing is the way you do everything. I couldn’t find it to be more true than in my recent week of Scuba Diving here in Roatan, Honduras. Today I talk about how actively deciding how I wanted my dive experience...


Ep 66: Playing the Games of Life

Thank you to everyone who reached out after the last Podcast, the love and support was overwhelming and I'm so grateful for all of you listening. On this episode I'll be putting my experience with divorce and depression in the context of Playing the Games of Life. The plural of "Games" is NOT a typo. We often think it's a single game, but after replaying the game of Yahtzee for the first time in over 25 years, I realized that life is not one game, but a collection of games. Are you not...


Ep 65: Depression, Divorce, & Dissolution

I'm out of my house, out of my marriage, and out on the road. On today's show I share where I've ended up after working on my depression that started about a year ago. I'm sharing how what appeared to be a perfect life didn't always feel so perfect. Now that I've let it go, I'm starting to feel how perfect life works out as I seize the opportunity to create my perfect life and not someone else's life. I'm really hesitant to share this, but I'm hoping it can be of benefit to at least one...


Ep 64: Consciousness and 3D Reality with Derek Loudermilk

“What does it look like to be the hero of your own life?” That's the question today's guest, Derek Loudermilk, asked himself after getting fired from numerous jobs, dropping out of his PhD program, recovering from failed marriage, and realizing he had been living someone else’s dream. I discuss my similar experiences and we explore how experiences like these lead to an opening of the mind, which allows us to begin to see how our consciousness creates our 3D Reality. Today Derek is a...


Ep 63: What are you truly committed to?

Is there anything missing in your life? If so, have you been a person committed to having it? In the past two months I became committed to having better health in the form of less physical pain and more energy through improved diet. This commitment was tested when I went to a recent Mens Yoga Camp where…. I wouldn't be able to do yoga like everyone else I wouldn't be able to eat like everyone else I was different and I got attention…two things that scare the sh!t out of me, but because I...


Ep 62: Are you an Anxious Person?

Are you an Anxious Person? Or are you just a person who sometimes feels anxious? It might seem like small language nuance, but it can have huge implications on how easy you can decide to show up as someone who can handle a situation when needed vs. someone is stuck being a certain way. Would you like to be the person needing attention and to be calmed down or would like to be the one people turn to as a source of calm and strength? When you switch from BE anxious, to just being someone...


Ep 61: Workship Recap

The Perfect Life Meditation Workship went perfectly, right?!? Absolutely Not! There were mistakes, challenges, and a lot of learning. Did I really publish a flyer that said Workship instead of Workshop? You bet I did! And it was all part of the process. The students had a phenomenal experience and I'm ready to share the experience with more people after what I've learned and part of that is sharing the behind the scenes with you in this episode. Enjoy! Got a question or comment about the...


Ep 60: Awakening the Soul of Power with Christian de la Huerta

Would like to see the face of who has been holding you back so you can confront them productively and become the hero of your own life? Then you're going love today's show as I talk with Christian de la Huerta about his latest book, "Awakening the Soul of Power". We focus on what it means to have "Soulful Power" in your life and how to keep it. Because it's not something you have to "get". You do have to learn how to stop giving it away and Christian uses amazing visuals to show you how...


Ep 59: The Perfect Life Meditation System

Do you want to live a fulfilling life with less stress and more energy? Today I cover how to discover and create your perfect life in as little as 5 minutes a day with the Perfect Life Meditation system I developed. I explain in PLAIN language how this heartfelt and intuitive system of creating lasting habits gets you results. What is the Perfect Life Meditation Method? Do you feel stressed, stuck, sad, tired, or frustrated? Do you just want more out of life, your relationships, or better...


Ep 58: Your Environment Reflects You

"You haven't changed a bit!" Has someone from your past ever said that to you? Or maybe they didn't say it, but you felt it. It could be spending time with the people you grew up with, or longtime friends. Have you noticed that your feelings and behaviors you experience TODAY can be similar to those you experienced 1, 5, 10, or even 20+ years ago? You might think, "I've worked so hard to grow, but I guess I haven't changed enough yet." You're partially right, but maybe not how you...