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A weekly podcast highlighting fisheries science topics and presenting them in a manner that both scientists and the pubic will appreciate.

A weekly podcast highlighting fisheries science topics and presenting them in a manner that both scientists and the pubic will appreciate.
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A weekly podcast highlighting fisheries science topics and presenting them in a manner that both scientists and the pubic will appreciate.




055 - People Data with Dr. Paul Venturelli

In this episode of The Fisheries Podcast, I chat with Dr. Paul Venturelli about some past, present, and future projects. We begin by discussing his past work looking at and utilizing fishing apps to gather data pertinent to fisheries managers. He is currently looking for a Ph.D. student to research rockfish and angler compliance with an app off the coast of British Columbia, so shoot him an email if you're interested: We then move on to another project he was involved...


054 - From "Why, Oh Why!" to YY in the Battle Against Invasives with Dr. Dan Schill

In this episode of The Fisheries Podcast I chat with Dr. Dan Schill about some interesting work he is researching in the Western U.S. He and his collaborators have implemented a technique that reverses the sex of Brook Trout and then crosses those fish to create YY, super male fish which are then stocked into waters to create male-only progeny with wild fish. Make sense? He explains it much better than me. He also talks briefly of his progress with applying this technique to Walleye and...


053 - One Year Anniversary Episode!

In this special one year anniversary episode I highlight a few of the stats to demonstrate how much this podcast has grown and show how good of a platform it is to get your science out there. Thank you to all of the listeners, frequent or one-and-doners, who have given it a whirl! I then highlight some of the past guests who will be presenting at the upcoming AFS meeting in Reno, if you would like to put a face with a name. Myself and a half-dozen-or-so of past guests will be presenting in...


052 - Big Fin Scientific: Cooler than the space station, with Chris Carrol

In this episode of The Fisheries Podcast, I have a chat with Chris Carroll from Big Fin Scientific. Chris' business developed an electronic fish measuring board to aid in biologists data collection. We talk about his background prior to this endeavor, what his initial reaction was when he was first approached about developing his board, how it has changed over the years and where he sees the product and company going in the future. Enjoy! If you will be at the joint AFS/TWS meeting in...


051 - Stream Stressors in the Rockies with Dr. Rich Walker

In this episode of The Fisheries Podcast I chat with Dr. Rich Walker about some of the work he completed for his Ph.D. at the University of Wyoming. Rich looked at how oil and natural gas development impacted stream communities at the species, community and ecosystem level using a variety of methods. Enjoy! Main Point: Love what you do and always find the positive!


050 - Fiftieth Episode Special with Scott Gritters

In this episode of The Fisheries Podcast I chat with Scott Gritters, a Mississippi River management biologist with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources. We start by discussing some of the difference between managing an impoundment and a large river. One of those differences is having a lot more users on the mighty Mississippi and Scott tells some tales of times those users had some slip ups and remediations were necessary. We then get to the part where Scott makes the perfect 50th...


049 - Our Aging Reservoirs with Jeff Boxrucker

In this episode of The Fisheries Podcast I chat with Jeff Boxrucker. We start with talking about his 33 year career in the state of Oklahoma; what was the first project he worked on, some of his favorite projects, and some advice for early career professionals. We then shift to Jeff's current duties with the Reservoir Fish Habitat Partnership. We talk about what exactly this is and how it is helping our aging reservoirs and the anglers that use them. Enjoy! Main Point: Habitat management...


048 - Watershed Science with Ann Willis

In this episode of The Fisheries Podcast I chat with Ann Willis, a Ph.D. student at UC Davis. We start with chatting about her past as a whitewater guide in the Western U.S. and how she transitioned from that to her program now. We then talk about how she is studying civil engineering and using that to improve streams and rivers in California. Enjoy! Main Point: Rivers change!


047 - Way Down Yonder on the Chattahoochee River with Dr. Steve Sammons

This week I chat with Dr. Steve Sammons from Auburn University (hopefully those Tigers don't get upset that I said University of Auburn in the episode; War Eagle?) about a little of the work he has had the opportunity to do on Shoal Bass in the Apalachicola River basin. We start with why the southeastern United States is such a biodiversity hot spot before diving in more on the Shoal Bass. Steve is a wealth of information for this species and tells some fun tales of field expeditions...


046 - Early Career Adventures with Audrey Baetz

In this episode of The Fisheries Podcast I chat with Audrey Baetz about the handful of adventures that she has been able to be a part of early in her career. We go over her collegiate cross country history, some projects involving Three Spine Sticklebacks, her experience working in South Dakota, and her current role now as a contract worker for the USGS. Enjoy! Main Point: Stay Weird and Stay Passionate!


045 - Passionate projects of the Upper Missouri/Yellowstone with Dr. Christopher Guy

In this episode I chat with Dr. Christopher Guy, assistant unit leader for the Montana Cooperative Fishery Research Unit at Montana State. We briefly cover what the USGS Coop Units are and a couple of the projects that Chris and his students have been a part of working with Pallid Sturgeon recovery and Lake Trout removal. We then switch gears and talk about one of the courses and side projects that Chris has going on, his own podcast. Enjoy! Today's Voices of Conservation Science can be...


044 - Through the fish eye lens and what Julie Vecchio saw there

In this episode I chat with Julie Vecchio, a Ph.D. candidate at the University of South Florida. She is using the stable isotopes in fish eye lenses to learn more about diet and movement. We also cover many of her past adventures including spending time on a tall ship (we also learn what a tall ship is), learning how to fish during her master's work, and estuary monitoring in Florida, and teaching high school science. Enjoy! Main Point: Everything touches the ocean!


043 - Microchemistry and other topics with Dr. Brenda Pracheil

In this episode I chat with Dr. Brenda Pracheil of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory about a variety of topics. We start where she started, talking about her fascination with fish parisitology before moving on to talk a little about some of the work she completed while earning her Ph.D. We then fill the bulk of the episode chatting about everything microchemistry, from how the samples are taken to explaining how different crystal structures the calcified structure can skew your elemental...


042 - Black Sea Bass and Climate Change with Emily Slesinger

This week I chat with Emily Slesinger, a PhD candidate at Rutgers University studying Black Sea Bass and how climate change may affect that species. We talk about a handful of her projects dealing with that as well as highlight some of the great opportunities she was able to be a part of during her undergraduate years that helped lead her to the project she is working on currently. Enjoy! Main Point: Stay Curious, Stay Excited, and Be Nice to Eachother!


041 - Malacology with Jeremy Tiemann

In this week's episode I chat with Jeremy Tiemann about his work across the globe studying mussels. We chat about his part in discovering a new species in Mexico and listing a similar species in Texas as endangered, discovering another new species that you could probably find in your local stream, the translocation of nearly 1,000,000 mussels, and we talk about some equally interesting work he has done with Banded Killifish and the Iowa Darter. Enjoy! Main point: be open to new...


040 - Anthropology and Alaskan Fisheries with Kinsey Justa

For this episode we take a slightly different path and speak to someone in the commercial fishing industry. Kinsey Justa is the global markets manager for 60 Degrees North Seafoods in Cordova, Alaska. We talk about her role there and a little about how the commercial fishermen operate on the Copper River up in Alaska. Before discussing that, we go over the interesting path that Kinsey took to get from her hometown to where she is now, including studying in Hawaii, backpacking throughout...


039 - Gila Trout with Nate Wiese

In this episode I chat with Nate Wiese, the current hatchery manager at the US Fish and Wildlife Service's Mora National Fish Hatchery. He works closely with Gila Trout which we cover in this episode after discussing a little of Nate's background studying hedonic price analysis of commercial fish farms and his background with the USFWS. Enjoy! Main Point: Some people fish their entire lives not knowing it's not the fish that they're after!


038 - Iowa's Large River Research with Ryan Hupfeld

This week I again go back to an old friend in Iowa and interview Ryan Hupfeld. He is a large river research biologist for the Iowa Department of Natural Resources. Prior to his current position he studied Paddlefish in Missouri and on the Missouri River in Iowa. While working on the Missouri River he was also able to work on Pallid Sturgeon. Since moving across the state to work on the Mississippi River he has switched focus to the more common cousin, the Shovelnose Sturgeon. Ryan will soon...


037 - Recruitment, Retention, and Reactivation with Jeff Kopaska

This week I chat with an old friend of mine, Jeff Kopaska. Jeff is a biometrician with the Iowa DNR Fisheries Division and has had his hand in a number of interesting projects that are helping biologists and anglers alike in Iowa. He is also very involved with the American Fisheries Society and is currently the president-elect of the North Central Division and a member of the membership committee, among other assignments. We discuss some of his view about the current state of the society and...


036 - Social Sciences in Fisheries with World Traveler Dr. Hannah Harrison

In this episode of The Fisheries Podcast I chat with Dr. Hannah Harrison, a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Guelph. We discuss the correct pronunciation of routes and data, cover what is social science and human dimensions research and how it relates to fisheries, which was a big part of her dissertation. She has just started her position in Ontario and we go over what she is hoping to accomplish as far as research projects go including a plug for her project Coastal Routes,...