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A weekly podcast highlighting fisheries science topics and presenting them in a manner that both scientists and the pubic will appreciate.

A weekly podcast highlighting fisheries science topics and presenting them in a manner that both scientists and the pubic will appreciate.
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A weekly podcast highlighting fisheries science topics and presenting them in a manner that both scientists and the pubic will appreciate.




039 - Gila Trout with Nate Wiese

In this episode I chat with Nate Wiese, the current hatchery manager at the US Fish and Wildlife Service's Mora National Fish Hatchery. He works closely with Gila Trout which we cover in this episode after discussing a little of Nate's background studying hedonic price analysis of commercial fish farms and his background with the USFWS. Enjoy! Main Point: Some people fish their entire lives not knowing it's not the fish that they're after!


038 - Iowa's Large River Research with Ryan Hupfeld

This week I again go back to an old friend in Iowa and interview Ryan Hupfeld. He is a large river research biologist for the Iowa Department of Natural Resources. Prior to his current position he studied Paddlefish in Missouri and on the Missouri River in Iowa. While working on the Missouri River he was also able to work on Pallid Sturgeon. Since moving across the state to work on the Mississippi River he has switched focus to the more common cousin, the Shovelnose Sturgeon. Ryan will soon...


037 - Recruitment, Retention, and Reactivation with Jeff Kopaska

This week I chat with an old friend of mine, Jeff Kopaska. Jeff is a biometrician with the Iowa DNR Fisheries Division and has had his hand in a number of interesting projects that are helping biologists and anglers alike in Iowa. He is also very involved with the American Fisheries Society and is currently the president-elect of the North Central Division and a member of the membership committee, among other assignments. We discuss some of his view about the current state of the society and...


036 - Social Sciences in Fisheries with World Traveler Dr. Hannah Harrison

In this episode of The Fisheries Podcast I chat with Dr. Hannah Harrison, a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Guelph. We discuss the correct pronunciation of routes and data, cover what is social science and human dimensions research and how it relates to fisheries, which was a big part of her dissertation. She has just started her position in Ontario and we go over what she is hoping to accomplish as far as research projects go including a plug for her project Coastal Routes,...


035 - Landcruisers and Fatmuckets with Jeff Conway

In this episode of The Fisheries Podcast I chat with Jeff Conway, a hatchery manager at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's Inks Dam National Fish Hatchery. We begin talking about his side hobby of restoring Toyota Landcruisers before moving one to his diverse hatchery career where he has raised a variety of fish. Now in Texas he and his crew is attempting to raise freshwater mussels in the hatchery setting. Enjoy! Main Point: Don't Be Afraid to Take a Risk!


034-Alaskan Adventures and Century Old Fish with Alec Lackmann

In this episode we hear from Alec Lackmann who will very soon wrap up his Ph.D. work at North Dakota State University. While there Alec studied tundra pond ecology in the high arctic region of Alaska, specifically a variety of projects studying chironomids. We discuss those topics and his research before moving on to one of his side projects back in the Midwest. Alec, out of curiousity, began aging some more overlooked "rough" fish, one of which being the Bigmouth Buffalo. The first fish he...


033 - Guadalupe Bass with Tim Birdsong

In this episode of The Fisheries Podcast I chat with Tim Birdsong of the Texas Wildlife and Parks Department. We begin by talking about Tim's baseball career. We then start talking about Guadalupe Bass, that state fish of Texas, and all the work that Tim and his cooperators have completed in the past two decades. Towards the end we briefly go over some of the leasing programs that Texas has implemented to increase angler access to some of these newly restored bass populations. Enjoy! Main...


032 - GARkansas with Henry Foster

In this episode I chat with Henry Foster about his 15 month long quest to get the Alligator Gar named the state fish of Arkansas. He ultimately succeeded, with the caveat that it be the state primitive fish, a fact that he is not upset about. We discuss his passion for gar and all things fishy. Enjoy! One Point: Alligator Gar are not trash fish but important pieces of their ecosystem!


031 - Invasive Issues on Mille Lacs with Tom Heinrich

A few weeks ago I received an email from a listener wanting to know more about the issues the Minnesota DNR is seeing on Mille Lacs, so I reached out to Tom Heinrich. Tom and I cover some of the invasive species issues they are facing at one of Minnesota's most popular lakes and how those are affecting Walleye resulting in some closures of the Walleye season a few years ago. Things are looking up for Mille Lacs and Tom explains why and more in this episode. Enjoy! Main Point: Management...


030 - Post-ups and Post-Release Mortality: A Selection Sunday Episode with Ryan Knotek

In this Selection Sunday episode I chat with Ryan Knotek about his experience playing college basketball at the University of New England while also doing undergraduate research. We then discuss his master's research and the work he is currently doing now at the University of Massachusetts Boston working towards his PhD. We then bring it back to basketball and have Ryan make a pick on who will win the NCAA men's tournament. I have set up a bracket challenge group for both the men's and...


029 - Brook Trout, Topeka Shiner, and Bass Tournaments with Brett Kelly, Alex Bybel, and Andrea Sylvia

In this episode of The Fisheries Podcast I chat with three different graduate students from Iowa State University. The first you'll hear from is Brett Kelly, a masters student studying Brook Trout in the Driftless area of northeast Iowa. Next is Alex Bybel, who recently defended his thesis focusing on Topeka Shiner and finally Andrea Syliva, a PhD candidate evaluating the effects of catch and release bass tournaments on an Iowa reservoir. Enjoy! Main Points: Try new things, find something...


028 - Deep Sea Lanternfishes and #SundayFishSketch with Rene P. Martin

This week I chat with Rene Martin, a PhD candidate at the University of Kansas, studying deep sea Lanternfishes in the Smith Lab. We discuss the work she is doing with these fishes including a trip she got to take out to sea to sample these fishes. We then shift focus to the outreach she does on twitter through the hashtag #SundayFishSketch. Each week she will tweet out a theme and then her and many others will draw a fish based off of that theme. You can find her work by searching the...


027 - Super Spoonbill, Paddlefish Management with Oklahoma's Jason D Schooley and Adam Geik

In this episode I reached out to Jason Schooley and Adam Geik of the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation. They are both very heavily focused on Paddlefish research and management in the state of Oklahoma. We discuss some of the traits that make Paddlefish a great model species for a variety of projects and how the Paddlefish Research Center is helping to better understand and manage these populations. We bring back the quiz to see who the real expert is regarding Paddlefish before...


026-One fish, two fish, only blue fish with Ben Neely

In this episode of The Fisheries Podcast I chat with a colleague of mine in Kansas, Mr. Ben Neely. We discuss some of the projects he has worked on during his career, starting with Blue Suckers on the Missouri River. We then shift focus to his more current work in Kansas working with Bluegill and Blue Catfish. Starting to see a trend here? We cover a variety of his projects involving all of the species mentioned above. Enjoy! Main Point: Support Wildlife and Fisheries Conservation!


025-Desert Fish Genetics with Dr. Megan Osborne

This week I speak with Dr. Megan Osborne, a native Austrailian and current researcher at the University of New Mexico. We discuss some of the work she is doing monitoring a bunch of desert fishes using genetic data and her previous work with some more well known charismatic species. Enjoy! Main Point: Fish Matter and So Do Rivers!


024-The Oprah of the Outdoors, A Brief Chat with Dr. Mamie Parker

In this episode I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to interview Dr. Mamie Parker while she was in Kansas speaking at our annual Kansas Natural Resource Conference. We talk briefly about her background and upbringing that made her the Mamie that people know today, some of her work with the USFWS and what she is doing now to keep herself busy since retiring. This is a live interview that, when we started, took place in a quiet hotel lobby, but the hustle and bustle did inevitably...


023-Redeye Bass fishing and genetics with Matt Lewis

In this episode of The Fisheries Podcast I chat with Matt Lewis, a Ph.D. student at Auburn University. Matt was working as a cancer researcher when his hobby of fly fishing introduced him to Redeye Bass. He fell in love with fishing for them and eventually wrote a book "Flyfishing for Redeye Bass." He left his job to return to Auburn University where he is working to develop methods to genetically differentiate between the different Redeye species. We discuss that research and also his...


022-Ohio is for lovers...of fish. Inland fisheries research and more with Dr. Jeremy Pritt

Hey there...In this episode of The Fisheries Podcast I chat with Dr. Jeremy Pritt of the Ohio DNR's Inland Fisheries Research Center. We discuss some of the work he is doing tracking movements of Blue and Flathead Catfish in the Ohio River, evaluating length limits of river Sauger and reservoir Crappie, and evaluating and developing standard sampling methods in Ohio. We also preview the upcoming Midwest Fish and Wildlife Conference taking place January 27-30,2019 in Cleveland, Ohio....


021-Alligator Gar and more with Dr. Dan Daugherty

You know the saying, "Everything is bigGAR in Texas." In this episode I chat with Dr. Dan Daugherty of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department about the research he is doing with Alligator Gar in Texas. Unfortunately there was an internet issue on my end and part of his answer was not recorded. If you would like to find out more about the answer that he had cut off, check out his paper here: We also talk about his role as the...


020-Downeast Salmon Federation with Dwayne Shaw

In the first episode of the new year I speak with Dwayne Shaw of the Downeast Salmon Federation. He and his organization operate two hatcheries and outreach centers in Maine working to restore Atlantic Salmon populations. To learn more about this effort head to Dwayne and his crew would appreciate any contributions you could make to their cause. Main Point: Pay attention to the water! For those wondering what happened to the previously mentioned episode with...