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Episode 33: Are We Primed for an Amazon takeover?

The Forge Podcast breaks down all things Amazon. Has Amazon successfully destroyed the competitive market? Are we primed for an Amazon takeover? What will the consumer market look like in five years when this corporation gets stronger? Will Amazon find its way into the healthcare industry? Amazon strikes deal with USPS and the NFL. As traditional consumer companies lose their power, this corporation gets stronger and stronger. Email the at Follow the Forge Podcast on...


Episode 32: The Black Man's Plight Part2

The Forge Podcast brings on Terry Glen to discuss relevant issues impacting black men. Sherman and Terry breakdown their perspective concerning the justice system, black male leadership, role models, mass media, voting, the black community, history and the black man's evolution. Email the at Follow the Forge Podcast on Twitter @forgepod and Instagram @theforgepodcast


King Kong has nothing on Netflix

The Forge Podcast addresses the social awareness in which Netflix brings us content. Netflix is the powerhouse of content creators. Netflix commits to bringing freedom and responsibility among its viewers. Many shows such as: Maniac, 13 Reasons Why, Seven Seconds, Orange is the New Black, The Bleeding Edge, Altered Carbon and many more aim to bring awareness to viewers as a way to inspire conversation. Email the at Follow the Forge Podcast on Twitter @forgepod and...


Episode 30: Dr. Ford vs Judge Kavanaugh: Make up your own damn mind!

The Forge Podcast presents episode 30: Dr. Ford vs Judge Kavanaugh: Make up your own damn mind as to who you want to believe. Which person gave the most accurate information? Is Dr. Ford telling the truth? Do you believe Judge Kavanaugh? FBI investigation. Conflicting testimony. Traumatic experiences/memories. Stress. Anxiety. Man's honesty about wanting to control women. Email the at Follow the Forge Podcast on Twitter @forgepod and Instagram @theforgepodcast


The Black Man's Plight

The Forge Podcast goes into the black man's plight amongst society. Negative stereotypes. Struggles with self-identity. Empowerment. Evolution. Victimization. Media stereotypes. Prison. Modern day societal challenges. Single parenthood. Legacy building. Ways to maneuver through a dominate society. Want to have a conversation about this subject? Email me at Follow the Forge Podcast on Twitter @forgepod and Instagram @theforgepodcast


The Wire: Greatest TV Series Ever!

The Forge Podcast presents.....The Wire: The Greatest TV Series Ever and Why you should watch it. Greatest TV drama ever created which include topics such as: Community policing, drugs, race, substance abuse, HIV, politics, justice system, relationships, LGBT, murder, labor unions, education, religion, real estate and many more..... Remember to keep the devil way down in the hole. Follow the Forge Podcast on Twitter @forgepod and Instagram @theforgepodcast. Email us questions, comments and...


The True Puppet Masters

The Forge Podcast episode 28 goes into the true orchestrators of our division and those who seek to manipulate and control us. The Puppet Masters implement tactics like class, politics, gender wars, abortion, sexuality, race and finances to separate us. However, the podcast covers how we share more likes than differences.


The People Behind the Wall

The Forge Podcasts presents: The People Behind the Wall....Will the wall be built to keep people out or in? Sherman compares the wall being built to the 1991 Wes Craven film "The People Under the Stairs". How much will the wall cost us? How long will it take to be completed? Has anyone considered the possibility of them keeping us inside the wall? The episode also breaks down the national ID card, Patriot Act and Social Security numbers. Follow the Forge Podcast on Twitter @forgepod and...


The Strange and Unusual World of Hidden Technology

Arthur C. Clarke "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic" The Forge Podcast covers 10 breakthrough technologies listed by MIT. California politicians wanting to divide the state in 3 separate states. Vegas robot butlers. Block chain technology. Smart City. Artificial embryos and Quantum Leap.


Is it an Evilness that Plagues Our current Presidential Administration?

The Forge Podcast breaks down where our current Presidential Administration has fallen off the wagon. Do we vote to abolish ICE? The inhumanity of separating kids from family. Will the newly appointed Supreme Court justice lead to Roe vs Wade being overturned? Tariffs on imported goods and the trade war with China. Follow the forge podcast on Twitter @forgepod and Instagram @theforgepodcast. Email us questions, comments and concerns at


The Speed of Time

Having trouble remembering events from six months ago? Do you find yourself wondering where the time has gone? Technology has afforded us the opportunity to be extremely efficient. That efficiency has come with a price. The Forge Podcast covers how technology has sped up our perception of time. Sherman discuss 7 ways to slow down your perception of time. Follow the forge podcast on Twitter @forgepod and Instagram @theforgepodcast. Email us questions, comments and concerns at...


Intriguing Films

Sherman and Michael breakdown their love for movies and they discuss intriguing mind bending movies. Enjoy this short but sweet podcast. Part 2 coming soon!! Follow the forge podcast on Twitter @forgepod and Instagram @theforgepodcast. Email us questions, comments and concerns at


The Unsolved Mystery of the Tupac and Biggie Murders

The Forge Podcast covers Unsolved: The Murders of Tupac and Biggie Smalls. This episode gives you a breakdown of all the key personnel involved with creating the show and the reasons why you should binge watch this show. Go watch the show and be pleasantly surprised! Follow the podcast on Twitter @forgepod and Instagram @theforgepodcast. Email us questions, comments and concerns at


Flat Earth Theory, Science Fiction, Star Wars and New Technology

Host Sherman brings on Turfa to discuss the flat earth theory and everything that goes into new found thinking on the new concept. Our top 5 Science Fiction films and love for the genre, Stars Wars and New future technology Follow us on Twitter @forgepod and Instagram @theforgepodcast. Email us questions, comments and concern at


Episode 20: The Future of Online Dating

Sherman breaks down the future of online dating. What will online dating look like 10-20 years from now, as we move further away from traditional human socialization? Does online dating entice people into looking for multiple relationships satisfying their desire for new things? Has online dating led people to becoming more expendable? Will the addiction and thirst of online dating lead entrepreneurs to create more complex algorithms for match making services? Could online dating move to...


Episode 19: Adaptability

Sherman ventures into ways in which to adapt to the online dating world. He also goes into the evolution of the online dating.


Episode 18: What's your Sexual Orientation

What's your sexual orientation? How do we define sexual orientation? Sherman discusses 12 different sexual orientations listed in a dating site. Remember we must understand the rules of the game before we can play the game. Understanding the subculture of online dating allows operate more effectively in the online dating world.


Episode 17: The Beauty of Online Dating

Sherman talks about online dating giving people the opportunity to meet others outside of their social structure and community. Socializing leads us to growth and to become more intelligent. Online dating also overcomes our stereotypes. He also ventures into his time within the military and watching the show "Black Mirror"


Episode 16: Discovering Red Flags

Sherman dives into the top 5 Online dating profile red flags. His three reasons why people ignore red flags. Additionally, how people turn a blind eye to red flags based on a person's profile statistics. Sherman also reveals why he took a few weeks off from The Forge Podcast


Episode 15: The Subculture of Online Dating

Sherman breaks down the different terms used in online dating such as: Ghosting, Layby, Slow Fade, Netflix and Chill, Cupping, FWB, DTR, and many more. People can be more successful in online dating if they understood the subculture.