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An ongoing conversation about all things trash and garbage. We discuss the interesting and humorous aspects about the part of our lives we like to most ignore, our waste.

An ongoing conversation about all things trash and garbage. We discuss the interesting and humorous aspects about the part of our lives we like to most ignore, our waste.
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An ongoing conversation about all things trash and garbage. We discuss the interesting and humorous aspects about the part of our lives we like to most ignore, our waste.






Episode 5 - Ned the Chicken Killer

The theme of garbage continues. The connection between garbage and food is convenience. Modernity’s requirement that we be constantly busy and running around makes the convenience of things like plastic and processed foods unavoidable and necessary. Ergo we will be adding processed food to the topic of garbage. Why do we still have more than one fork? Are we trying to prove something like we are by still making the penny? Mt. Everest is covered in garbage and it’s a good lesson for the...


Episode 4 - Recycle This Podcast

The New York Times - Costs Killing Recycling Vox - Cities Cancel Recycling The National Review - Recycling is a Waste of Money What can we take away from all this: --> As the backhaul goes, so does recycling…RIP Also you can tell recycling is a mental trick because of all the crazy people who through clothes, cats, and furniture in it. Production Meeting - Should we move on from Garbage? Perhaps to something else with similar repetition? Driving? Eating? Zero attention has been paid to...


Reloading Without a Care in the World

First game we each remember playing? First console we each remember playing? Joystick? Microsoft Sidewinder? X-Wing Question of the podcast: Are video games good for you? Define Fortnite, when did the name originate The term fortnight means two weeks Austin’s theory on why it is called Fortnite Excerpts from the book Playing to Win: Becoming the Champion by David Sirlin Sirlin is a Street Fighter tournament player, nicknamed Low Strong. He wrote a book about competitive gaming...


Episode 3 - Scott's Garbage Bits

Bags in the Waste Stream - Bags are the ultimate combination of convenience and waste not because they take up landfill airspace but because they escape the waste stream or gum up machinery. Is a blockchain type approach the solution? What if we could mark every piece of plastic with a unique identifier to trace it back to the person who used it? What about the idea of a trash fast? Go a day or two without creating any trash? Let’s talk some more about banning plastic toys in favor of...


Episode 2 - It's Contaminated

Season 2 - Ep. 2 Sleep might be our mental garbage removal service There are to many types of Oreo cookies. During the recent cold spell the garbage stopped but the mail did not, that’s backwards. Let’s review this article - Coffee shops ban plastic straws and consumers bring reusable bags to supermarkets — but the Gulf Coast's booming petrochemical industry has growing concerns about plastic waste being a threat to its business. Big price...


Episode 1 - Landfill Quadrants & Sideways Microwaves

The Garbage Series - Ep. 8 Mental garbage. We think we are unique but we all create garbage, in our mind and on the curb. Are mental health professionals just the garbagemen of the mind? Why do we hoard thoughts? “Landfill airspace” is is how we measure landfill capacity. Basically it is the space on a landfill site used for the disposal of waste. It is initially occupied by air which will eventually be displaced by waste — hence the term “landfill airspace.” Who takes the garbage out?...


Episode 7 - Revenge of the Box Spring

The Garbage Series - Ep. 7 Anti-recyclers vs. Anti-vaxxers, there are some striking similarities between these two agendas. Sometimes we have to throw things out that we can’t hide in our garbage can. What is the best garbage can sidekick? The MattressAn AquariumA Vacuum Cleaner “It’s a consumption abuse problem.” -Albert Torena Let us apply the concept of “sour grapes" toward garbage. Perhaps we convince ourselves that producing a lot of trash is bad because we are unable to produce...


Garbage Podcast Episode 6 - Nose Violations

The Garbage Series - Ep.6 “It’s the smell, if there is such a thing.” Population density is the answer, maybe. Cramming people together in cities makes controlling trash more efficient. That being said, cities stink. The smell of garbage is pretty bad but unavoidable to a certain extent. Strong smelling perfume/cologne is avoidable and therefore is more offensive. Why are people not allowed to assault the eyes and ears but allowed to assault our sense of smell? Remember when you gave...


Garbage Podcast Episode 5 - Robbing Hoarders

The whole trash thing begins to wear thin.


Garbage Podcast Episode 4 - Garbalytics

Business Idea Discussion: Garbage analytics company. A garbage company that collects your trash, analyzes it and gives you monthly truth reports. Garbage and Mental health - The effect of the repetitive nature of garbage. End of days….wake up in the morning and find that nothing has changed except garbage collection no longer exists. Speaking of Garbage: ESPN’s redesign is hot garbage


Garbage Podcast Part 3 - Huffing Gasoline

The Garbage Series - Part 3 Landfills and Trash Talk Jardim Gramacho and Fresh Kills Landfill The “pickers” at Jardim Gramacho spawned the “Associação dos Catadores do Aterro Metropolitano de Jardim Gramacho” Basically a union for people who sift through garbage looking for things worth money. Freshkills has the GOAT landfill name. Started as a temporary landfill but quickly became permanent. It was closed due to “community pressure” in 1996 so trash was diverted to Pennsylvania,...


Garbage Podcast Part 2 - Growing Metal Trees

The Garbage Series - Part 2 Recycling The Crying Indian Recycling has nothing to do with the environment, it has everything to do with profit and marketing. Those working to reuse waste are the unspoken heroes of humanity but they are not trying to save the planet. They are looking to make a profit off of trash not solve problems, especially environmental ones. They are making the best of a bad situation and should be commended for their ingenuity and hard work. Recycling if filthy work,...


Garbage Podcast Part 1 - Waring, Dempster, and Bomags

These are some stories about the people who deal with our trash. They have fought the good fight or are continuing to fight the good fight even though we really have no hope when it comes to winning the war on trash. It gains ground on us everyday, we have no chance at stopping it, all we can hope to do is contain it.