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Ep 168 The Glow: - Dealing with Your Past - John Stringer & Brian Piergrossi

We received great feedback from this podcast with John stringer live in Atlanta Georgia. We delve into two questions from the audience earlier in the week. We talk about emotion and trauma from the past. We talk about re-writing and re-creating our stories from the past and the future. We talk about victimization consciousness. We talk about victory consciousness. Learning from our mistakes and seeing them as opportunities to grow. We talk about Oprah Winfrey as a model for going from victim...


Ep 167 The Glow: How to Enter the Flow State - Zulu Flow Zion & Brian Piergrossi

I thoroughly enjoyed this episode with Zulu Flow Zion. It happened close to midnight in order to coordinate with him in Australia and just after an event I held in Asheville which gave it a unique and powerful feel. I was not able to track him down online till about the 8 minutes in. Go to the 8 minute mark if you want to go straight to the conversation. What was beautiful about the conversation is that I felt it was both an intellectual and experiential dive into what it means to be in the...


Reflections after my ‘Resting into Stillness’ workshop in West Virginia tonight

Reflections after my ‘Resting into Stillness’ workshop in West Virginia tonight ... Http://


Ep 166 The Glow: Why Are We So Weird About Sex? - Sofia Sundari & Brian Piergrossi

Why are we so weird about sex? Why do we create such shame and guilt around an energy, and a drive, that is so innate and natural within us? How do we embrace this energy as divine and sacred? What is the key to great sex? What is the best relationship style polyamory or monogamy? What is theogamy? Can BDSM be sacred and divine? Should a man think with his head or his cock? The answer may surprise you. What’s difference between control and power? Can sexual surrender be a gateway to...


Ep 165 The Glow: Own Your Power - Kevin Walton & Brian Piergrossi

This is a fantastic episode with guest Kevin Walton. It felt like an experiential activation of our deepest, truest and best versions of ourselves. We explored true empowerment. How to transcend limiting beliefs. Creating the future in the now. Victimization consciousness. True discipline. The power of now. Law of attraction. The equal importance of masculine and feminine. When the sound dropped out on Kevin we knew it was time to end. 😊 I really enjoyed the wisdom shared here and trust you...


Ep 164 The Glow: Awakening the Animal. Awakening the Shadow - Thessa Sophia & Brian Piergrossi

Thessa joined us from a beautiful forest in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. It’s LIveFB and the sound was choppy and difficult at times on this episode, but some real gems came through nonetheless. We discussed ascension and descension, integrating the shadow and the animal aspects of our being. A surprising foray into the power of Jesus and Christ consciousness. What is the true intelligence of emotion? Wombwork. Realizing the Absolute Self. Finding the extraordinary in the...


Ep 163 The Glow: What is Spiritual Enlightenment? - Ash Ruiz & Brian Piergrossi

A listener to today’s podcast wrote: "Wow guys. This is fantastically mind blowing & at the same time so normal." I think that’s sums this episode up pretty well. We dove into a full range of fascinating territory. What is "spiritual enlightenment"? Are we living in a virtual reality? Do gay people, and minorities have an advantage to spiritual awakening? Is ayahuasca, psyhedelics, and plant medicine. valuable for self-realization? Can you awaken to the true Self without anything external?...


Ep 162 The Glow: Dying for the Truth - Cory Katuna & Brian Piergrossi

Fantastic episode with one of my favorite guests, Cory Katuna. We explore transcending disempowering beliefs. The singlular importance of self-realization, How to realize yourself as the creator of your story. The energy of complaining. Letting go of old unconscious relationships.. How to transcend fear. How to live as an empowered woman (or man). Realizing the greatest freedom there is..and lots of more.. while having some laughs along the way... Enjoy! More on Cory:


Ep 157: The Glow: Miracles, Upcoming Fun, Am I Becoming a Breatharian

This was a spontaneous solo splash through the conscious of continuous miracles, upcoming fun, and external shfts happening in my life that reflect inner shifts in consciousness. This includes discipline, clarity, sharpness, and focus, it also includes a surprising shift in eating habits and how to increase and sustain energy. Enjoy!.


Ep 156: The Glow: The Blessing of a Brain Tumor- Brian Piergrossi & Will Pye

This is my shortest podcast I can remember! :) It comes in at just under 11 minutes due to technical difficulties! However I really like the quality of what is shared here in this snippet.and in our short attention span society perhaps 11 minutes may be less imposing to dive in to and leave the listener eager for more. We discuss how what seems like a catastrophe, such as being diagnosed with terminal brain cancer in Will’s case, chronic fatigue syndrome in my case, can be a tremendous...


Ep 155- The Glow: 3 keys to Success: with my son Giovanni Piergrossi

With my son Giovanni Piergrossi 3 keys to Success: 1 Curiosity 2 Competition 3 Self-Improvement Http:// Brian Piergrossi


Ep 154- The Glow - Reflections from the Journey: Europe -Brian Piergrossi

Ep 154- The Glow - Reflections from the Journey: Europe -Brian Piergrossi This was super fun! I share mind-bending stories from Egypt and Kenya, Sweden, Iceland and Italy.. and almost get stung by a bee while doing it .. 😂 --------------------- Ways to Plug In: Sign up here to get each episode and my new travel blog sent to your inbox: Beyond Words’ Silent Retreat: Gainesville FL, USA, Aug 31- Sept 3 Https:// Join our...


Ep 153 - The Glow - "Masculinity is Dead" - Kevin Oroszlan & Brian Piergrossi

Can Strong Conscious Awakened Masculinity Inspire and Change the World? Brian and Kevin Discuss. More about Kevin: --------------------- Ways to Plug In: Sign up here to get each episode and my new travel blog sent to your inbox: Beyond Words’ Silent Retreat: Gainesville FL, USA, Aug 31- Sept 3 Https:// Join our community for the 28 day free online challenge:


Ep 152 - The Glow - Being Fully Human - Julie Day & Brian Piergrossi

This was really fun! This weeks episode summary is from Julie :) Awesome time talking with Brian Satori Piergrossi! How to be fully human, masculine/feminine essence, astrology, parenting, and an invitation to LOVE you'self! ... it all made it in there! Great time connecting with Brian, give this a watch, if you feel called, and comment below with any insights or shares that flow through you. <3 More about Julie: --------------------- Ways to Plug In: Sign up here...


Ep 151- The Glow - Inner Guidance - Amara Samata & Brian Piergrossi

I really enjoyed this conversation with Amara Samata on spiritual awakening, connecting to the guidance within, the way of the feminine, integrating the story of "you", living courageously from the deepest place of love and passion within, More on Amara at --------------------- Ways to Plug In: Sign up here to get each episode sent to your inbox: Beyond Words' Silent Retreat: Gainesville FL, USA, Aug 31- Sept 3...


Ep 150- The Glow - The Power of Vulnerability - Cory Katuna & Brian Piergrossi

I loved this conversation with Cory Katuna. I felt like this conversation was not just theoretical, or intellectual, but an actual experiential journey into the heart of of exploring the power of vulnerability for creating incredible growth, evolution, intimacy and empowered transformation in ones life and relationships. In doing so we discuss everything from her travels in Egypt, journeys with Islam and the Bedouin people, Peru, free diving, fight club, high risk situations as invitations...


Ep 149: The Glow- The Sweetest Surrender - Tiger Singleton & Brian Piergrossi

In Episode 149 Tiger Singleton and Brian PIergrossi discuss the paradox of surrender and power. and living from the authentic truth of who you really are. More about Tiger: --------------------- Ways to Plug In: Join our community for the 28 day free online challenge: Subscribe on itunes... Sweden Retreat Jun 17-18 Italy...


Ep 148 The Glow- Beyond the Guru / The Ever Present I AM - Aile Shebar & Brian Piergrossi

Powerful, revelatory conversation with Aile Shebar about her life's journey of self-realization, exploration of healthy spiritual community verses unhealthy cult, the humanization of the teacher, her life with Osho and Papaji, my time connected to Andrew Cohen's community, the essence of tantra, the perfection of Now, social / political activism, being true to Oneself & navigating relationships, the power of writing as an exercise in self awareness.. --------------------- Ways to Plug In:...


Ep 147 The Glow : A Love Without Demands- Michael Parisi & Brian Piergrossi

Amazing conversation with Michael Parisi this week in the beautiful Spring mountains of Appalachia. He shares the incredible story of how he almost died on a mountain top in Colorado which became the catalyst to awaken to true nature of Reality. We also discuss an awakened consciousness that transcends religion, the sacred and mundane as one, the wilderness as a teacher.. and much more... Ways to Plug In: 1 month free trial! My Weekly Online Accountability Group:


Satsang with Brian Piergrossi, May 3, 2018, Asheville North Carolina

Live Recording of Satsang given by Brian Piergrossi on May 3, 2018 in Asheville NC USA, It starts in the middle of a guided meditation, followed by some dialogue and inquiry and a closing meditation. There's quite a bit of space without words here. Perhaps more than the listener is accustomed to or can stand. One can often hear the sound of birds singing in the space between the words. I left these long periods of silence because I find they are equally important, if not important, than the...