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HC091 - What Fitness Taught Me About Life (And Dating)

Success in any area of life can be mapped over and applied to the other areas. But what are these traits, skills or habits? How can you apply these lessons to achieving success in dating? In this episode, I discuss key lessons that I have learned through my success in fitness, and how you can apply these to your dating life and health. TL;DR: - Have a specific goal in mind - Be compelled to get there. Internally driven. External is temporary. You have to want it. - Do it even when you...

HC090 - Why Is Dating So Hard?

Why Is Dating So Hard? It's a common question I see asked or pondered by a lot of people. Here are a few things I cover: 1) We are afraid to “fail” – so we don’t try. 2) We aren’t taught how to date or be attractive. It’s more blanket theory that loses its practicality. ("Just be confident"etc.) 3) The Difficulties of finding needles in a haystacks. 4) Not understanding your true value. 5) Trying to run before they can walk. 6) Unrealistic expectations of self and others.


HC089 - Q&A: Creating Sexual Interest Through Conversation and Action

Questions: "Become less political" I try not to be but it seems anymore the things I say always have some political twists to them. It seems anytime I read a news story, watch a movie, or just read a book I always tend to see and interpret it in a political sense. I’ve been trying for a while to kick this nasty habit and am struggling. Anyone else dealing with this or have any useful advice? I know it sounds simple but damn. "Advice for 30s?" I’m 35 now and dating a lot through apps. I...


HC088 - What I learned Investing In Coaching

I am currently 4 weeks out from my first Men's Physique competition, and it got me thinking about how great it is to have a coach in your corner. A professional to help you grow as a person, to keep you accountable, to ENSURE that you get results. I am no stranger to coaching. I've invested a lot of money into myself (Over $22,000 at least - most likely higher. So what have I learned? In this episode, I outline what I've learned, why coaching is so valuable, and what to expect. If you...


HC087 - Congruency: Why It Matters.

Congruency matters – a lot. People can tell when someone is acting incongruent. And with regards to attracting the right women, congruency will make or break your chances with them. LINKS: The Big 5 Personality Test: Myers-Briggs Personality Assessment: Book: “Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking" (Susan Cain): THANKS FOR...


HC086 - How To Become An Integral Alpha Male

What does it mean to be a real alpha male? A real man that women are attracted to, like flies on shit. A man who commands respect, goes after what he wants - and fucks life into submission. It turns out, alphas have specific character traits. Traits that ANY man can develop. So I've got my buddy George Kats back on the podcast so we can talk about how to become an INTEGRAL Alpha male. Enjoy. George's FB Group: THANKS FOR LISTENING! If...


A Quickie With Brett - Episode 23

Are you afraid of breaking all of societies apparent "rules" in going after what you want in life? Are you crippled to make a move, like a deer in the headlights, to NOT make a mistake which will inevitably lose the attraction of women? Yeah? Then listen and learn, kiddo.


HC085 – What To Do When You Hit Rock Bottom

Ajay is an ex-client of mine who came across the podcast at tia me when he was at rock bottom - after a breakup. In this episode w,e cover his amazing journey from rock bottom, to where he is today – where he is more confident, happier, and better than he has ever been. If you're feeling lost or stuck, this might be the episode that inspires you to grow. LINKS: HC069: Book: “No More Mr Nice Guy” (Dr...


HC084 - Starting Cold Approach Pickup

What do you do to start cold-approach pickup when you're super anxious? How do you get over crippling social anxiety? What should you do when you feel "lost" and unsure about what to do with your life? This episode covers all of these, plus a little bit more. Enjoy. THANKS FOR LISTENING! Thanks for listening to the Honest Casanova Podcast. It would mean a lot to me if you could hit that subscribe button on iTunes or whatever app you're using. The more of you that subscribe and give me a...


HC083 - How To Seduce Your Woman Every Day

Most men think that once you get a GF it's all over and you just run out the clock until death. Dating, pickup, seduction etc. is easy - it's being in a relationship that is hard work. You get bored, things become monotonous, it can feel like groundhog day, you take each other for granted, you get annoyed at the tiniest of things, bicker over dumb shit, and ultimately you both lose sight of the big picture as you get stuck in the trenches of the battle of life. This is where most guys...


A Quickie With Brett - Episode 22

Fact: You currently have the life you’re willing to put up with. Let's discuss this. Buy The Book: "Un-F*ck Yourself" By Gary John Bishop:


HC082 - The Big Butts Episode

Is this episode about "Butt's" or "Buts"? Better listen to find out. THANKS FOR LISTENING Thanks for listening to the Honest Casanova Podcast. It would mean a lot to me if you could hit that subscribe button on iTunes or whatever app you're using. The more of you that subscribe and give me a review and a 5-star rating, the more men I can reach and help. If you're terrified of rejection, make sure you grab my guide called "rejection proof" just go to If...


A Quickie With Brett - Episode 21

Why you should be the dumbest and fattest in the room.


HC081 - Fuck Like A Champion

How do you give a woman the night of her life, and make her want to come back for more? Well... you've got to learn how to fuck like a champion. Dave Perrotta ( is back today as we talk about his new book "The Hook Up Handbook: 28 Fundamentals to Keep Her Coming Back for More." ( IF you want to give women the best sexual experiences, then this is the episode for you. LINKS: Book: The Hook Up Handbook: 28 Fundamentals to Keep Her Coming Back...


A Quickie With Brett - Episode 20

Why you should aim lower.


HC080 - (Q&A) What Is Growing Yourself?

Hey guys! It’s time for a Q&A. Here are today's questions: What is growing yourself? Do you have any practical recommendations? Does dressing nice, grooming, taking care of your skin etc make women more attracted to you? How do I get over feeling bad about how I look? THANKS FOR LISTENING! Thanks for listening to the Honest Casanova Podcast. It would mean a lot to me if you could hit that subscribe button on iTunes or whatever app you're using. The more of you that subscribe and give me...


A Quickie With Brett - Episode 19

Today I answer a typical question and complaint from men all around the world. Enjoy.


HC079 - Screw Perfection

If you're wanting everything to be "perfect" or are waiting for the "right moment" then this is for you. Perfectionism is usually just a cover for a fear of vulnerability, so I figured I'd do a #Yolo episode to get you men out of your heads and into action. Raw. Unedited. Kind-of-a-shitfight. Perfectly imperfect. Enjoy. THANKS FOR LISTENING! Make sure you check out today’s sponsor SCENTBIRD ( and put in the code ‘HONEST25’ for 25% off your first purchase. Thanks for...


A Quickie With Brett - Episode 18

Taking control of your life: What it means to, how to, and why it is so important.


HC078 - What Makes A Man Ugly

"Women don't like me because I'm ugly!" I hear this excuse all the time. It drives me nuts. Sure, looks count, but nowhere near as much as what you think. Most times I find the men that complain are using this shortcoming as an excuse so they don't have to confront what they really need to work on instead. There is no point in me telling you my thoughts on ugly dudes doing well with women over and over, so I decided to get Jade back on the podcast and get her perspective on what actually...