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Our podcast is all about the intersection of scholarship and practice in the "ShakesBubble," with a dash of Millennial sass.

Our podcast is all about the intersection of scholarship and practice in the "ShakesBubble," with a dash of Millennial sass.
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Our podcast is all about the intersection of scholarship and practice in the "ShakesBubble," with a dash of Millennial sass.






Season 2, Episode 19: Henry VIII 101

We're kicking off the January of Sh*tty Plays with (arguably) the worst of them all, Henry VIII. But fear not, because we've brought on intrepid director, playwright, and all-around good egg, Merlyn Q Sell, to hold our hands and tell us why this play might be worth re-examining. The Rhetorical Device of the Week is isocolon; Merlyn's Burbage Break examines the disparate ways characters refer to the King and the Queens in Henry VIII; we summarize the play for you in record time; we've got...


Season 2, Episode 18: Troilus & Cressida 101

The incomparable Molly Seremet returns to get us through Jess's least favorite play in the whole canon, Troilus and Cressida. (#Blessed) The Rhetorical Device of the Week is synecdoche; Molly's Burbage Break is all about the metonymic space of tents in this play (#metonymicspaces); we talk about the weirdness and cynicism of this strange, unclassifiable play and some of its print and production history; the ShakesBubble Gossip includes plans for a bachelorette party (#bejealous); and our...


Season 2, Episode 17: Richard II 101

Buckle your seatbelts and get your knowledge holes ready, because this week we dive deeeeeep into Richard II (you know, the *other* famous Richard). We also take a quick detour into Spanish translations to learn how to say a very *particular* phrase...the Rhetorical Device of the Week is anadiplosis (and anadiplosis is the device this week #anadiplosis); the Burbage Break is all about the re-gender vs. cross-gender casting debate; Jess Fails (royally) At Shakespeare; we review the nebulous...


Season 2, Episode 16: Cymbeline 101

We could not have asked for a better guest host, Mya L. Gosling, creator of "Good Tickle Brain" (aka your favorite stick figure Shakespeare webcomic) to help us unpack Cymbeline, the most complicated and ridiculous of Shakespeare's romance plays. The Rhetorical Device of the Week is epistrophe (and Jess finally gets to tell her dirty joke about it); the Burbage Break is all about the Deus ex Machina plot device; we actually manage to sumamrize the play in under 5 minutes (mostly because Mya...


Season 2, Episode 15: The Changeling 101

In The Changeling 101, we dive into the collaboration stylings of Middleton and Rowley, the early modern version of Justin Timberlake and Timbaland. We bring back our segment, Meet the Contemporaries, to give you quick and dirty biographies of the two authors; the Rhetorical Devices of the week are onomotopoeia and oxymoron; Jess plays a round of Line Roulette; we tell you about a few current production projects in our Gossip segment; and we let you know who from last week's #DickBracket -...


Season 2, Episode 14: Othello 201

This week we sit down with brilliant guest Dr. Paige Reynolds to talk about a few topics relating to Desdemona and the things that happen to her after she's dead. We also revisit the rhetorical device of paralipsis, brought to you by Iago, the Master of Paraliptic Manipulation. Paige sticks around to weigh in on our new 201 feature, "How To Grad School" to give some advice about publishing, and this week's #DickBracket match up betweek Othello and Angelo. Thanks for joining us, Paige!


Season 2, Episode 13: Doctor Faustus 101

This week we turn our attention once again to the works of Christopher Marlowe (aka the Early Modern Becky with the Good Hair) and his satanic masterpiece, Dr. Faustus. The Rhetorical Device of the Week is asyndeton; we (re)introduce you to Marlowe in our Meet the Contemporary segment in lieu of a Burbage Break; we play another round of Jess's Students Say Smart Things; we drop some smokin' hot goss; and reveal the winners in our final match up of Round One of the #DickBracket and preview...


Season 2, Episode 12: Measure for Measure 101

The issues in Measure for Measure are so topical right now, it's insane. Good thing we unpack it for you in this 101 episode! The Rhetorical Device of the Week is antithesis; our Burbage Break is all about early modern marital pre-contracts (aka why Anne Hathaway was 3 month pregnant when she and Shakespeare married and everyone was cool with it); Jess debunks the theory about the Duke character being an avatar for King James I; and Aubrey and Jess argue over whether you should like any of...


Season 2, Episode 11: Merry Wives 101

If you're looking for a classic "bottle episode" (to borrow TV parlance) in the Henry IV tetralogy, look no further than The Merry Wives of Windsor. The Rhetorical Device of the Week is anaphora; Jess dispels some common myths surrounding this play in the Burbage Break; Aubrey plays a round of Line Roulette that takes a sharp turn into a really weird place; and we pose our final two match ups for Round 1 of the on-going #DickBracket competition. Also, #sorrynotsorry, but this is a terrible...


Season 2, Episode 10: Richard III 301

Super-Amazing-Lady Academic-Extraordinaire Dr. Lindsey Snyder joins us to talk about Richard III and her work as an ASL interpreter for our very first 301 episode! 301 episodes are all about lenses of interpretation applied to a play, so Lindsey dishes about her 2014 production of Richard III which featured three deaf actors, the discoveries she and her cast made during that process, and her process as an American Sign Language interpreter for numerous Shakespeare plays. She also weighs in...


Season 2, Episode 9: The Malcontent 101

Welcome to the mysterious misadventures of Marston's Malcontent! This week we feature Shakespeare's contemporary, John Marston, and his befuddling masterpiece, The Malcontent. We won't even mention this week's Rhetorical Device (paralepsis); we tell you everything you might ever want to know (and some things you may not want to know) about Marston in our Meet the Contemporary segment; we summarize this convoluted play and then unpack it as best we can in our Tips and Tidbits; we deliver the...


Season 2, Episode 8: As You Like It 201

In this 201 episode, week we go narrow and deep on a few topics related to As You Like It (like what 19th century romantic critics had to say about the play's main characters - except Orlando, for some reason - and the moment when the play's lovers, Rosalind and Orlando, transition between verse and prose and why it matters). We revisit - or rather, recollect - or, to thy better understanding, review! - the Rhetorical Device of #Epanorthosis. We also premiere a new feature of 201 episodes:...


Season 2, Episode 7: King John 101

This week we delve into the world of King John and the OG Plantagenets - the dysfunctional family that started it all! The Rhetorical Device of the Week is catachresis; the Burbage Break excoriates the so-called "authorship question" (#NOTaquestion); Aubrey fails at Shakespaere; and we reveal the new eliminations and match-ups in our on-going #DickBracket competition. All this and more in this week's episode!


Season 2, Episode 6: Jew of Malta 101

This week we're talking about one of Christopher Marlowe's earliest hits, The Jew of Malta! When we introduce one of Shakespeare's contemporaries we forego the Burbage Break in favor of "Meet the Contemporary" and give you a little biographical and canonical information about the featured playwright. The Rhetorical Device of the Week is meiosis (yes, that's also a vocab word from your biology class); we summarize the story of Barrabas, the Jew of Malta, for you in less than five minutes; in...


Season 2, Episode 5: Q1 Hamlet 101

SURPRISE! We have a Super Special guest this week, Molly Seremet! Molly helps us unpack Q1 Hamlet (aka the shorter, better Hamlet) and why some still insist on calling it the "Bad Quarto." The Rhetorical Device of the week is hypallage; the Burbage Break is all about Q1's stage directions; Molly plays a round of Line Roulette and we discuss two more pairings in our Dick Bracket elimination. All that and SO. MUCH. MORE. Enjoy!


Season 2, Episode 4: 1 Henry VI 101

We're taking it aaaaaalllllllll the way back to the 15th century to the start of the War of the Roses with 1 Henry VI 101 (aka the play with Joan of Arc and the guys who pluck the roses). The Rhetorical Device of the Week is apostrophe; the Burbage Break is all about Holinshed's Chronicles; we review the Plantagenet family tree to refresh your memory before the summary and our tips and tidbits include a little bit of authorship studies and practical production concerns. Jess plays Line...


Season 2, Episode 3: Early Modern D*ck Bracket Draft

This week we break tradition to try out something new! After a dust-up on Twitter about which character should claim the title of "Biggest Dick" (read: biggest douchebag) in the early modern canon, Jess and Aubrey made a list of 72 contenders. In this episode, we narrow that list down* to 32 early modern a*holes of the highest degree; each week in Season 2 we will narrow the list (with your help!**) until there is only one Dick left standing. Stay tuned! *To see our official brackets from...


Season 2, Episode 2: Richard III 201

This week we go narrower and deeper into the text of Richard III to discuss why there's so much symploce (#RhetoricalDeviceRevisited) all over the place, why Colley Cibber thought he knew better than Shakespeare, and why Richard both hates and fears the women in his life. All that and some "Dicky-centric" ShakesBubble Gossip coming at ya to round out the episode. Here's the list of productions we referenced in today's episode: Muse of Fire Theatre Company, Evanston, Illinois, August...


Season 2, Episode 1: Comedy of Errors 101

We're baaaaaaack from summer vacay and with double the action! In our first episode of Season 2, Jess and Aubrey explore the twists and turns of twinsie-town, The Comedy of Errors! The Rhetorical Device of the Week is zeugma; the Burbage Break is all about the early modern fascination with - you guessed it - TWINS; we introduce a robot variation of our "___ Fails at Shakespeare" game; and we attempt to summarize the play and deliver our trademarked deep insights while drinking chardonnay...


Mid-Summer Mini-sode 003: The Athiest's Tragedy

In which Jess tells Aubrey all about The Athiest's Tragedy, a little-known early modern play she read in preparation for her PhD exams. It's wild, you guys. #graveyardsnogging