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From IVY: The Social University, comes The IVY Podcast — life-changing advice from the most inspiring thought leaders shaping our world today. With exclusive conversations covering entrepreneurship, the arts, policy, social impact, and more, The IVY Podcast is your hub for lifelong education and inspiration. New episodes every Wednesday. For more information about the IVY community, and to attend live events near you, visit

From IVY: The Social University, comes The IVY Podcast — life-changing advice from the most inspiring thought leaders shaping our world today. With exclusive conversations covering entrepreneurship, the arts, policy, social impact, and more, The IVY Podcast is your hub for lifelong education and inspiration. New episodes every Wednesday. For more information about the IVY community, and to attend live events near you, visit
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From IVY: The Social University, comes The IVY Podcast — life-changing advice from the most inspiring thought leaders shaping our world today. With exclusive conversations covering entrepreneurship, the arts, policy, social impact, and more, The IVY Podcast is your hub for lifelong education and inspiration. New episodes every Wednesday. For more information about the IVY community, and to attend live events near you, visit




#132: What Happens Now? Reinvent Yourself as a Leader Before Your Business Outruns You with John Hillen

John Hillen, a business professor, former Assistant Secretary of State, and former U.S. Army officer, joins IVY to discuss how leaders must grow along with their companies. In this talk, he identifies the common stalls or warning signs to look out for and provides the tools necessary for overcoming them. Through his work with hundreds of leaders and organizations, he has taught members how to combat these challenges by radically changing their mindset, behaviors and skills to reinvent...


#131: Existential Entrepreneur: Navigating the Emotional Roller Coaster of Business with Pierson & Peter Krass

In this episode of the IVY Podcast, father-son duo Pierson and Peter Krass join an IVY Ideas Night for an honest conversation about the emotional hurdles of the entrepreneurial experience such as the failure, stress, anxiety and depression that professionals can struggle with. The pair then provided members with the best practices to operate at an optimal level emotionally, mentally, and physically, all based on wisdom and research from interviews with top entrepreneurs, researchers, and...


#129: Brotopia: Breaking Up The Boys' Club of Silicon Valley with Emily Chang | Presented by smartwater

Emily Chang, a Harvard University graduate and five time regional Emmy award winning journalist currently working as Bloomberg Technology’s anchor and executive producer, joins IVY to discuss her new book Brotopia. An exposé into how Silicon Valley’s sexist, aggressive, and misogynistic culture creates an environment where women are subject to toxic workplaces and sexual harassment despite the utopian ideals and moral high ground that the Valley claims to hold. In her book, she continues...


The Experiential Era: The Future Trends of Brand Marketing with Dominic Sandifer

In this episode of the IVY Podcast, Dominic shares his rich insights and experiences in the world of experiential marketing, discussing the relationship between content, media, and audience engagement in the era of branded entertainment.


#127: Design Through Choice with Designer Simon Collins

As the former Dean of Parsons School of Fashion and founder of the Fashion Culture Design “Unconference,” Simon Collins is a renowned fashion expert with extensive industry knowledge working with brands like Polo Ralph Lauren, Zegna, and Nike. In this episode of The IVY Podcast, Simon sits down with IVY’s Arts & Culture Director, Phil Chan, to discuss the notion of beauty, how to design the life you always wanted, and the role design plays in nearly all aspects of culture.


#126: Geoengineering the Climate with Harvard Professor David Keith

David Keith has some big ideas for the planet. A Professor of Applied Physics at Harvard, David is leading a team of researchers focused on the science and public policy of solar geoengineering, a field that yields innovative ways to manipulate our environment. David and his colleagues believe that solar geoengineering can go a long way toward mitigating the effects of climate change. In this episode of The IVY Podcast, David offers his insights on the technologies, risks, experiments,...


#125: Ahead of the Curve: How to Solve Future Problems with Visionary Solutions ft. Chris Gladwin, Founder and CEO

Chris Gladwin knows how to stay ahead of the curve. His digital music distribution service, MusicNow, launched five years ahead of iTunes and over a decade prior to Spotify. His tablet came out twenty years before the iPad, just as his company Cleversafe, a cloud storage company, burst onto the scene well before “cloud” technology became a trendy topic. Now, Chris and his new company, Ocient, are building solutions for data-analytics problems that companies will face a few years down the...


#124: The Fox Hunt: One Refugee’s Miraculous Escape to Freedom with Activist & Author Mohammed Al Samawi

As extremist groups surrounded his apartment in Aden, Yemen, Mohammed Al Samawi made a last-ditch appeal for help from his Facebook network. Amazingly, over the course of two weeks, four near-strangers devised a daring mission to lead him to safety — an improbable journey that spanned six technological platforms and ten time zones. Al Samawi shares his moving story in the new book The Fox Hunt, which was picked up last year for a film adaptation by La La Land producer Marc Platt and the...


#123: The Future of Solar Technology with Climate & Energy Expert Varun Sivaram

Energy is a hot topic and a critical issue in politics, business, and society at large. And it doesn’t look like this will be changing any time soon. On the forefront of this discussion is clean energy, and, particularly, the rise of solar-powered technology. To get a better understanding of why this is the case and what that means for our world, we held a conversation on The Future of Solar Technology with climate and energy expert Varun Sivaram. Varun authored the recent book, Taming...


#122: BaubleBar Co-Founder Daniella Yacobovsky on How to Build a Booming Startup

Daniella Yacobovsky, the co-founder of the rapidly growing e-commerce company BaubleBar, is transforming the way women shop for jewelry and accessories. With its “fast fashion” approach to women’s jewelry, BaubleBar provides its customers with on-trend products at an affordable price. Evidently, it’s working: Daniella and her co-founder, Amy Jain — who both come from investment banking backgrounds — raised $20 million in funding during their Series C round in 2016. The two have been...


#121: The Courage Solution: How to Bring Your True Self to Work with Best-Selling Author Mindy Mackenzie

IVY held a conversation in Chicago with Mindy Mackenzie, the highly accomplished speaker, CEO advisor, and author of the new book The Courage Solution. This is our second conversation with Mindy as part of a larger series on the power of authenticity in the workplace. Mindy, who oversaw Beam’s $16-billion acquisition by Japan’s Suntory Holdings in 2014, talks about how to bring your true self to work, speak unpopular truths, and engage in every aspect of your business.


#120: The Data-Driven Leader: How to Deliver Breakthrough Business Results with Jenny Dearborn, Chief Learning Officer at SAP

Jenny Dearborn is the Chief Learning Officer at the software giant SAP and has been recognized as “one of the 50 Most Powerful Women in Technology.” She believes that being data-oriented leads to more than just success in the marketplace — it fosters better leadership and creates happier organizational structures. Drawing on insights from her latest book, The Data Driven Leader, Jenny discusses how we can use data to solve important leadership challenges and overhaul work cultures for the...


#119: The Perils of Empathy: How to Make Ethical Decisions with Yale Professor Paul Bloom

In this episode of The IVY Podcast, we talk to Paul Bloom, a Yale University professor of psychology and cognitive science. Bloom calls into question our culture’s current focus on empathetic thinking and argues that it distorts our judgment in every aspect of our lives.


#118: How to Find Your Co-Founder, Fundraise, and Scale a Business with Plated CEO Josh Hix

The Harvard Business School Class of 2010 graduated in the midst of the worst economic crisis in the United States since the Great Depression. These students realized they'd have to take matters into their own hands to tackle the problems they wanted to solve. In the years since, they've generated the most successful cohort of startups Harvard Business School has ever seen, including IVY. Now, IVY is talking with these founders and entrepreneurs to hear how they managed to emerge from the...


#116: How to Be a Great Leader: The Power of Authenticity with Best-Selling Author Mindy Mackenzie

Mindy Mackenzie has walked the walk: as the Chief Performance Officer of Beam, she oversaw the company’s $16-billion acquisition by Japan’s Suntory Holdings in 2014. Widely regarded as the “Velvet Hammer,” Mindy was known for being a highly effective executive, but one who led her team with compassion and empathy. Now, as a coveted executive advisor and the bestselling author of The Courage Solution, Mindy joined IVY for a discussion on courageous leadership. Among other questions,...


#115: Why Our Decisions Get Derailed & How We Can Stick to the Plan with Francesca Gino

The following discussion features Harvard Business School Professor, behavioral scientist, and IVY Thought Leader, Francesca Gino. Gino’s groundbreaking research focuses on judgment and decision-making, and is richly explored in her recent book, Sidetracked: Why Our Decisions Get Derailed, and How We Can Stick to the Plan. Gino joined IVY to discuss the psychological reasoning behind why we struggle to hold onto certain decisions, and how to actually best reach our intended goals.


#114: How to Create a More Joyful Life with Equinox Founder Lavinia Errico

In this episode, we speak with Lavinia Errico, the visionary founder of Equinox Fitness Clubs and the “Inside/Out” movement. A nationally acclaimed fitness and wellness entrepreneur, Errico offers sage advice on topics ranging from entrepreneurship and leadership to nutrition, self-awareness, and emotional balance. As a sought-after consultant and angel investor in diverse startups, Errico inspires individuals and organizations with her unique, disruptive take on how to create a more...


#113: Navigating the News in a Divided America with Miami Herald President, Alexandra Villoch

Press and media outlets are scrutinized as much as the subjects they cover, perhaps now more than ever. With the rise of social media and other forms of mass communication, these organizations are having to rethink the way they operate, and just as importantly, the way they tell the news. We hosted a conversation with Alexandra Villoch, the Miami Herald Media Company’s President and Publisher, to navigate the ins and outs of today’s shifting media landscape. Alexandra touches on such...


# 112: Facebook Co-Founder Chris Hughes on Income Inequality

Through the rocket ship rise of Facebook, Chris Hughes — one of the now-fabled roommates of Mark Zuckerberg who helped bring it to life — came to understand how a select few can become ultra-wealthy nearly overnight. In this episode of The IVY Podcast, we hear Chris’ story — from co-founding Facebook to leading Barack Obama’s digital organizing campaign for President — and his thoughts on how the same forces that made Facebook possible have made it harder for everyone else in America to...


#111: Inclusivity: How to Empower Diverse Teams ft. Head of Inclusion and Diversity at Lyft, Tariq Meyers

Today, more than ever, companies like Lyft are striving to become better organizations that reflect the population and communities they are serving. In this episode of The IVY Podcast, we hosted a conversation with Lyft’s Head of Inclusion and Diversity, Tariq Meyers, about how to empower diverse teams that create a culture of belonging. Throughout the conversation, Tariq illuminates just what it means to be truly inclusive, and the role each of us can play in making this happen.