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Bringing the world philosophy from the farm. The Intellectual Agrarian Podcast features interviews with various farmers and agrarians, offering their perspectives on life and the world.

Bringing the world philosophy from the farm. The Intellectual Agrarian Podcast features interviews with various farmers and agrarians, offering their perspectives on life and the world.
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Bringing the world philosophy from the farm. The Intellectual Agrarian Podcast features interviews with various farmers and agrarians, offering their perspectives on life and the world.




T. Time 09 - Autumnal Updates

Hello everybody! Today's T. Time is a little different, it's a update episode where I share with you all the latest going on with the Podcast and my life. Our YouTube Channel:


39 - Micro-Speed/Macro-Patience | Micheal Bell - Dallas Half Acre Farms

Our guest today is Michael Bell from Dallas Half-Acre Farm, he’s an urban farmer in, you guessed it, Dallas Texas. Today we’ll be discussing the challenges and benefits of growing vegetables in Texas, how Mike got involved in farming, physical training and so much more. Show Notes: The start, learning the process is the toughest part, it gets easier the more you figure out the system a methodologyMike bought his farm property with $7,500.00, and $400.00The income from the farm has gone...


T. Time 08 - Community Supported Ideas

Nature operates in an ecology, a system of multiple levels of living organisms that work together to create a functional and productive environment. Our ideas need similar ecologies to thrive and improve through creating layers of competing and encouraging groups.


38 - Starting Small Scale | Tom Domres - Small Scale Life

Have you thought about downsizing? Getting out of the rat race to focus on what matters? Perhaps start a garden. Our guest today is Tom Domres from the Small Scale Life Podcast, and together we’ll discuss what lead to the small scale life, gardening tips and ideas, how and why communities are important and so much more. The Grocery Bag- How to leave a review on iTunes - Show...


37 - Local Processing | Ted LeBow - Kitchen Table Consultants

Today’s guest is Ted LeBow from Kitchen Table Consultants, a business consulting firm that focuses on helping farming and food related enterprises. With Ted we’ll be talking about his first business venture, a farm, what kind of work KTC does, and a dive into a report they produced with the Pennsylvania Association of Sustainable Agriculture on the state of meat processors in Pennsylvania for local farmers. Shownotes: Kitchen Table Consultants has different levels of consultants with...


36 - Organic Inspections | Margaret Scoles - IOIA

When you look at an Organic label, you may not know that someone had to visit the operation that made that product or raised that food. These humble people are the Organic Inspectors, and today we’ll be talking to Margaret Scoles executive director of the International Organic Inspectors association. She has been an Organic inspector for over thirty years and has recently been awarded the 2018 Growing Organic Industry award by the Organic Trade Association. Show Notes: Margaret worked her...


My Father's World #5 - Survivor: Poultry Edition

The story of my favorite chicken.


Lessons I've Learned Since Turning Twenty

Sharing an article I wrote for my birthday last week, originally published on We hope you enjoy!


35 - The Fit Farmer | Mike Dickson - Big Pond Farm

Our guest today is Mike Dickson, the Fit Farmer from Big Pond Farm in North Carolina. Today we’ll discuss how Mike went from the fitness industry to farming, why ducks are more fun than chickens, how to improve your health and fitness, and so much more. Shownotes: Big Pond farm is 10 acres but uses about 2 acres of it, with 1 acre as the Pond and 1/3 acre market garden.They also raise chickens, ducks, and even a goose!They employee Australian shepherds to protect the poultry and keep deer...


34 - Cowbro Science | Garth Brown - Cairncrest Farm

Our guest today is Garth Brown from Cairncrest farms in Winfield New York, and together we’ll be discussing what lead him and his brother to start farming, experimenting with Cowbro Science, agrarianism in todays culture and much more, so don’t miss this episode with Garth Brown. Shownotes: Cairncrest farm is located in near Cooperstown NYThe farm raises 100% beef, and pastured pork and poultryPasture based on certain realities based on the location of where the farm is in New York,...


T. Time 07 - Resource Relationships

In episode 29 we interviewed Noah Sanders from Rora Valley Farms, and author of Born Again Dirt. In the interview he shared what I now consider as one of my favorite saying, “Resources come from right relationships.” The context of the conversation was discussing taking care of your customers and the importance of the people in your daily life. Not only is it a phrase that eloquently passes off the tongue, but it’s an insightful look at how the world truly works and a powerful mindset for...


33 - Primal Pastures | Paul Grieve - Pasturebird

My guest today is Paul Grieve from Primal Pastures and Pasturebird, we’ll discuss how he got involved in farming, how they started, how they define Primal, their work with the Billion Dollar Buyer and so much more. Show Notes “Primal” is the starting point for the food and it’s consumption.The farm started with Paul’s brother in law ordering 50 chicksThe foundation of the farm is pasture based.Within three weeks of posting about the chickens on Facebook, all 50 chicks had been sold.To...


My Father's World 04 - Jungle Man

Are they weeds, or a jungle of adventure?


32 - Craft Beef | Joe Heitzeberg - Crowd Cow

Good food, unlike good help, is becoming increasingly easier to find. Our guest today is helping make it easier to get quality craft-beef delivered right to your home. Joe Heitzeberg is the co-founder of CrowdCow, an online platform that connects customers with farmers to “crowdfund” buying beef. Today we’ll discuss where the idea came from, how it works, what Joe’s learned about farming along the way and so much more. Be sure to enjoy this episode with Joe Heitzeberg. Get The Grocery Bag...


31 - Preserving History | Jonathan Nelson - The Wisconsin Historical Society

Have you ever found yourself wondering what you’ll leave behind? As the saying goes, you can’t take it with you, but it might be worth archiving, or something like that. Our guest today is Jonathan Nelson, a collections development archivist with the Wisconsin Historical society. He also has the privilege of working with the collection recording the history of Organic and Sustainable agriculture. Today we’ll discuss how Jonathan became an archivist, what the job entails, how archives work,...


T. Time 06 - Food For Thought

Food is is the real secret agent in our lives, constantly there, listening in on most of our conversations.


Mother - The True Gardener

Some quick thoughts on Mother's Day 2018


30 - The Lean Farm | Ben Hartman - Claybottom Farm

Our guest today is Ben Hartman from Claybottom Farm in Goshen IN, and author of The Lean Farm and The Lean Farm Guide To Growing Vegetables. Together we’ll discuss how he started farming, what lean thinking is, and how it became implemented on Claybottom Farm. Get the Grocery Bag: Show Notes: Claybottom farm is sustained on less than an acre of ProduceAll their producer is delivered within a mile of their farmThe goal of the farm is that every seed...


29 - Born Again Dirt | Noah Sanders - Rora Valley Farms

The act of farming frequently requires faith to see it through, our guest today is Noah Sanders, author of Born Again Dirt: Farming To The Glory of God. Today, we’ll discuss how he started farming, why he wrote Born Again Dirt, what having born again dirt means, and so much more. Get The Grocery Bag! - Show Notes Noah was introduced to farming through a copy of You Can Farm by Joel SalatinStarted farming in 2009 commerciallyFarming is a more civilized...


T. Time 05 - The Questions We Ask

We ask similar questions for most of our guests on the show, why does it matter?