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Bringing the world philosophy from the farm. The Intellectual Agrarian Podcast features interviews with various farmers and agrarians, offering their perspectives on life and the world.

Bringing the world philosophy from the farm. The Intellectual Agrarian Podcast features interviews with various farmers and agrarians, offering their perspectives on life and the world.
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Bringing the world philosophy from the farm. The Intellectual Agrarian Podcast features interviews with various farmers and agrarians, offering their perspectives on life and the world.




Special Announcement! - Show Update

Quick announcement! The Podcast is going on pause for the next couple of months. We love this show, and want to be able to put in the time it deserves. To do this means waiting until after the Inspection season finishes. The Podcast will resume on December 16th, 2019.


Suburban Farming | Josh Sattin - Sattin Hill Farm

Our guest today is Josh Sattin from Sattin Hill Farm from Raleigh North Carolina. Together we’ll be discussing the differences and challenges of suburban farming, how Josh became a farmer after teaching and brewing, why he gave up his ducks, and much more. Shownotes: Checkout more shownotes @


The Greatest Bond Villain Plot Ever

The greatest Bond Villain Plot of all time. It's fun one, happy Labor Day everybody! Tune in next week for another great interview.


Renew You Fitness and Finance | Tom and Julie Domres - Small Scale Life

Today we are joined by Tom and Julie Domres from Small Scale Life and Small Scale Gardening. Together we’ll be discussing their renew you initiatives in both fitness and finance, along the connections between those two important areas of life, we’ll also be discussing gardening, wicking beds and much more. Shownotes: Links and more notes and links:


Farmstreaming | Steven Cornett - Nature's Always Right

Our guest today is Steven Cornett from Nature’s Always Right in Lemon Grove California, together we’ll be talking about Steven’s latest farm experiments, the bootstrap farmer mastermind he attended, solitary bees, live-streaming on the farm and much more! Shownotes:


Digital Skills for Homesteaders | Jason Contreras

Our guest today is Jason Contreras from Sow The Land in Asheville North Carolina, together we’ll be discussing his transition from California Cubicle to Homesteading in North Carolina, the Mother Earth news fair, digital skills for homesteaders and much more. Connect With Jason Connect With The...


Consistency is Key | Scott Hebert - Flavourful Farms

Our guest today is no stranger to the show, Scott Hebert from Flavour Farms in Chilliwack British Columbia. Today, we talk with Scott about the expansion of his farm, getting back to martial arts, the compounding effects of consistency, building a tiny house, and much more. Show Notes Connect With Scott Connect With...


Grain by Grain | Bob Quinn - Big Sandy Organics

When we talk about Wheat, it’s easy to get as far as Gluten and stop the conversation. With all the talk about the one factor, we forget it’s not just a matter of gluten. As we’ll discuss today with our guest Bob Quinn from Big Sandy Organics in Big Sandy Montana, there’s more than gluten to the issue. Together, we’ll discuss how Bob became a pioneer in Organics, what Kamut ancient grain is, value subtracted food, reviving rural jobs, and much more. Show...


When I See a Dozen Eggs [+ Bonus Preview]

Recently, we published an article on Medium sharing what we see in a dozen eggs. Follow us on Medium to read more about food, farming, philosophy, and even film. Connect With The Show


Raw Milk in Illinois | Cliff McConville - All Grass Farms

Our guest today is Cliff McConville from All-Grass Farms in Barrington Illinois. Together we discuss how he started farming from a background in the insurance business, building his on-farm store, raw milk in the state of Illinois, and much more. It was a privilege to get to interview Cliff at his farm and an in-person interview, I hope you enjoy our interview with Cliff McConville. Show Notes


By The Shores of Silver Lake | Book Club [ + Bonus Preview]

Introducing a new feature which may or may not continue depending on your response, we’re going to talk about a favorite book of mine and I’m re-listening to on audio, By the Shores of Silver Lake by Laura Ingalls Wilder. Did you like book club? Let us know. Keep an eye on our social media for the next book club book. Connect With The...


A Decade of Local Food | John Des Rosiers - Inovasi

Hello everybody, we’ve got a special interview for you today. I had the opportunity to stop in at a favorite restaurant, Inovasi and interview owner and chef John Des Rosiers. With the 10th Anniversary of Inovasi, it was a great time to talk with John about what they are doing to celebrate the occasion, favorites on the menu, and a new project he’s started in Highland Park. It’s a great talk about local food, be sure to enjoy this interview with John Des...


Making The Case For Organic Certification | EcoFarmingDaily

Today’s a quick bonus episode to announce an article we published with Acres USA’s EcoFarmingDaily. It’s called, Making The Case for Organic Certification.


The Burden of Abundance | Brandon Sheard - Farmstead Meatsmith

The process of turning a live animal into dinner can be uncomfortable for many people, and not all methods of achieving it are equal. There are different ways and attitudes of going about forming your favorite cut of beef. Our guest today is going to talk about his approach. Brandon Sheard from Farmstead Meatsmith is joining us to discuss the attitude of harvesting an animal, how he choice butchering over academia, the myths of on-farm slaughter and much more. Today we don’t just dive...


Homestead Cooking | Jill Winger - The Prairie Homestead

We are joined today by Jill Winger, from the Prairie Homestead. She and her family pursue a lifestyle of modern homesteading on the wide-open prairies of Wyoming. She blogs at The Prairie Homestead where she encourages others to return to their roots, no matter where they live. Recently, Jill has also become the author of The Prairie Homestead Cookbook. Today we’ll be discussing how Jill started homesteading, dealing with blizzards, the success of her popular blog, the lost art of cooking...


The Ecology of Moving [Plus Bonus Preview]

As we've recently moved, we reflect on what changing ecologies mean and how to develop them. Buy a Mug! Support the Show!


Restoration Agriculture | Mark Shepard - New Forest Farm

Our guest today is Mark Shepard from New Forest Farm, author of Restoration Agriculture and founder of Restoration Agriculture Development. Mark was kind enough to take the time to talk with us during the 2019 MOSES Conference, where he was playing as a part of Synister Dane and the Cosmonauts. Together, we’ll be discussing the impact and legacy of Restoration Agriculture, the STUN Method on scale, pest control, Mark’s adventures homesteading in Alaska, and much...


From The Field | Curtis Stone - Green City Acres

Our guest today is Curtis Stone the farmer of Green City Acres. Curtis is a farmer, author, speaker and consultant. His area of expertise is in quick growing, high value annual vegetables for direct consumer market streams. Together, we’ll discuss a wide range of topics, discussing how he applies the Pareto Principle or the 80/20 rule on his farm, how that can provide a quality of life, virtue signaling in agriculture, trends in the future and much more. This was a great interview, we...


The Scent of Spring [+ Bonus Preview]

The excitement and anticipation of Spring, along with announcements and a preview of next weeks interview. Check out our interview on Small Scale Life! Ode To Audio - Medium Article


Organic Diversity | Nate Powell-Palm - Cold Springs Organics

One of the pleasures of producing this show and being involved in farming is to get to see people that bring a passion to their work of choice, to not only the agrarian work but the ideals that make Regenerative and sustainable labels mean something. Our guest today is such an individual, Nate Powell-Palm from Cold Springs Organics, raising Organic beef and grains on his diversified operation in Bozeman Montana, and is additionally an Organic Inspector. Today we’ll be talking to Nate about...