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Episode 34 – Free Q+A Tuesday

In this week’s episode, we dive into the Mailbag for the Free Q & A Tuesday! This is where I take questions from listeners and walk them through my through my thought process. If you’re new here, I have a Quiz that will help me send you a customized Guide on getting started with Lighting: FREE […]


Episode 33 – Lighting for Video (Part 1)

This week’s Episode I’m excited to dive in and discuss Lighting for a Video. I’ll break down the meanings of Color Temperature, Color Quality, and Histograms. Lighting News (1:15) This week in Lighting News, I wanted to share an article I read in the PLSN Magazine. Brad Schiller writes the Feeding the Machine segment and […]


Episode 32 – Free Q+A Tuesday

In this week’s Episode, we’re doing something a little different. As the Podcast gets bigger I am getting more and more questions about lighting. So, two weeks out of the month I want to focus on answering questions and helping my listeners. If you’re new here, I have a Quiz that will help me send […]


Episode 31 – How do I get started with LED tape and pixels?

In this week’s episode, we have some special guests from ENTTEC: Crystal and James. We break down the basics in Pixels, what you need, and how to use it. Main Segment (1:08) On this week’s Episode, we have special guests from Enttec: Chrystal and James. We’re going to cover the basics of how to get […]


Episode 30 – How Do I Decide What To Do With The Lights At Any Given Moment?

This week on Episode 30 we dive in on what you can with lights on stage. While you’re working with a live band or programming the show ahead of time what should you do with the lights? In this Episode, we’ll help guide you on how to approach certain songs and what to do with […]


Episode 29 – What is Dynamic Range in Stage Lighting?

This week on Episode 29 we dive into what is Dynamic Range and how you can use this on your stage. Plus! We have some great questions in our Mailbag that we will go over, you won’t want to miss this episode! If you learned something today or on a previous episode be sure to […]


Episode 28 – What Should I Program on the Faders and Buttons of My Lighting Console?

This week on Episode 28 we dive in on how to set up and program the Faders and Buttons on your Console. I’ll help you get started with some great tips on how to program your console. If you’re new here, I have a Quiz that will help me send you a customized Guide on […]


Episode 27 – How Do I Program Moving Lights?

This week on Episode 27 we dive in on how to program Moving Lights. So much has changed since I started working with moving lights and I want to share with you what I learned from the pros as well as some personal trial and error! If you’re new here, I have a Quiz that […]


Episode 26 – Using and Creating Your First FX

This week’s Podcast we dive into how to set up and create effects in your lighting! This basic framework will get you on your way whether you just started in lighting or you’ve done it for a while. If you’re new here, I have a Quiz that will help me send you a customized Guide […]


Episode 25 – How to Use Beam in your Lighting

This week’s Podcast we will be tying up the 4 Week Series on the IFCB Concept. We will dive in on the B = Beam and how you can use this to change your stage lighting. Lighting News! (1:20) This week in Lighting News: The cat is out of the bag! M-PC, which was previously […]


Episode 24 – What Colors Should I Use in My Lighting?

Main Segment This week’s Podcast we’re at Sweetwater’s GearFest in central Indiana and we have two special guests from ENTTEC. We’re going to dive in and talk about what colors to use in our lighting. I always enjoy talking to those who work with the manufacturer’s because they have great insight and information to share. Let’s […]


Episode 23 – How Do I Use Focus in my Lighting?

Main Segment The past couple of weeks we have been covering the 4 Letter Formula to Make Great Lighting Design: IFCB. Last week we covered the I = Intensity. If you missed last week’s podcast be sure to check it out: How Do I Use Intensity In My Lighting? F, in the 4 Letter Formula, stands […]


Episode 22 – How Do I Use Intensity In My Lighting?

Lighting News! This week we will discuss how to use and adjust Intensity to spice up your stage lighting! 4-Wall Expo: 4Wall Lighting hosted a Roadshow in Nashville, where I was introduced to some new lights and great equipment. 4Wall offers Lighting and Video Rental: Elation Pro Lighting has introduced a new Smarty Hybrid that […]


Episode 21 – The 4 Letter Formula I Use to Make Great Lighting Design

Lighting News! Earlier this week I read a great article by Brad Dureya about running audio with a tablet and the struggle of using wireless control. Wifi is a great tool but the consistency of the connection is not guaranteed. Brad goes into some tips and strategies for using WIFI and ways to prevent a mishap. […]


Episode 20 – What are the Rules to Designing Stage Lighting?

Lighting News! This week in the I have been working on the 30 Days to Become a Lighting Ninja Series so be sure to check out the videos on our Youtube Channel: Learn Stage Lighting YouTube Channel In Las Vegas, the Infocomm Trade Show is taking place! One of the announcements is the introduction of the Vista […]


Episode 19 – How Do I Visualize My Lighting on The PC?

Lighting News! This week in lighting news there wasn’t much that really caught my attention but I wanted to share with you a project I’ve been working on. On our YouTube Channel, we have a new video series, 30 Days to Become a Lighting Ninja. Be sure to check it out, subscribe, and let us […]


Episode 18 – How Do I Get Started Controlling Stage Lighting for Under $500?

Lighting News This week in lighting news we do have a grim story but it needs to be discussed. There were a couple of accidents in China and Brazil where trusses fell down during a live show. Unfortunately, some people were hurt and passed away. What I want to talk about is that if you’re […]


Episode 17 – How Do I get started controlling lights for less than $100?

Our Podcast is Growing! Thanks to our listeners sharing episodes the Podcast is growing and now reaching worldwide listeners! I know that some of my listeners have Podcasts of their own and I found a great tool that helps me keep track of incoming reviews. Instead of having to check multiple websites for new reviews […]


Episode 16 – How Bright Does My Light Need to Be?

This week, we’re going to dive in to “how bright does your light actually need to be?” But first: Lighting News This week in lighting news: Grand MA3 has announced their new Executer Knob feature that will be coming out soon. The Executer Knob is located above each Fader. This gives you the ability to have a second […]


Episode 15 – Getting in the Atmosphere – What are Haze, Fog and Faze, and When Do I Use Them?

Lighting News This week I don’t have any recent news that caught my attention. But I do want to share with you a few websites that I like to check out for the latest in the Lighting Industry. Check out the industry magazines below: These are some great magazines to subscribe to […]