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How working on large stages is easier and harder than small stages

Easier – You’re not crammed for space. You have more surfaces/air to shine lights upon. FOH control areas typically can be as large as you need. You typically have more “layers of light” to work with. Harder – Your legs HURT after a long day! You need more lights to produce the same effect. Programming […]


What Software Should I Use to Control LED Pixels?

I’ve talked before about different pieces of software or consoles that you can use to control LED pixels – but which one is the right one for you? Notes/Links: Previous Episode on Pixel control: ENTTEC ELM ONYX Grab your free guide to begin with lighting!


How Do You Build Reusable LED Pixel Set Pieces?

Don’t forget to download your FREE guide to begin with lighting at: In this episode, David discusses topics such as: What considerations should you take when you want to reuse custom LED pixel set pieces? Why I don’t love LED tape. Wally’s Lights ($10 Off Your First Purchase Through This Link!) Wired Watts Boscoyo […]


Should You Use Playback Buttons or Faders for Your Cues? How Many Cues Should You Have On a Playback?

Don’t forget to download your FREE guide to begin with lighting at: In this episode, David discusses topics such as: What is a Cue? What is a Playback? What is a Submaster? What about Pages? How Do You Decide Whether to Put a Cue on a Fader vs. a Button What about virtual faders […]


3 Types of Console Setups for ANY Size Venue

Welcome to the Learn Stage Lighting Podcast and today we’re discussing three types of console setups that will work for any size venue. Main Segment (0:12) Choosing a Console For Different Venue Sizes David: What I wanted highlight today is some different options and what people might head for in different size venues. So at […]


How Do You Create a Truly Unforgettable Environment with Lighting?

Welcome to the Learn Stage Lighting Podcast and in today’s episode, Troy and I will be discussing how do you create a truly unforgettable environment with lighting? When reflecting on past events, there are some that really stand out in my memory and that’s what we’re going to unpack today. What made those events so […]


What is the Difference Between Cheap and Expensive Lights?

Welcome to the Learn Stage Lighting Podcast and this episode, we’re going to discuss the difference between cheap and expensive lights. Troy will be joining us again today and we’re excited to have his perspective on the topic. Main Segment (1:03) When someone asks you what is the difference between cheap and inexpensive lights, what […]


What Type of Moving Head Should I Buy? Spot, Wash, Beam, or Hybrid? With Guest Bob Mentele

Welcome to the podcast and episode 115. Today, we have a special guest Bob Mentele of Elation. Today, we’re going to discuss what type of moving head you should buy? Main Segment (0:10) David: As you might remember about 5 years ago we started hearing about hybrid lights and led to this question. How do […]


Should I Learn Multiple Lighting Consoles or Software?

Welcome to episode 114! It’s a new year, and it’s a good time to consider our goals for the upcoming year. Today’s topic is should or shouldn’t you learn multiple lighting console or software? First, if you are someone who is wanting to learn a specific console or software consider checking out Learn Stage Lighting […]


Why Should I Buy Name-Brand Lights vs. “From China”? What constitutes a “name brand”?

Welcome to the podcast and Episode # 113! Today. we’re going to discuss purchasing name brand name lights versus purchasing from China. As some people have experienced is buying a new brand, have issues, and the brand disappears within a year or two. I don’t want that for anyone and that’s why I think it’s […]


Why Do Lighting Designers Hate the Color Green? Is it Justified?

Thank you for joining us today for Episode 112 and during the series of why on the podcast today’s topic is about using green in lighting. If you’ve asked any lighting designers you may find a common theme that most of them do not like green in their lighting. Why is that and is it […]


Why Do I Talk SO much about getting an even wash of light on your stage? What are the exceptions?

Welcome to today’s show and in this episode we’re doing our Why segment. I wanted to start this segment with exploring various topics and asking the simple question, Why? Today, why do I talk so much about getting an even wash of light on your stage and what are the exceptions? Show Sponsorship (2:17) The […]


Why Use a Lighting Visualizer? With Guest Bob Mentele

Welcome to today’s episode! We have a special guest, Bob Mentele of Elations to discuss using visualizers and if that’s a tool you should consider. Let’s dive in! Main Segment (0:37) David: Today, we have with us Bob Mentele from Elations to discuss visualizers. Why should we use a lighting visualizer? There are a couple […]


Why Should You Use Lasers in Your Stage Lighting?

Welcome to Episode 109 and today, we’re going to discuss lasers and using them in stage lighting. While I covered lasers on our YouTube, I wasn’t able to cover as much as I would like to. So today, we’re going to go a little more into it. Show Sponsor (1:05) Today’s sponsor of this episode […]


Why Do So Many People Buy the GrandMA Console for Churches? Or Their Band? Or?

Welcome to the Learn Stage Lighting podcast, episode #108. Today, we’re kicking off our latest segment, Why? We’ll be covering topics, myths, and explore why certain things are set in stone in the lighting industry. Show Sponsorship (2:27) The sponsor of today’s show is Learn Stage Lighting Labs. If you’ve been listening for a while […]


Events for the “New Normal”

Welcome to episode 107 for the Learn Stage Lighting podcast. It’s been a bit since we’ve done an episode here and to be honest it’s been very busy! During this pandemic I’ve seen some production companies doing very well during these times while others are really struggling. If you happen to be one of the […]


COVID, Lighting for Video + More!

Welcome to episode # 106. Today we’re going to touch base on the effects of Covid-19, lighting for video, and how to make the most out of what you have. Lighting News (0:44) In the event world, everybody has really taken a blow with shows being canceled. Some have found different ways to utilize their […]


I’m late to the game…

Today’s podcast is episode # 105 and we’re taking a little throwback moment to an episode we aired almost 2 years ago! In this episode, we sit down with 2 different lighting professionals to talk about different colors, approaches, etc. I’d also like to mention the sponsor of the show, Learn Stage Lighting Labs. If […]


Getting in the Atmosphere – What are Haze, Fog and Faze, and When Do I Use Them?

This week is a “best of” – going back to episode 15 – which has a lot of really great information about Fog, Haze, the differences between the 2 and how to use them well. Whether this is your first time hearing it, or you’re refreshing yourself from a few years ago, I hope you […]


Why I (sometimes) hate black backdrops

Hello friends and welcome to Episode 103! Today, we’re going to have a good mixture of news, the show’s topic, and answering a few of your questions. Today’s sponsor of the show is Amazon. If you’re placing an order through Amazon, be sure to just follow this link before ordering. It doesn’t cost you any […]