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Mixture of advice and expert interviews to provide guidance on all of the common problems you face when doing a literature review.

Mixture of advice and expert interviews to provide guidance on all of the common problems you face when doing a literature review.
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Mixture of advice and expert interviews to provide guidance on all of the common problems you face when doing a literature review.




Podcast Episode 14: Is the Lit Review a Journey? With Aurélie Gandour

Is the Lit Review a Journey? So is the lit review a journey? The idea for this episode came from a post by Pat Thomson (who has also been on the podcast). She is always challenging the way we think about academic processes using metaphors and Aurélie saw many parallels between what Pat was saying about the PhD and the Literature Review. There are some great lessons to be learned from the way we think about the Lit Review and we discuss these in today's episode.


Episode 13: Rhetoric, structure and form with Ashley Kelly

In this episode I talk to rhetoric and writing expert Ashley Kelly on how to use form and rhetoric to convey a persusave argument. One of the best things I learned from this was how to give credibility to your writing, even as a complete beginner.


Episode 11: Purdue OWL Director Linda Bergmann talks Rhetoric and Writing Resources

In this episode (recorded live) I talk to Linda Bergmann who is the Director of the Purdue OWL. We learn all about what goes on behind the scenes at one of the best writing resources online. She also tells us how we can study just a little rhetoric to dramatically increase the impact of our written work.


Episode 10: Stylish Academic Writing with Helen Sword

Helen tells us how we can be more stylish in our academic writing.


Episode 9: Understanding and Improving with Liana M. Silva

Live recording with the literary chica herself Liana M. Silva. She is a graduate writing expert and knows A LOT about the technical aspect of writing. We all learned so much when we took part live, so here's the podcast for everyone at home. If you have any questions then please comment on the blog.


Episode 8: Live #PhDchat with The Thesis Whisperer Inger Mewburn

In this episode we discuss how to do a literature review from start to finish. As this was recorded live we got loads of interaction from people as we went along.


Episode 6 How to be more productive with Olga Degtyareva

Olga is a productivity machine. She's an incredibly successful academic, has a family, writes a blog and runs her own business. In this podcast she shares some of her productivity secrets.


Episode 5: You are a Professional Writer - Expert Interview with Pat Thomson

Pat Thomson delivers some amazing advice on how to write well. She is a total literature review legend and it was a pleasure to speak with her, I'm sure you'll find the info incredibly useful.


Episode 4: 30 day literature review challenges w/ Eljee Javier

Do you want to be more productive? Do you want to develop a new habit? Do you want to do this quickly? If you answer is yes then this is the podcast episode for you. In it, I talk to Eljee Javier who has mas made a habit of publishing her own 30 day challenges on her blog. Find out what it takes and how to use 30 day challenges to get your productivity to soar.


Episode 3: Be more productive with an accountability parter w/ Nicole Collier

Accountability is a great productivity technique. We tell other people our goals so that we are accountable to those people to achieve our goals. We feel guilty for letting other people down and we also get encouragement to spur us on. In this podcast episode I chat with Nicole Collier who has the amazing idea of having an accountability partner. I was intrigued when I first heard about this because I had no idea what an accountability partner was. Well now I do and I'm on the look out for...


Episode 2: Fallacious arguments with Don Lindsay

In this episode, I talk to Don Lindsay who has produced an amazing resource on his website about fallacious arguments. He describes how to recognise fallacious arguments and the common ones you are likely to encounter which will help improve your critical reading and writing.


Podcast Episode 1: Interview w/ Alexander Griekspoor - Inventor of Papers

I'm so excited about my very first podcast episode. I've been meaning to do this for a while now but I was a bit nervous about it. Then I noticed that Papers, the reference management software previously only for the Mac was also being released on Windows. I thought I'd give it a try and also contacted the inventor, Alexander Griekspoor for an interview. He was very obliging and we had a great chat.