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008: Finding Inspiration and a Summer Challenge

I found some inspiration last week - it really sparked a desire to look differently at my daily interactions and experiences and to let loose and just enjoy! And as a result, this episode is a little different. It's my first solo episode. It's been really hot the last couple of days, but what a difference a day makes. Yesterday, when I recorded this episode it was super warm in my house, we don't have central air (don't really need it for the few days a year it's scorching) but believe me,...


007: Virtual Learning Teams with Shelli Warren

Today we talk about virtual teams with my amazing friend Shelli Warren! Many instructional designers and learning developers work freelance, and often for more than one company at a time. This also means they may be virtual members of a learning project team. As a manager you may not need to hire permanent learning professionals for your projects. Instead, you may require a virtual learning team, or you may want to know how to find awesome virtual learning team members! As a designer and...


006: Personal Branding with Diane Diaz

Personal've likely heard or seen the phrase, but may not realize the impact it can have on both your personal life and your professional career. Taking care of your personal brand, and nurturing it can make the difference in getting that next promotion or new job. My friend Diane Diaz joins me to discuss the impact your personal brand can have on you and why we need to care about how we use social media. In this episode What is a personal brand what your brand says about you...


005: Becoming an eLearning Hero with Linda Lorenzetti

Have you ever wondered how you could become a superhero? Not a cape and spandex wearing hero, but a hero that creates amazing elearning solutions while solving enormous business problems without all cape wearing hype and pomp... Yes? Great this is your episode! Today we hear from a real elearning hero about her journey and how she became a real-life superhero in the Articualte eLearning Heroes Community. As a training manager, you may be wondering how you can FIND an elearning hero, and if...


004: Voice-Over Artistry and e-Learning with Josh Risser

Voice-over (VO) work is crucial for creating e-learning courses. It helps ensure your hearing-able audience is engaged so they can connect with the content. Josh Risser, a professional voice-over actor (who just happens to have done the voice work for the opening and closing of The Lounge Podcast), is on today’s episode to share tips on recording your own material, as well as insight into hiring voice-over talent if you are able to delegate the work. Josh began in training and development...


003: Personal Learning Networks with Cara North

In this episode, I'm joined by my friend Cara North to discuss personal learning networks (PLNs). Along with being a life-learner, Cara is passionate about personal learning networks and learning and teaching using social media. She defines for us what Personal Learning Networks mean to her, how she developed her network and what she does to cultivate it. Listen in while we talk about how easy it is to get started and what types of things you can learn. We build on some of the tips we got...


002: The Academic World of Adult Learning with Dr. Julie Dixon

Well here we are, It's time for the second full episode of The Lounge Podcast about the academic world of adult learning. I'm so glad you decided to join me, and to listen in on this conversation. I've got a cup of tea in my "SHHH...there's WINE in here!" mug. I put wine in it one time. If you see me with it, you can bet it will really be my old stand-by Canadian Breakfast tea. The mug is great though, isn't it? I picked this little gem up at Caroline Cellars Family Estate Winery. I...


001: Content Curation with Mike Taylor

Welcome to the very first episode of The Lounge Podcast with Jacqueline Hutchinson. I've got a tasty cup of coffee thanks to my Bestie Jenn, so I'm ready to jump right in. In this discussion, we chat about content curation. Content curation is a key to helping you collect, organize, use and share resources. Let's listen in to hear how you can elevate your content curation skills, and help your team with theirs. Jacqueline is pleased to chat with Mike Taylor. Mike specializes in crafting...


000: My Podcast Passion Project

So this is it! The obligatory podcast episode number 000! This is where I talk with you about what my goal for this podcast is and why I hope you’ll be come a loyal listener. What is this podcast all about? This podcast is my passion project. I hope that you, the instructional designer, learning developer, trainer, teacher, mentor, team lead, supervisor, manager and director – I hope you join me to discuss L&D today, the tools the tech, the philosophies... We’ll be talking about corporate...