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Heather Anderson (The Mommy Whisperer) is a mother, wife, educator, and Certified Life Coach specializing in parenting and relationships. She believes that motherhood is at the core of the success of humanity and that the family is only as healthy as the mother is. She is here to help inspire moms to be happier, more confident, and more fulfilled in their motherhood journey, which is the most important job in the world.


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Heather Anderson (The Mommy Whisperer) is a mother, wife, educator, and Certified Life Coach specializing in parenting and relationships. She believes that motherhood is at the core of the success of humanity and that the family is only as healthy as the mother is. She is here to help inspire moms to be happier, more confident, and more fulfilled in their motherhood journey, which is the most important job in the world.






Ep 41. New Year, Same You

In the new year, we always seem to hear the phrase New Year, New You. The new year is all about reinventing ourselves and setting aside who we are right now to become something even better. And although I do believe that personal growth and development and continually becoming something better than we were yesterday is a hugely important part of life, I believe it’s also important to love and accept ourselves along the way. So what if this year, we started out by deciding to really get to...


Ep 40. It's More Than Tradition

Family traditions mean so much more to your child than just family fun. These traditions help to create a sense of self, define who they are, and form deep connections with their family and their roots. They provide something steady, reliable and safe in a confusing world. Tune in for more on this and also for some great holiday tradition ideas from fellow listeners! Do you have questions or concerns about your child? Let me be your mom coach, if even for just 30 minutes. You might be...


Ep 39. Co-Parenting Through the Holidays

The holidays can be a stressful time for just about anyone, but if you’re a separated or divorced parent, adding that in on top of what you already have going on adds another level of stress. Now you have to navigate separate household schedules, extended family expectations, both parents wanting to spend as much time with your child as possible during this special time, along with all of the emotional stuff you still might be working through. Holiday co-parenting can be so tough. You are...


Ep 38. The Greatness of Gratitude

Expressing (and receiving) gratitude has even greater benefits than you might have known. Not only does it help us to create a more positive mental outlook, but it can enhance our physical and emotional health as well. There are so many studies that have been done about the benefits of gratitude, and I sum it all up for you here. With this new knowledge of the greatness of gratitude and how it can benefit us in our daily lives, I hope we bring these lessons to our children so that they can...


Ep 37. Children & Smartphones, Pt 2: Social Media

Being the first generation of mothers to parent the use of cell phones, we are just starting to learn the effects that social media is having on our children. Cyberbullying is part of it, yes, but a much larger part of it is the endless scrolling as our children sit there and compare themselves to others all day long. This simple act is causing our children's anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts to skyrocket. In this episode, I give you a few things you can do to help lessen the...


Ep 36. Children & Smartphones Pt. 1: Contracts

Have you ever thought about the fact that we are the first generation of parents to ever parent the use of cell phones? I think that deserves a badge of honor! In this episode, we talk about using cell phone contracts with our children. This is something you might want to consider if you don't already have one in place. Just like everything else in life we are expected to teach our children, the use of smartphones is no different. Your child will not automatically know how to use their...


Ep 35. Dinner Inspiration with Mel from Mel's Kitchen Café

Today I got to chat with a special guest, Mel, who is the founder and creator of one of my favorite food blogs: We covered A LOT in our short time together. Like, how to make dinnertime a little more meaningful; how to get your child involved in packing their school lunch; how to get your child in the kitchen more often; and an easy way to menu plan. I hope you will listen all the way to the end because I know that something we talk about will help you...


Ep 34. Toxic Positivity

Have you ever heard of Toxic Positivity? It's a hot topic right now and I give you everything you need to know about it--what it is, how to recognized it, the damage it can cause, and how to avoid it especially when parenting your child. I also talk about the benefit of really feeling your emotions and the importance of talking about them too! The best thing we can do to avoid being toxically positive (even with ourselves) is to start getting a little more comfortable with negative emotions...


Ep 33. Eat Your Live Frog First

Mark Twain’s brilliant advice is the topic of this podcast episode. Find out what this means and how it will help you and your whole family (once you teach it to them) find much more joy and contentment in each and every day. Do you have questions or concerns about your child? Let me be your mom coach, if even for just 30 minutes. You might be surprised how much we can figure out for you and your family in just 30 minutes. I would love to talk to you! Sign up for a 30-minute FREE coaching...


Ep 32. College Confidence with Laney Thompson

Do you have a child in high school? Or a child who will soon be going into high school? Then, this episode is for you. Tune in as I talk with my daughter, Laney, about how she was able to develop massive amounts of confidence in high school and how that is helping her as she is getting ready to go off to college. Confidence is key. It is the foundation of all great success and achievement. If we can figure out how to help our children to become more self-confident, so much more of the world...


Ep 31. Let the Eagle Go

Do you have a sort of preconceived idea or expectation of who you want your child to be or maybe become? I think just about every parent has big ideas about the kind of person their child will grow up to be. I did too. Join me as I share ideas of how important it is to learn about who your child is, and how to accept and love them unconditionally. You’ll be glad you did. And your relationship will probably start changing immediately…for the better. Get full show notes and more information...


Ep 30. Verbal Abuse with guest Patricia Evans

In this episode, we are joined by best-selling author Patricia Evans. She has written five books about verbal and emotional abuse, the most popular being: The Verbally Abusive Relationship. Join us for helpful information and insights, from the author herself, as we candidly discuss this problem that is becoming more widespread than ever. If you or someone you know might be suffering from a verbally abusive relationship, this is a must-listen! Please share with your friends and reach out if...


Ep 29. Marriage and the Horsemen

Today I am talking about the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and what in the world this has to do with marriage. This concept was introduced by Dr. John Gottman who has written books about how these certain communication styles, that he has named The Four Horsemen, if allowed to run rampant in a relationship, are lethal. They usually enter a relationship in a certain order, and if allowed to stay there, that marriage or relationship will most likely fail. I'm hoping this information will...


Ep 28. The Power of Genuine Praise

Today we are talking about how important your words of praise and encouragement are to your child. Praise is so good for your child’s confidence and sense of self. It also makes them want to repeat the behaviors you praised them for, usually. Praise really works. It’s what kids need. Watch your discouraged child start to change before your eyes. Although there are better ways than others to praise your child, which we talk about, I truly believe any praise is better than no praise at all....


Ep 27. Let's Play Music with Shelle Soelberg

In this episode, I had the privilege of interviewing the founder and creator of the Let’s Play Music program, Shelle Soelberg. I have become a huge fan of this program, which was created to teach full musicianship to young children, and I truly believe it the most amazing way to help foster your child’s inner musician. Be sure to stay tuned until the end, when Shelle shares with us some of the most poignant words of wisdom that will truly inspire you as a mother. Interested in learning...


Ep 26. The "I'm Bored" Solution

For some of us, the “I’m bored” phrase children like to use causes some anger and frustration. It’s difficult to listen to, especially when you feel very busy all the time; and kids who don’t have much responsibility complain of being bored! In this episode, I share three solutions to help you never have to hear that phrase again. Summer is a time to be enjoyed, so let’s try to make the best of it by busting that boredom! Want to change your teenager’s high school experience and future?...


Ep 25. The Beauty of the List

I am a believer of lists. I am also a believer that children can thrive with lists. Do you want to help your child get better organized in their daily routines? Do you want to stop feeling like you are nagging your child all the time to get things done? Join me in this episode as I share some valuable tips and tricks on how lists can help you free up so much time for yourself and also make your child’s whole day better. _______________________ Want to change your teenager’s high school...


Ep 24. What is a Mom Coach?

I get this question a lot. So, what is a mom coach? What exactly do you do? Is it like therapy or what? This is a great question that I’m going to answer fully today. ________________________________ Want to change your teenager’s high school experience and future? CLICK HERE to come to my Free Workshop: How to help your high school student earn college credits without changing schools or adding hours to their day. You can also access it on my website. Do you have questions or concerns...


Ep 23. The Code

Did you know that sometimes your child feels completely pressured to go somewhere or do something with a friend and that they absolutely don’t want to do? We might think that because they’re calling us or texting us to ask to go somewhere with their friend or stay longer at their house, that that is something they want to do. But a lot of times, it isn’t what they want; they just don’t know how to get out of a situation themselves. So this is when THE CODE works brilliantly. It is something...


Ep 22. Commando Parenting

Dr. Phil’s Commando Parenting is basically my 3 C’s of Successful Parenting method on steroids. If you have been suffering through temper tantrums, entitled behavior, and disrespectful attitudes with your child, you might want to try Commando Parenting. It worked for me and I want to give you some different ideas of how it could work for you, too. This is not for everyone, but it could be just what you’re looking for to shake up those dysfunctional behavior patterns. Want to change your...