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One primary school’s teaching for mastery journey

A discussion with the head of a Birmingham primary school, in an area of educational under-achievement, which, working closely with its local Maths Hub, embraced teaching for mastery in 2016. Show notes: Taking part in the discussion are: Helen Hastilow, Steve McCormack Find out how your school could work on teaching for mastery within the Maths Hubs programme here. The Maths Hub serving Birmingham is Central Maths Hub.


NCETM Primary Mastery Professional Development Materials

A discussion with the two lead editors of the PD materials, to help teachers and schools implement a teaching for mastery approach, being produced by the NCETM and Maths Hubs. Show notes: Taking part in the discussion are: Debbie Morgan, Clare Christie, Jo Creamer, Steve McCormack, The mastery professional development materials at the centre of this discussion can be found here on the NCETM website. Background information about the NCETM’s work in the area of teaching for mastery can be...


Mastery in Secondary School Maths

A discussion with two maths teachers, both heavily involved in the Maths Hubs project that is introducing teaching for mastery to secondary schools. Show notes: Taking part in the discussion are: Frances Carr, Simon Petri Steve McCormack, Find out how the programme has changed the classroom practice of some of Simon’s colleagues here. If you’d like to apply to become a secondary Mastery Specialist, find out how


Books that help maths teaching

A discussion where five teachers describe books—new and old—that have helped in their maths teaching. Show notes: Taking part in the discussion are: Martyn Yeo @martynyeoukBen Gordon @mathsmrgordonCraig Barton mrbartonmathsLaura Tullock mrs_tullockMary Pardoe PardoeMary


Continuity in fractions learning between Year 5 and Year 8

A discussion around how learning about fractions builds across the four transition years from KS1 to KS2, set in a context of a Maths Hubs national project looking at continuity of maths learning generally from Year 5 to Year 8. Show notes: Taking part in the discussion are: Nicki Ashton, Alison HopperRobert Wilne, Steve McCormack, You can find articles on the same theme as this podcast in two NCETM publications: Robert Wilne wrote about continuity in learning about subtraction in the...


Shanghai style lesson observation

How an English primary teacher had his maths lesson observed while in Shanghai, and how this style of group lesson observation and refinement is becoming (partially) replicated in Maths Hubs work in England. Show notes: Taking part in the discussion are: his accountNorth North West Maths HubIn mid-January, 2018 the second wave of primary teachers from Shanghai arrive in England as part of the ongoing England-China exchange programme. They will spend two weeks teaching maths to primary...