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The Nexus Podcast is your connection to the academics of tomorrow, brought to you by Thomas Jefferson University. The stories are powered by our University’s experts, students, and community.


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The Nexus Podcast is your connection to the academics of tomorrow, brought to you by Thomas Jefferson University. The stories are powered by our University’s experts, students, and community.






How the University’s global push could help bring Malawi its first-ever teaching hospital

Back in March, a group of nine students from the University’s College and Architecture and the Built Environment boarded a plane for a long trek to Malawi, a landlocked nation in southeastern Africa. Under the guidance of Chris Harnish – associate professor of architecture specializing in healthcare design – they spent two weeks meeting with high-ranking government officials, industry professionals and academic peers to get a better understanding of health design and infrastructure. In...


How a creative approach to humanities education sets Jefferson apart

Among the many things that set Thomas Jefferson University apart in the higher-education world is its approach of instilling the humanities – or Nexus Learning – across all undergraduate programs. This can be seen through the Hallmarks Program for General Education, Humanities and Health offerings for health sciences majors, and the JeffMD program. These skills are not only critical to employment success, but the backbone of a Nexus Learning approach bolstered by the merger between...


Live from East Falls, next-generation deejays bring campus radio back to the University

On a recent Tuesday afternoon at Raven Hub learning space, second-year students Corinn Mabry and Sofia Corcoran sat amid a group of 15 students to discuss the lofty challenge they’ve set before themselves. The duo is at the helm of a new student club dedicated to bringing a radio station (call letters: WPHU) back to Thomas Jefferson University. In this episode of the Nexus Podcast, Mabry, Corcoran and the club advisor discuss the lofty goal of bringing campus radio back to Jefferson. We...


Institute for Smart and Healthy Cities unites three colleges in cross-disciplinary effort

When the University's Institute for Smart and Healthy Cities launched in January 2021, it marked the start of a multi-college effort to advance the development of the urban environment through collaboration across the architecture, design, engineering, health and science disciplines. In April, the Institute announced the first round of Smart & Healthy Cities Fellowship Grants, which represent single-year seed funding to support transdisciplinary research on a variety of topics. For this...


No Cluck About it, Chicken Finger Thursday is the G.O.A.T.

When people visit the University’s East Falls campus on tours, they hear about it from the RAMbassadors. When students talk amongst themselves, the topic comes up. When alumni look back on their time at the University, it's amongst the most common memories. We’re talking, of course, about Chicken Finger Thursday, which is the mouth-wateringly popular highlight of the culinary schedule. For this episode of the Nexus Podcast, we compiled an oral history of the decade-plus-old dining-hall...


Thomas Jefferson University’s Fashion Design Film takes students from the runway into digital longevity

For more than 20 years, the Thomas Jefferson University’s annual fashion show was the “hot-ticket” event for the fashion-design program. Mirroring industry trends, the end-of-year showcase has evolved into a Fashion Design Film that highlights students’ design processes, inspirations and backstories. We speak with program director Farai Simoyi, dean Michael Leonard and a pair of students who discuss how this transition gives graduates a leg-up in an evolving future of work...


Breaking Down the Russia Invasion of Ukraine

Born in Russia, Thomas Jefferson University adjunct professor Aleksandr Kvasov has spent his professional life focusing on cross-cultural conflict resolution, peace psychology and global education. In this episode of The Nexus Podcast, he offers historical context to Russia's invasion of Ukraine, and discusses what it could mean in the future globally and locally. Social Channels: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:...


Designing for the Neurodiverse

At Thomas Jefferson University, a team of industrial-design students have teams up with the Center for Autism and Neurodiversity in an effort to create neurodiverse friendly chairs for the Specialty Care Pavilion. In this inaugural episode of The Nexus Podcast, we embedded with the “neurodiverse furniture” team as they conceptualized, fabricated and developed a product which could bring comfort to a wide array of patients once the Pavilion opens in 2026. Read more on The Nexus about this...