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Episode 82: Not Those Kinds of Doctors with Dr. Shannon McCarthy

Mental Illness Awareness Week was last week (Oct. 7-13, 2018), but in recognition of this, Brian’s good friend Dr. Shannon McCarthy joins him for a special episode. Shannon and Brian talk about their own mental health struggles and how it affects and impacts their writing (2:15). They also talk about knowing when you’re really struggling vs. when you’re just being lazy (9:40), how they deal with imposter syndrome (16:20), some of their strategies to beat back the demons and get stuff done...


Episode 81: Write What You See with Bucky Gleason

Two weeks ago, Brian and Bucky Gleason recorded what might have been the perfect podcast. It was witty, insightful, entertaining, everything you’d want from this medium and more. And, then Brian went and messed up the recording but good. But Bucky, a former Buffalo News sports columnist and now the editor of Buffalo Maven, is a mensch. He joins Brian again this week. They talk a lot about the Buffalo Bills and what this team is like to cover. Bucky talks about how he writes columns about...


Episode 80: Labor of Love with Jeff Pearlman

Photo from Jeff Nearly two years ago, Jeff Pearlman joined Brian in the early days of The Other 51. This was just after Jeff’s biography of Brett Favre came out, and Jeff was working on his next book - a history of the USFL. That book — Football for a Buck — is out this month. Jeff is back to talk about why he always wanted to write a book about the USFL and what makes that league so interesting to him. He talks about his reporting process — featuring 700 Word docs and his...


Episode 79: Live and Die with Tanya Marsh

Tanya Marsh and Brian have been internet friends for a few years now, but this is the first time they’e actually spoken to each other. Tanya is a professor of law at the Wake Forest School of Law. She’s is also as much of an Avett Brothers fan as Brian (she’s seen them 53 times in concert, which puts Brian’s concert count to shame). Tanya and Brian talk a lot about their favorite band, how they discovered the Avett Brothers and what makes their lyrics so powerful and meaningful. Why did...


Episode 78: The Voice of my Anxiety with Dr. Jenn Billinson

It’s (yet another) Syracuse University Ph.D. program reunion, and Brian’s good friend and classmate Dr. Jenn Billinson joins the podcast this week. Jenn, an assistant professor at Christopher Newport University, talks in detail about her research into the use of music and media as a coping mechanism for tragedy. Jen discusses how people used music in tribute videos following the Virginia Tech massacre and her fieldwork in New Orleans post-Katrina. What makes music such a unique media...


Episode 77: So You Wanna Write a Book with Dr. Andy Billings

Dr. Andy Billings had written or edited 18 books. He has two coming out this year. He’s published more than 130 journal articles and book chapters. The Director of the Alabama Program in Sports Communication and Ronald Reagan Chair of Broadcasting in the Department of Journalism and Creative Media, Andy was also a part of a wonderful panel discussion at the AEJMC conference in Washington this week, where he talked about what it takes to write a book. He joins Brian on the podcast to recap...


Episode 76: Going With My Gut with Kimberley A. Martin

Kimberley A. Martin began her career working in finance in New York City. Even when she started looking at a career in journalism, she never wanted to work for a newspaper. Many twists and turns later, she now covers Washington and the NFL for the Washington Post. Kimberley joins Brian to talk about her convoluted career path, how her study of psychology at Wesleyan University influences her reporting to this day, and how she went from New Jersey to New York to Buffalo and finally to the...


Episode 75: A Mental Shower with Dr. Gina Masullo Chen

Dr. Gina Masullo Chen, a grad-school classmate of Brian’s at the Newhouse School at Syracuse University, joins The Other 51 this week to talk about writing for both newspapers and academics. Gina talks about her 20-plus year career at the Post-Standard in Syracuse and why she decided to leave journalism in 2009 to get a Ph.D. Gina and Brian trade theories on why newspapers were so weird in the mid-to-late 2000s and why they were so bad at adopting new technology. Gina also talks about her...


Episode 74: Roundtable with Drs. Lauren Smith and Shannon McCarthy

In the first roundtable discussion on The Other 51, Drs. Lauren Smith and Shannon McCarthy join Brian this week. It’s like the IACS Summit on Communication and Sport, only in podcast form (and without bacon and beer). Lauren and Shannon talk about the paths they took to their current teaching jobs at Indiana University and the University of Central Missouri. Along with their research agendas, they both discuss how their experiences as college athletes influence their academic and...


Episode 73: Metro Community News with Richard Deitsch

Fun fact: Richard Deitsch and Brian Moritz are professionally connected. No, not just because they both write about sports media — Richard for The Athletic, Brian for whomever will let him. But because Richard’s first job in journalism was covering Buffalo sports for the Metro Community News — a free weekly paper that Brian delivered as his first job in middle school. Richard joins Brian this week to talk about his time in Buffalo as a college student and as a reporter. They talk about...


Episode 72: Jack of All Trades with Jeff DiVeronica

Jeff Di Veronica, who has covered sports in Rochester for nearly two decades, joins Brian this week. Jeff talks about the challenges that covering high-school sports present reporters. How do you balance accurately reporting what happens in a game with being sensitive to the fact that you’re covering high school kids? How do you critically cover the behavior of some parents when they make up your core audience? How has the job over his nearly two decades in Rochester? Jeff also discusses...


Episode 71: Podcast Inception with Dr. Galen Clavio

It’s a weird flip of the podcast world this week. Normally, Brian co-hosts The Flip Side, a podcast about sports, media and other stuff with Dr. Galen Clavio. But this week, Galen joins Brian to talk about sports media and writing. Galen, the director of the National Sports Journalism Center and a professor at Indiana University’s media school, discusses his career path from minor-league hockey play-by-play guy to academia. He talks about how writing helped him in his play-by-play and...


Episode 70: Draft Nerds with Matthew Fairburn

Matthew Fairburn, who covers the Buffalo Bills for (or, or The Post-Standard, depending on which generation you belong to), joins Brian this week for a deep dive into life on an NFL beat. Matthew discusses how he got the job as a Bills beat writer on a one-season trial, and what it was like for him to not only start a new beat at a paper, but to be dropped onto an NFL beat fresh out of college. Matthew and Brian talk about what it means to cover an NFL team with a...


Episode 69: That's Good Thinking There, Cool Breeze (Tom Wolfe tribute)

Tom Wolfe, the iconic American journalist and novelist, died on May 15 at the age of 88. In lieu of the usual interview, Brian talks to several previous guests of The Other 51 about their memories of Wolfe. Mike Sielski of the Philadelphia Inquirer and Baxter Holmes of ESPN (with a quick Twitter appearance from novelist Rebecca Makkai) discuss how they discovered Tom Wolfe and what he meant to them, their careers and journalism. EPISODE 18: SARAN WRAP OCTOPUS WITH MIKE SIELSKI Episode 62:...


Episode 68: Watergate Baby with Kevin Blackistone

You probably know Kevin Blackistone best from his regular appearances on ESPN’s “Around the Horn.” But he’s also a professor of practice at the Philip Merrill College of Journalism at the University of Maryland, a longtime sports columnist (at both the Washington Post, the Dallas Morning-News and more), an author, a contributor to NPR and much more. As he said at the Summit on Communication and Sport, he’s like a NASCAR driver — he has a lot of labels. Kevin joins Brian to talk about his...


Episode 67: Neutral Site with Bryan Curtis

It’s a podcast bowl game, of sorts, and Bryan Curtis from The Ringer joins Brian this week at the IACS 11th Summit on Communication and Sport. Bryan, who is The Ringer’s editor-at-large, compares the conference to the Final Four or the combine and talks about some of the interesting research he saw this past weekend. Bryan and Brian (it’s not confusing) talk about the state of sports journalism and sports media. What do you do when the villain in the story is just the march of history?...


Episode 66: Curating the curators with Kendall Baker

Kendall Baker is the curator and creator of Sports Internet, which is one of the best daily sports newsletters available on the internet. But what makes a daily sports newsletter interesting and worth it? Kendall joins Brian this week to talk about his daily process in creating the newsletter and breaks down the skills that are needed to create a newsletter. What makes a newsletter good, and why are newsletters so popular in this media age? He discusses how he iterated many different...


Episode 65: In the Training Room with Evan Drellich

Another lifetime ago, Brian and Evan Drellich spent summers together at NYSEG Stadium in Binghamton. Brian was the Binghamton Mets beat reporter for the Press & Sun-Bulletin, and Evan (an intern at the paper) was covering the team for This week, Brian and Evan — who now covers the Red Sox for NBC Sports Boston and who’s been a big-league baseball beat reporter for 10 years — reminisce about those days watching Jose Coronado and Fernando Martinez. They remember their late editor,...


Episode 64: Beyond 24/7 with Jen McCaffrey

Jen McCaffrey just started a new job. After covering the Boston Red Sox for several seasons for MassLive, she has recently started covering the team for The Athletic’s new site in Boston. Jen tells Brian why she made that move and details her career path from student at Syracuse University to her new gig, and how working on Cape Cod and in Philadelphia prepared her for her new gig. Jen talks about life on the Red Sox beat and what it’s really like to be a baseball beat reporter. She talks...


Episode 63: Breaking News with Lindsay Boyle

Lindsay Boyle has been a journalist in Ghana, and she has also reported on immigration and the opiod crisis in Southeastern Connecticut. She joins Brian this week to talk about her work and her career. Lindsay, a graduate of Ohio University, talks about her day-to-day life as a breaking news reporter for The Day. She describes the entire process of breaking news, from how she finds out about news to her reporting and writing process. Lindsay talks about how she tries to balance reporting on...