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016 - The Milkshake Moment

016 – The Milkshake Moment Today’s quick tip is: Remember the Milkshake Moment, but look to make a lot of Milkshakes, even when they don’t ask. First of all , one thing I was taught at an early age is that the number one gift you can give anyone, is your time. Like money, we only have so much of it to give and we need to use it and invest wisely. This is where the milkshake comes in. Ok, so here are some typical “Asks” from members at a club” There are internal guests too (The people...


015 - Marc Gelina - Handling Different Levels Of Players in the Same Lesson

Today, I interview Marc Gelina, the Associate PTM Director at The University Of Central Florida, Rosen Campus. In this episodeWe talk about how to handle different levels of players in the same class. Before coming to Central Florida, Marc was a Tennis Director for over 30 years and has a lot to offer pros who are just getting started and those who have been on the business a long time. The talented players may "Revolt" if you do not have a creative practice plan. You have to add in...


014 - Developing Your Coaching Style

Today’s quick tip is: Start developing your coaching style. This is a bit more specific than your coaching objective because your students will see this in you everyday. The three coaching styles that coaches usually lean toward are: The Command StyleThe Submissive StyleThe Cooperative Style More defined: The Command Style: The coach is the boss and the players role is to do what the boss says. The assumption is that the coach has all of the experience and knowledge, so the coach gets...


013 - Developing Your Coaching Objective

Today’s quick tip is: Try to start developing your coaching objectives early I am only skimming the surface here: When I took the sports science exam, we covered 3 coaching objectives: More defined: To have Fun To help develop players Winning And this came from the book “Successful Coaching” which is was more for team coaches if I remember right when it talked about coaching philosophy, but it is a number one seller in the US The key for you is to decide what your coaching...


012 - Paging Dr. Bob

So today’s quick tip is: Don'y be like Dr. Bob. Get there early to prepare and to handle anything before the lesson or event starts. The members are the headliners and you are there to set it all up so that you can ensure a successful event and allow them to have a great performance. 1. Private Lessons - Know who you have - Know what you worked on last week - Ask them if they had a chance to do their homework 2. Group lessons - Have to be on the same page with other pros - Make...


011 - No Second Serves On First Impressions

Today's Tip Is: Make a good first impression........ The FIRST time. Some examples include: 1. In the Interview - Better to be over dressed than under dressed. - Want to be prepared. ex. Resume's for everyone - have good communication skills - Knowledge of the Club and Position - WOW them somehow. Do something different 2. With the Staff - Not just he pro staff, but the desk staff and the rest of the staff - Ask about them, get to know them. Show that you are truly interested...


010 - Hold Your Ground

Today’s quick tip is: Keep everyone (especially parents) up-to-date on programs and progress Just remember this phrase, it goes for parents too: Parents don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care 1. The more info you can send a parents way, the less questions they will have 2. The one thing that parents DO care about, is what class their child is in, so you need to have clear guidlines for how players get placed in classes and what he criteria are for moving...


009 - Don't Rock The Boat Too Early

Today’s quick tip is: Don’t rock the boat too early. Gain some trust and respect first 1. You are all confident and want to get all that you know out. Good, but it has to align with the clubs teaching philosophy (If they have one) Philosophy – A teaching system, pathway or method used to keep instruction consistent from level to level or even class to class. Even though you interned with the Coach of the Year for 27 years in a row, who has 172 national championships under their belt,...


008 - The Hungrier The Better

Today’s quick tip is: The Hungrier you are the better 1. As a student, you will have a better chance of landing a good internship 2. As a pro, you will have a better chance of advancing your career 3. You will make more $$ for the obvious reason of you putting in more hours Also you could use your hunger as a negotiating tool (jog description…..go above and beyond.. incentives or %’s) – MY EMPLOYEES 4. Doors may open (Like for my head pro in episode 7) 5. You get more...


007 - Ask a Ton of Questions

Today’s quick tip is: Ask as many question as you can to educate yourself, (but please, don’t be annoying) Here are a few reasons why: There are endless ways, but by doing it the way David did (In the story at the beginning of the episode), the club knew who was ready to take over the directors position, Bottom Line: Ask questions. Most directors, head pros, supervisors should be happy to give you answers……… unless they have told you a few hundred times already………...


006 - Involve Yourself in Everything

Today’s quick tip is: get yourself involved in as many projects as you can handle. 1. This give you experience in all areas. Directors want staff that can sell and market the club. By being familiar with all of the areas, this will allow you to do just this and when you have been working there for a while and a managing (Or director) position opens up, the person that knows that club inside and out will definitely be up there on the list of candidates. 2. Lets your PTM Director/Mentor...


005 - Dont Follow The Pros

Well, we all want to be like the pros. We even talked about copy, copy in episode 003. If you go on any teaching group page, they compare a player’s strokes, usually a young junior, to Federer’s, Nadal’s or Serena’s. I listen to discussion after discussion about it. Some really good stuff and some a bit out there, but how good is this really for a Young player? Well I just watched a video of Roger hitting at a fairly young age, 12 or so I would guess, with some nasty background music...


004 - Court Is In Session

Knowledge is not Understanding. What does this mean? I will tell you in today's episode. The other night I forgot that I left our cars out in the street and I needed to bring them into the garage. It was late and dark outside. So in my car, I opened the door, and in one motion I sat down took my key and swung my arm around the steering wheel with my keys in hand. Now the cool thing was The key went exactly in the key slot not even a little hesitation front to front and side to side. It...


003 - Stop Copying Me

Today’s Quick Tip is : Copy, Copy, Copy anything you can from other pros that will help you become a better teaching pro on or off the court, but give them the credit when appropriate. As a matter of fact, this week, I was hitting with my son and he had not been hitting on the ball machine for the last three weekends. His volley is one of his best shots, technically, and he loves to come in to the net. When we were hitting volleys a couple days ago, his technique was off and I was going...


002: - Keep Track of Everything

Keep Track of everything that you think may be helpful in getting you hired somewhere. – STARTING NOW. This may put your resume to the top of the stack. The goal here is to make yourself stand out. Now the first interview was a lot of asking and telling and hopefully they could see what I could do for them. The typical interview. In Orlando, I turned my resume into a website based on what they were looking for and it had the same format on every page: My basic format was to See this...


001 - What is the PTM Podcast: Ordinary vs Extraordinary

So What is the difference between Ordinary and Extraordinary, think about this in the literal sense. What is the difference? Well, the difference is the word EXTRA. So do you want to be an ordinary pro or an extraordinary pro? Well, an extra ordinary pro , puts in the extra, like Scott did Let’s not even go that far, let’s look at you as a student. What is an ordinary student? Well, an ordinary student is one who may do EVERYTHING that is required of them, always be on-time and turn...