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Ep. 12 STEM Across the Curriculum

Today’s episode is about a four time international awarding winning STEAM school. Washington Middle School, I feel so blessed to work at WMS for so many reasons! I absolutely am obsessed with our STEAM focus! It makes learning so much fun for our students and it makes teaching so much fun for our staff! Today we are going to hear from Jody Vines, Principal at Washington, Katherine Kozubski, 6th grade social studies teacher from WMS, Cecile Cerisier a current student at WMS, and Mrs. Nicole...


Ep. 11 Financial Literacy

Today’s episode is about financial literacy. Katie and I first sat down with Kathleen Lawson, Executive Director at Economics Arkansas, and Marsha Masters, associate director at Economics Arkansas. We discussed the importance of economics in education along with some startling statistics. We then talked with Gayle Norman, a former educator who taught economics and financial literacy in her middle school classroom. I loved talking with Gayle because I think so many educators can relate to her...


Ep. 10 School Grades/ ESSA/ Stories from my Classroom

Today’s episode is about school grades and ESSA. Katie and I sat down with Barton Jr. High Principal, Mrs. Sherry Hill, and Deborah Coffman, Assistant commissioner and public school accountability. We first discussed school grades- when and how they started, how grades for each school is figured and more. We then switched our conversation over to ESSA, the Every Student Successes Act. We talked about how it's different from its predecessor, No child left behind, and what ESSA means for our...


Ep. 9 School Security

Today's episode is all about school security. I sat down with Mr. Jay Vines, School Security Director for the El Dorado School District, Mr. Jim Tucker, El Dorado School District Superintendent, and Captain Holt, retired from the El Dorado Police Department. We discussed how the police department works with the district to keep teachers, staff, and students safe. We also talked about an incident that happened at our middle school last year, as well as, the idea of arming teachers. I...


Ep. 8 Library Media Centers of Today

Today’s episode is near and dear to my heart. Today we are discussing school libraries and the dramatic change they’ve undergone in the last decade. Libraries should be much different than they use to be. Our students have changed, the needs have changed, and our world has changed. To help me with this topic I reached out to my dear friend Vanda Terrell. She is an associate Professor and the Program Director for Library Media and Information Specialist at Southern Arkansas University in...


Ep. 7 Literacy Part 2

This episode is a continuation of our Literacy Part 1 episode. This time we dive deeper into the classroom. We will get to hear from three amazing teachers as they teach their high school students how to analyze literature. We then have our instructional facilitator sit down and point out what those teachers do that make them so great at their craft! This episode is my favorite one so far! We can't wait for everyone to hear it! We hope it helps inspire you in your classroom regardless of...


Ep. 6 Literacy Part 1

Today's episode is all about literacy strategies from kindergarten to 12th grade. We'll hear from Anna Wairner, the literacy specialist at the South Central Coop, a group of literacy instructional facilitators from several of our elementary schools, and Mr. Tate Aldrich who has publish an article in the English Journal regarding a protocol he invented that promotes cultural responsiveness and diverse perspectives in his literacy classroom. We hope this episode inspires you to incorporate...


Ep. 5 Educational Technology

Today's episode is all about Educational Technology. I work in a school and a district that embrace technology and it's use in education. It's one of my most favorite things about my job. I think its changed the landscape of education and it isn't going away in our society, so our students need to know about it! However, there are disadvantages and we want to discuss those as well. Today we'll hear from Jo Ann Womack, Jody Vines, Jigish Patel, and Dr. David McGehee. We will explore the...


Ep. 4 Student Behavior

This episode is all about student behavior. We talk with Holly Billings, a behavior support specialist, which is a new position in our district. We also talk with a classroom teacher regarding student behavior and how we as educators can address problems in our classrooms and schools.


Ep. 3 Rural Schools & College Opportunities

Rural schools across the state of Arkansas often struggle with population declines and recent data shows that less than 50%* of Arkansas high school students go on to attend college. El Dorado Schools were given a unique opportunity through the El Dorado Promise Scholarship, the namesake of our podcast, to transform our schools. In this episode, we’ll talk to El Dorado Promise Director, Sylvia Thompson, along with a recipient of the Promise who came back to our district to teach, and a...


Ep. 2 Standards Based Report Cards Part 2

In this episode we continue our look into Standards Based Report Cards. We start by hearing from several classroom teachers about what this practice actually looks like in their classrooms. Lastly, we'll hear from Jeannie Strother, the El Dorado School District literacy chair. She will wrap up this series for us!


Ep. 1 Standards Based Report Cards

In this episode Mr. Tom Simmons, math chair for the El Dorado School District, gives a basic breakdown of what Standards Based Report Cards are and why our district chose to move in this direction. We will hear from two instructional facilitators who give us more insight into how the actual standards are chosen, recorded, and shared with parents. Lastly, two other Arkansas school districts that have implemented Standards Based Report Cards into their schools share about their experience.