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10 Liane Davey Shares why CONFLICT is Essential to Respect with host, Mike Domitrz

Gain specific skills for thriving with conflict in all aspects of your life from expert Liane Davey as Mike Domitrz asks here about personal and professional situations. Discover why conflict is HEALTHY and we should look forward to engaging in conflict. **You are invited to join our community and conversations about each episode on FaceBook at and join us on Twitter @PodcastRespect WATCH THE SHOW BELOW via Video and/or Read the...


09 Skip Weisman: Discover how to respect the voices of everyone on a team or organization with Skip Weisman and host Mike Domitrz

Learn about how to draw and respect all the voices into a conversation - including balancing those who want to dominate and those who don’t feel comfortable speaking up with former MLB executive, Skip Weisman as he shares with Mike Domitrz. **You are invited to join our community and conversations about each episode on FaceBook at and join us on Twitter @PodcastRespect LISTEN TO THE SHOW BELOW via Video, Audio, and/or Read the...


08 Alan Stein Jr discusses High Achievement, Performance & Respect

Join Mike Domitrz as he asks Alan Stein Jr how respect plays a role in extremely high level achievement and performance - from pro athletes to leading world-class organizations. Discover the key to respecting ROLES within a team or organization, especially when you may not like one or more individual persons on the team. Join us on FaceBook and be part of our community and conversations about each episode at: and @PodcastRespect on...


07 Being Crisis Ready with Melissa Agnes and host Mike Domitrz

Listen in as Melissa Agnes talks with Mike Domitrz about how most organizations fail to be crisis ready and why respect plays a key role in the process. Join us on FaceBook and be part of our community and conversations about each episode at: and @PodcastRespect on Twitter BIO of Melissa Agnes: Author of Crisis Ready: Building an Invincible Brand in an Uncertain World, Melissa Agnes is a leading authority on crisis preparedness,...


06 Sean Stephenson talks respect, agendas, and self-development with Mike Domitrz

Dr. Sean Stephenson dives deep with Mike Domitrz into our self-value, self-esteem, when we are in a dark place, and much more. From the importance of owning your Agenda and stating it clearly to being independent from your partner’s happiness. This show is packed with incredible wisdom!! Join us on FaceBook and be part of our community and conversations about each episode at: and @PodcastRespect on Twitter WATCH RAW FOOTAGE of THE...


05 Heath Phillips discusses surviving military sexual trauma & respect

Listen as Heath Phillips shares with Mike Domitrz about being a survivor of Military Sexual Trauma (sexual assault). Heath takes you on a 20 year journey that is difficult and inspiring. Heath holds nothing back. We also talk about respect and the current military culture and systems. Heath’s BIO: Heath Phillips joined the Navy when he was 17 years old. He grew up in a military style family; his father was in the Army and had Uncles that served in Vietnam. Heath's stepfather was also in...


04 Laura Dunn on Justice, MeToo, and Advocating

Join Laura Dunn and Mike Domitrz as they discuss justice, the #MeToo Movement, and advocating for survivors. Both Dunn and Domitrz have extensive experience working with educational systems for working to reduce sexual violence for students. Laura Dunn BIO: Laura L. Dunn, Esq., advances victims' rights through legislative and policy efforts, as well as direct representation of survivors in campus, criminal and civil systems. As a nationally-recognized victim-turned-victims’ rights...


03 Lisa Ryan with Mike Domitrz on RESPECT in the Workplace

Join Lisa Ryan with Mike Domitrz discussing RESPECT in the Workplace. Find out specific approaches that are vitally important to integrating respect in the workplace. Lisa Ryan BIO: Lisa Ryan helps organizations develop employee engagement strategies that keep their top talent and best customers from becoming someone else’s. Lisa is a gratitude expert, award-winning speaker and best-selling author of ten books, including “To Have and To Hold: 101 Smart Strategies to Engage Employees.”...


02 Chris Clarke-Epstein on Respecting Change

Join Mike Domitrz and Chris Clarke-Epstein Discussing Change and the Role Respect Plays, especially in today's turbulent times. From personal life to the workplace to the political landscape, they dive into each area in this episode. Chris Clarke-Epstein BIO: Chris Clarke-Epstein, CSP is a change expert who has spent over 30 years challenging diverse groups including senior leadership teams, middle management supervisors, and health care professionals to apply new knowledge. Her...


01 Rick Clemons - What role respect plays in coming out

Join Mike Domitrz and Rick Clemons as Rick shares the importance of respect in coming out and having the choice to do so. Rick Clemons BIO: Rick is the host of the Life Uncloseted podcast and author of the book “Frankly My Dear I’m Gay." Rick’s no virgin to bold moves. On whim, a prayer, and without a job to support the necessity of his dual income life, he made a crazy move, leaving his dead end hotel career in the Southwest to pursue whatever would come his and his wife’s way In...