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A podcast about rope bondage, shibari and kinbaku.

A podcast about rope bondage, shibari and kinbaku.
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A podcast about rope bondage, shibari and kinbaku.






Ep20: Self-acceptance, matching styles and great question before you tie - An interview with Belle

Belle is a rope switch and rope bondage instructor who has also produced a range of wonderful instructional videos and writings on topics such as ‘Bottoming for the Body You Have’, ‘How to Connect’ as well as many ties. Fox and Mya talk with her, and Belle shares: her rope journey; how sex and rope connect for her; how she developed her understanding of what connection is, and how varied that is with her different rope partners; how the style of rope she likes as a top is different from the...


Ep19: Drop after rope bondage

Do you have a strategy to manage rope drop? Fox and Mya have both experienced this as a top and bottom in rope respectively, and share their experiences and suggestions on the topic. They also discuss: what rope drop might look like, the ‘science’ of rope drop (such as it is); how a top can tell their rope bottom might be dropping; differences in rope drop for tops and bottoms; how you might want to address rope drop; and Mya gives one piece of advice on drop that surprises Fox!


Ep18: Crotch Rope

Listener Sam from Chiang Mai, Thailand, wants to try crotch rope, and asked for some advice in this area. We discuss: what this type of rope consists of; good knot placement and spots to avoid; the fun - and less so fun, according to Mya! - consequences of crotch rope; and a number of ways that you could use it in a scene depending on your scene goal.


Ep17: Anxiety, connection and playfulness - An interview with Riah

Riah is an American presenter and demo bottom for a variety of subjects, including non-monogamy and BDSM subjects, and of course, rope. Fox and Mya picked her brains about some more unusual topics, such as tying yourself to your partner, and building a human playground. She discusses: how rope has helped her to manage her anxiety; accessing her emotions through rope; her first ever scene as a rope top; how she’s used scening to process different events in the past; where power exchange fits...


Ep16: How is rope bondage seen by society?

Do you have a bias around how you think rope is seen by non-ropey people? The last time Mya went back to the UK, she had a bit of cold shower when she shared her rope kink with some friends and family. Learn about the ‘false consensus effect’, and how it applies us in rope - and the perception of others. We talk about several examples of rope out there in the world, including journalism, art and fashion, legal cases, documentaries and music videos (many many links in the Fet writing). We...


Ep15: Your First Rope Scene (part 2) - First Scene Examples

Your first rope scene can feel like a big deal - you’ve been waiting a long time for this, and you’re finally ready - but where are you going to do it? Fox and Mya discuss the context you might want to do your first rope scene in, and the pros and cons of different situations, such as a semi-public party or rope jam, versus private. They talk about their own first scenes, and you can learn why Mya did her first rope scene at a kink party rather than privately, despite the fact she’s an...


Ep14: Your First Rope Scene (part 1)

Your first rope scene can be one of the most risky points in your rope career. Fox and Mya review what bottoms and tops needs to do in preparation for their first scene, touching on safety, consent, boundaries, contingencies and risks, and some of the practicalities just before you rope (spoiler alert: don’t forget to pee beforehand is one!). We discuss: what you might need to know about your tying partner; what to wear; whether you need sex involved; locations you might want to have your...


Ep12: From Rope Practice to Rope Scening - a How-To.

Creating a dynamic, powerful rope scene can be challenging when you’re a beginner (or even for some who’ve been doing it a while, coming up with new ways to include rope in scenes can be tough). A listener writes to us to ask for ideas. We discuss: Does what you tie matter? What are bottoms seeking? Is rope an accessory to play, or play in itself? How can you make the tie more meaningful? Fox shares several unusual ways to frame rope practice as a scene, and Mya shares the kind of...


Episode 11: Mya’s Rope Erotica - ‘Damsel In Distress’

After the success of Fox’s rope erotica piece, in episode 6, Mya reads one of her erotica stories from the perspective of a rope bottom. Called ‘Damsel in Distress’, it describes some recent rope bondage play she and Fox did together to create a photo for the Ropepodcast Patreon.


Ep10: Responsibilities in Rope

What are your duties and responsibilities in rope to yourself, and you tying partner? A listener writes in with this question, and Fox and Mya discuss four key areas: • Responsibilities of the top to themself • To the bottom • Responsibilities of the bottom to themself • Responsibilities of the bottom to the top They discuss some controversial issues, including aftercare for tops, consent and tops feeling like a ‘rope dispenser’. We ask you: Do you agree with the perspectives discussed?...


Ep9: Rope and Aftercare

Aftercare is a critical part of a rope scene, but there are a million ways to do it. Fox and Mya explore what it is, why it’s important, different aspects that might be relevant in different situations, and share their preferred ways of experiencing and giving it, as well as plenty of other ideas for what might suit different people. They also share some personality differences they had to work through around their different aftercare preferences to keep them both happy and well after...


Ep8: USA Rope Touristing in Austin, Texas

Would Austin, Texas, be a good place to go rope tourist? What’s the scene there like from an outsider’s perspective? Find out in this episode where Mya is a flying bunny, and checks out a couple of local rope groups while she attends a work conference. She shares how she found Riggers to tie with, what the differences were between other communities she’s tied in, and some logistical considerations (oh, and find out what kinky souvenir she brought home for Fox!).


Ep7: Handling Pain in Rope

Where does pain fit in terms of rope? Do we want it? Not want it? As edge play, pain can give us some pretty important signals in rope. So are there some types of pain we seek out? How do we know what types of pain to avoid and what are okay to try and bear? We talk about types of pain in rope, how bottoms can more effectively handle pain, some ideas of how to add (the right kind) of pain to scenes, and how rope tops can help their bottoms handle pain and achieve more challenging ties. In...


Ep6: Rope Erotica On The Air!

Heard much rope erotica? No? Us either. We try something a little bit different, and Fox reads some of his rope erotica. We're curious what you will think - would you like to hear from episodes like this? Tell us in the comments!


Ep5: Rope Partners - Where and How to Find them

Want to do rope but have no-one to tie with? Fox and Mya discuss the different ways (at least five!) to find a partner, whether you’re a Rigger or a Bottom. They also discuss the kinds of rope partner you can have, or the contexts in which you might want one, how to think about your requirements (and something important people often forget), as well as what kinds of things you might want to chat to potential partners about.


Ep4: Gravity Boot Tie

This weave tie works as well for interesting bedroom bondage as it does for a full inversion suspension. We discuss how to do it (see photos on our fet handle RopePodcast), what it feels like, the risks and safety elements, and we share some scenes that we’ve used it in (including one that made Mya go ‘weeeeee!’).


Ep2: Beginner rope bondage questions from listener Oda of Michigan.

Key advice for beginners on rope bondage; suggestions on rope care; negotiation advice; the difference in a tie between too tight and secure; why specific terminology is important, and Rigger Fox and rope bottom Mya’s favourite aspects of rope play. Oda from Michigan had a lot of questions for us, and we answer them all!


Ep1: Our Rope Bags - what fun stuff we take with us to rope scenes and why.

Rope bondage gear - what do you need? Rigger Fox and rope bottom Mya discuss the contents of their respective rope bags (yes, bottoms need gear too!), and talk about the reasons for different items and how they use them in their rope bondage play.


Ep0: Rope Bondage Intro - what is it, why people do it, safety & consent.

No idea what rope bondage is? Intrigued but nervous? Get an understanding of what rope bondage is, the different reasons people do it (it might not be what you think!), some critical safety advice and why consent is vital when you play. Rigger Fox and rope bottom Mya provide perspectives from both sides of the rope in this introductory episode to the Rope Podcast - we suggest all listeners check this out before diving into the rest of the episodes.