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A podcast about rope bondage, shibari and kinbaku.

A podcast about rope bondage, shibari and kinbaku.
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A podcast about rope bondage, shibari and kinbaku.






Ep41: Creating a Rope Room

Fox and Mya have built several permanent spaces for rope both together and individually since they started doing rope, with and without hard points. They’ve also created many temporary places to do rope on their travels, and have visited the studios or spaces of many others. In this episode, they discuss the space where you do your rope, and some of the factors you might want to consider when putting your own rope space together. In this episode hear them discuss: * The purpose/s you might...


Ep40: Emotions in Rope

Fox and Mya discuss a less-commonly explored topic, around the hows, whys and whats of emotions in rope. They share thoughts about: *Why we have emotions in rope, from a psychological and physiological perspective *What happens when these emotions come up - when we do want them, and when we don’t *Examples from their own scenes of the range of emotions rope can explore *The difficult of explaining feelings in rope *The challenge of a mismatch of feelings in rope, and Fox’s interesting and...


Ep39: Single Rope Suspensions

Fox and Mya discuss single rope suspensions (where a single rope takes all your body weight and you fly from that one rope). They discuss: *Types of single rope suspensions *The benefits and where and when you might want to use them *The risks and the challenges *The perspective on these ties from the rope top from Fox *The perspective on these ties from the rope bottom from Mya *The single rope suspension that Fox loves and Mya is starting to like more…


Ep38: Developing a Rope Bottom Curriculum - An Interview with Dr Julie Fennell/IPCookieMonster

We interview associate Professor of Sociology and kinkster Dr Julie Fennell shares with us why she thinks people need to care more about rope bottoming, especially given the challenges of some of the issues in the rope community today. Listen to this fascinating interview to hear about: * Rope escape games * Why she shifted her energy from mostly rope bottoming to mostly rope topping * Skill versus talent in rope bottoming * How she did an unusual (and dangerous?!) quest for a year to gather...


Ep37: How to Create a Great Multi-Player Rope Bondage Scene

For many bottoms, one top sounds good, but TWO sounds even better - and tops can often feel the same about bottoms (ahem!). In this episode, listener and Patreon supporter @Happy_Tortoise, and his partner Dragon ask Fox and Mya to share some of their favourite multi-player scenes, and they talk through some of their learnings and most fun experiences when they’ve been playing together with another bottom (or two!) Fox and Mya discuss combinations of: • Two bottoms - one top • Two tops - one...


Ep36: Rope Erotica - The Dilemma: A Story about Rope Bondage, Caning, and a Very Big Plug

Another one of our rope erotica pieces. Mya’s turn to read one of her rope stories, which contains rope for restraint, orgasm control and predicament, impact and ass play. So far, the rope erotica pieces are some of our most popular episodes, so we hope you enjoy this sexy story from us!


Ep35: Non-Rope Rope Gear - An Interview with Kinky_Engineer

We interview @Kinky_Engineer, a kinky educator who has been practicing elements of BDSM and kinky play his whole adult life. His personal play style draws on a professional and martial arts background, and is imbued with a strong focus on safety, Risk Aware Consensual Kink and a joy of playing near the edges. We interviewed him about his experience as an engineer designing and creating kink gear and equipment. Essentially, what’s useful for doing rope bondage - besides rope?! He tells us: *...


Ep34: Thailand - Rope Touristing in Bangkok

Fox and Mya rope tourist in their own town! Some highly experienced Japanese and other international rope bondage enthusiasts come to Bangkok, and your podcast hosts were lucky enough to be invited to an event with them run by the Thai community. Fox and Mya attended a public event at a new dungeon opening up who hosted a rope salon, and then a private event with a lot of rope - and they share their personal experiences (whilst noting they really did feel like tourists this time as they had...


Ep33: ‘My Favourite Rope Scene’ with 2018 interviewees

Mya has been both a naughty and a nice bunny and has been working with Fox to bring you a Christmas present - new bonus material from our interviewees this year, where they tell us about some of the favourite scenes. We share our thoughts on the themes that come out, and the lessons and ideas that we can all put into our scenes even if we’re not as experienced as the illustrious interviewees. The episode includes: @Raiju telling us how she tied up, beat and humiliated a germophobe in rope -...


Ep32: Rope Bondage Subculture - An Interview with Dr Julie Fennell/IPCookieMonster

We interview associate Professor of Sociology and kinkster Dr Julie Fennell exploring her background into rope and kink, and her research on rope subculture, one of her key areas of interest. She tells us about: Her first rope scene * The tie that actually got her into rope (despite her having tied several times before) * Why she doesn’t feel she fits into ‘ropeworld’ * Circus Bondage and how contrarty to many people’s opinions, performance can still be connective * ‘Expectations’ in rope...


Ep31: Rope Focus: Strappado Tie

Fox and Mya discuss the Strappado. Originally a torture method, the rope community adopted the position for a tie. The episode includes discussion of shape, function, variations, difficulty level, safety and risk, what it feels like for the bottom, as well as some ways it can be used in floor work or suspensions. They also discuss two example scenes where they have used the tie.


Ep30: Building your Edge-Play in Rope - An Interview with -EM- (part 2)

Trying to develop your edge-play in rope? Fox and Mya talk to experienced edge-player -EM- on the podcast this week in the second part of their interview with him, to understand more about how he has built up his experience in the collection of ‘abnormally horrible’ things that he does to his partners, and the many sadistic activities which he blends with rope. Among the many interview highlights, you can hear: - How he built up his experience to be able to safely (as much as one can) do...


Ep29: Sadism, Intensity and Rope - An Interview with -EM- (part 1)

Want more ideas on how to be a better sadist in your rope play? Fox and Mya talk to respected edge-player -EM- on the podcast this week, a man whose kink risk profile is pretty out there even compared to the fetlife norm. -EM- considers rope a versatile tool in his BDSM kit, rather than considering himself a ‘rope person’, and yet is definitely a ‘name’ in the world of rope. Among the many interview highlights, you can hear: - How he takes things from the very physical world of whips and...


Ep28: How to Negotiate a Rope Bondage Scene

Negotiation and consent is a highly relevant topic in rope bondage, and one of the Rope Podcast’s listeners, @Sensual_Dominant, asks Fox and Mya to share their thoughts on the best way to safely negotiate. Fox and Mya discuss what consent and negotiation is, and the basics of what we’re looking for in the area for a scene, and when it is and isn’t a good idea to negotiate. They share examples of the methods and content of a negotiation, as well as some of their suggestions from their own...


Ep27: Rope bondage injuries

Rope bondage is an activity that carries risk. Fox and Mya discuss the different types injuries you can get (including some that Mya doesn’t really mind), how you might get them, how to identify them as early as possible, how to react to injuries, and we how might address and treat these injuries. We also discuss our own experience with injuries during rope scenes, and the learnings we acquired and applied from them, such as the question Fox added to his pre-rope negotiation questionnaire...


Ep26: Futomomo Tie

Fox and Mya discuss the classic rope bondage tie, the Futomomo. The episode includes discussion of the shape and function, variations, the safety and risks, what it feels like, as well as how we can use futos in suspension and floor work. They also share a number of examples of scenes where they’ve used the tie.


Ep25: Are you ready for rope suspension?

Fox and Mya discuss how you know you’re ready for your first rope suspension. They cover: • What are the skills you need for rope suspension as a top, including technical skills, practical non-rope skills, some mechanical principles and safety • What do you need to understand, and what are the things you need to be able to do as a bottom, including around your body in rope, the less-fun possible-consequences so you can accept the risks appropriately, and the concept of active bottoming • The...


Ep24: Spotting for Rope Bondage

Have you ever been asked to ‘spot’ for someone when they’re doing rope bondage? Here Fox and Mya discuss what it means to spot, what does and doesn’t work well, what can go wrong, and some of their personal experiences. Fox also shares his ‘must-have’ condition he needs to be met if he’s going to be a spotter. In the episode, you can learn the difference between having an audience and having spotters, the one case when you *must* have a spotter, and why it’s not just bottoms who might need...


Ep23: Rope Erotica - Slave Rouge Flies

Fox shares his rope erotica piece on slave Rouge’s first suspension.


Ep22: Takedown rope with ChristianRed

*Heads up: This episode contains discussion of CNC elements in rope.* ChristianRed is a rope educator who has led the Nottingham, UK, Rope Group for three years, as well as teaching at various events in Europe. He has a broad rope background, but we chat to him about his expertise in takedown and restraint in rope, an area which isn’t taught by many due to the skills needed for that level of expertise. Christian has studied, competed in and coached martial arts for most of his life....