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038 "Producing Awesome Content": How to Get Noticed and Hired as an 18-25 Year Old in Today's Job Market From Content Production

Did You Know you can produce content, hit go, get it seen, and open up new opportunities for yourself? Join host TJ Pingitore, founder of Student Success U in this topical episode as he hits on one key skill you NEED: Producing Content. It is a skill any student can easily learn that will get you noticed by creating more opportunities for you to get noticed, get hired, and gain new experience. It can also make you money if you really love it by teaching others the how to! This episode will...


037 Harsh Student Realities: The Parent And Student Realities to be Aware of Today: A Tell it Like it is Rundown Interview New Jersey Style with TJ Pingitore, Host and Founder Student Success U and his student guests Kieran Williams and Sean Molloy.

There are many forms of entitlement but the idea of entitlement in getting everything handed to you and always having someone or people to fall back on can be very misleading for a young person…Join Host TJ Pingitore in a rundown style interview with a recent grad and current student as he tackles some tough questions while being very direct about what students need to be aware of today. His level of caring is immense and so is his opinion on a topic that he is poised to help solve years to...


036 "Power of a Community: The Impact of Startup Communities on Students Today" with our guest, Canadian Enrepreneur, and Startup Expert Rivers Corbett

It can be challenging to network for students today if they are not well practiced. Getting into and involved in startups communities is a great way for young people to tackle the challenge of networking quickly and efficiently with fellow entrepreneurs. Here how host TJ Pingitore and his guest and Canadian entrepreneur startup expert Rivers Corbett discuss and break out the ways students can use communities today to springboard ahead. A must listen to episode on your road to being a student...


035 "Going for the Big Doctorate Degree: What it Takes Today to be a Doctor" by a current doctoral candidate student and our guest, Andrew Fultz

Join host TJ Pingitore as he discusses the Graduate to Doctoral Path with a current student at a large state university. What that looks like in more detail and how it is shaping up for him as he progresses through. He will give some insight into this path so get your headphones ready!


034 “Embracing Technology AND ALSO Tech Enablement For Today’s Gen Z Students” with our guest and tech expert Sujit Pal

Everyone heres the word technology but it is broadly defined and even today can be misunderstood by students. Here how we discuss not just technology but specifically tech enablement as we join host TJ Pingitore who discusses this. Tech Enablement is a word that small business' and startups have heavliy embraced. On this episode you can hear how you can enable technology to make life better, easier, faster while balancing the human component as well to be a more well rounded student success.


033 “Building a Business While In College: The time, dedication, and balancing act it takes” with our guests and current students Sarah Pomeranz & Ari Mendelow

Getting a degree and graduating for some students is a feat in itself. Well imagine doing that plus building a business as well. Join host TJ Pingitore as he interviews 2 current students at a large state university who tell their story, tips, vision, and what it takes today for you to do the same to be a student success.


032 "Living in The Fake News Era: The Journalist Experience is Rapidly Evolving" with our Guest and Business Reporter Michael Diamond

Join host TJ Pingitore as he discusses being a reporter today in a social media and fake news world with our guest and one of the areas top business reporters Michael Diamond. He discusses the evolution of journalism, media, reporting, and how doing your research and sticking with a story can get you everywhere. He gives some tips as well to those interested in the field of journalism.


031 "Journey Through Hell and Back on Our 7th Continent" with our guest, global speaker, and leadership consultant "Antarctic" Mike Pierce

By far the most electrifying story of determination we have ever encountered on the podcast to date globally in the 17 countries we are in. 62 Miles jogged through Hell aka the Antarctic and back in some of the harshest brutal conditions you can ever imagine. Join host TJ Pingitore as he gets into the story of how this all happened with our guest Antarctic Mike Pierce. A must listen to episode on your road to being a student success.


030 "Preparing Earlier from a Recent Grad: The Prep Road Early That Lead to Student Success" by… with recent post grad and our guest Melissa Jannuzzi

Most students get started very late with decision making, life planning, relevant resume experience and other things that as students get procrastinated on. Here from this student how she avoided most of that by starting early on her path and what she did! Join host TJ Pingitore as he dives in with a recent grad on her path to early student success getting hired at a North American company.


029 “WOW'ing The Higher Ups: What Stands Out Today to Get Hired” with our Guest PJ Brovak, EVP of Taylor Strategy, a US based Public Relations Firm

As a student, knowing what it takes today to get hired from an inside perspective can be challenging. Join host TJ Pingitore as he dives into what a corporate executive looks for in a recent grad. In this episode we discuss what an executive really thinks about impressing him early to get yourself hired at a major firm. You can use this advice for almost any field of interest.


028 Starting Work Earlier To Impress Colleges and Companies with Former Corporate Employee and now Educator, our Guest Joe D

From corporate employee to now real world educator. Here we discuss the world of running a co-op program in a tougher high school from the perspective of a former corporate finance guy who wants his other students today to be real world prepared. Exactly what we want too!


027 H.I. Human Interaction: More Social, Less Media for Students in Today's Success Development with Guest, Speaker, Author Mark Babbit

Join Host TJ Pingitore, founder of Student Success U on this episode with Guest, Author of "A World Gone Social", and Speaker Mark Babbitt as we tackle a key discussion on social media, it's effects, and how to add more social and less media to our lives. This is geared toward young aspirining professionals, parents, and advisors alike.


026 Gender Non Conforming - Being Powerful in Heart, Self, and Life with Jesse Lueck

In this episode we discuss the topic of gender non conforming with our special guest Jesse Lueck. We look at this topic through her professional and personal life with the good, the annoying, and the sometimes awkward. We want people to understand it better and know how to be more comfortable with it as a society.


025 The World of Video Today: The Power of Video For Students In Today's Digital Era with Guest and Founder James Curry

The digital ecosystem is changing for all majors and the world of video with all it has to offer is here to stay. Find out in this episode as we are joined by Founder and Guest James Curry how the power of Video can transform the way young people look at their next chapters, story they tell, and opportunities that exist in so many areas within the World of Video today.


024 Race to Puerto Rico During Storm with guest Tommy Lemere

Join host TJ Pingitore as he talks with former military officer Tommy Lemere who is now active reserves working full time for the department of the navy and also going for his masters. Recently he flew off to help those down in Puerto Rico so you can here his story here about what it was REALLY like down there.


023 What Makes a Successful Community College Student with Guest and President, Dr. David Stout

In this episode we interview a people oriented President of a community college that has done it all, gone through the ranks, and equally aims to stay connected with studnets while being a thought leader among his executive team. We discuss key topics that parents and young people need to be aware of to address early on in the college and life development process.


022 Your Own Addiction Radar: How to Understand Addiction Amonst Peers and Get Them Help with Guest Philip Michael O'Hara

Join us as we tackle one of the toughest topics in America today, student addiction. As part of our life development and leadership series, we are joined by our guest Philip Michael O'Hara, a former standout high school athlete and recovered addict who has turned his life around. This episode is geared to help young people be thought leaders and leaders for themselves and their peers. Being a student thought leader today means you know what to look out for amongst your friends. With plenty...


021 Smashing Entitlement: How Can We All Tackle Entitlement with Host TJ Pingitore

This episode is hosted by TJ Pingitore as he talks about the big E word today entitlement and how we all can tackle it by first understanding it, then how to change it, but always being aware of it because it is having a profound affect on post grad after college success.


020 Public Speaking in 2018 with Guest and Author Michael Goldberg

Today's guest Michael Goldberg joins Host TJ Pingitore talk about public speaking in 2018 and some of the best ways as a young person to approach it. He is an author of the book KnockOut Networking, a great read for young people today.


019 Financial Management as a Young Person with Guest Dylan Hallahan

Join Host TJ Pingitore, founder of Student Success U on this episode with Guest Dylan Hallahan as we tackle one of the key life development skills and awareness that is needed with managing finances and understanding financial debt which most students face coming out of college.