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16. Not Your Cup of Tea

You guys ready to talk bloody? All things menstrual cup coming up! Some fun research all the way from Nepal, Wyatt puts up with some tampon stories, and we have our very first guest host!


15. There's no pavement on the road to hell...

Wyatt digs in a deep to the world of soul cycling 🚴‍♀️. Who knew an exercise craze could be so divisive? He talks about the impacts of the workout, why people keep coming back, and how it can change the color of some peoples urine 😐. Cassidy shares some fun tips about stepping away from your phone 📱 , and takes us on a trip down teenage angst memory lane 🎶


14. Longitude & Misconstrued

Cassidy talks about early attachment and how this impacts brain development. After Wyatt stops worrying about the size of his amygdala her tells the story of a lady who was burned by mcdonalds coffee, and then burned by the press and their shrinking wordcounts. Correct us on instagram Also this is episode 15.


13. Photographing the locals

*The First Upload of this episode was glitched so if it's not playing please clear your download and try again* In this Episode Wyatt share some highlights from an article that examines the way people take pictures while they're on vacation. Cassidy shares some thoughts on how people use celebrities to form personal moral identities. Along the way they talk Disney, Tacky Treasures, Iran, Cosby, and Couch Boats. p.s. This episode contains a trigger warning for Hard Core Beyonce...


12. What is love? Roomie don't hurt me 🎶

Is it possible to explain what love is? Cassidy gives it thee old college try. Along the way we talk swinging bridges, our moms and uncomfortable ways to measure arousal. Then Wyatt Touts off a list of tips for humans that want to be good roomates.


11. I'm light headed my deer.

Wyatt Loves light bulbs, like alot. So he shares info about the Side effects of LEDs. Then Cassidy brings up a tale of AirB&B gone awry. There's also Tales of Run ins with wildlife, Sleeping habits, and attemps at European subterfuge.


10. Fights. Families. Funerals

Cassidy Tells Wyatt About research about a study that looks at fights inside of Families...They also talk about other things like bad haircuts, eulogies, and healthy routines. Here's a link to the Post Wyatt talked about Hopefully soon Cassidy will have a citation to put here for her article...


9. Mansplaining Female Empowerment & Cloning White Magic

Ooohh that title got your PR spidey senses tingling? Don't worry Wyatt was just intruigued buy an article all about the empwering effects of DIY projects. Then Cassidy talks about a bull that was cloned at Utah State University. Joanna Gaines probably hasn't cloned a cow before, but this episode sheds a bit of light on why everyone loves Fixer Upper so much. After all that Wyatt talks about his ideal Taylor SWIFT concert and Cassidy just wants to make a date with Danger 😉....If you know a...


8. Dementia care & Capri Suns

I had a home improvement project take a left turn so we're pulling this one out of our Back pocket. Originally slated to be our 2nd episode Cassidy talks About Dementia Care and I talk about Capri Suns for some reason. I do remember we had a good old time, so give it a listen. -Wyatt


7. You know, Pioneers & Stuff.

We have complicated relationships with our stuff. Researcher Russell W. Belk dove into the writings of Mormon Pioneers so he could paint a better picture of how we care for our possessions. Cassidy shares some behinds the scenes Rose family shenanigans. Wyatt Rants a bit about the time he went on "Pioneer Trek". Christine Baranski's name pops up and we learned that some words really need be pronounced with all their syllables.


6. Steve Buscemi – The Definition of Cool.

This is the first episode of the Podcast we recorded. In it, we learn why "Cool" means what it does. Then we examine how people change their behavior depending on who they interact with, through the lens of accommodation theory.


5. Space, time....and that one Amy Adams alien movie

It's been a minute since we recorded this episode but It's all about language and how that changes the perceptions of the world around us. It involves, some interesting people in Australia and It may give that film Arrival a bit more street cred. Then Cassidy walks us through the mechanics of bee coitus. The mains article was written by Lera Boroditsky and Alice Gaby, You should really check out more their stuff. and I'm pretty sure this is a link to the article Cassidy was talking...


4. Do sheep have more fun?

This episode is all about experience, and how experiences can intensified by sharing them with others. Researchers use double agents and chocolate trickery to give us some answers that explain to find some truth. *In this episode Cassidy refers to Cold Dips. It's just monthly tradition in which she and some friends submerge themselves in a chili lake in Washington State.


3. Texas brain fluoride. Tree toppeling humans. Sober singing.

It's kind of insane...One of the simplest elements in the universe could be capable of improving mental health and cutting violent crime in half. It's weird to think of governments putting drugs into our water supply. But, one incredibly effective prescription antipsychotic may also be a trace mineral nutrient most people don't get quite enough of. Schrauzer, G. N., & Shrestha, K. P. (1990). Lithium in drinking water and the incidences of crimes, suicides, and arrests related to drug...


2. True Crime. Television. Mumus.

In this episode, Cassidy Finds an article that might help explain her obsession with true crime. (FYI This is Actually the fourth episode we recorded and we had a couple of recording issues. So for those with supersonic hearing that's why this episode might sound a bit different.)


1. Serial Killers. Signatures. Sand Dollars.

Since true crime podcasts are taking over we decided to hop on board (at least for this episode). Wyatt Reviews a study that examines the prevalence of ritual signatures in serial homicides. Then Cassidy lightens things up with some light learning about the sexual and asexual reproductive habits of sand dollars.