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Bringing you the latest in Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity, wherever life takes you. We hope to educate, inspire and entertain with tips and lessons from members of our Fraternity.

Bringing you the latest in Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity, wherever life takes you. We hope to educate, inspire and entertain with tips and lessons from members of our Fraternity.


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Bringing you the latest in Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity, wherever life takes you. We hope to educate, inspire and entertain with tips and lessons from members of our Fraternity.






The TKE Nation Podcast | S2: E13 | Ft. Ft Mark Vukovich

Zach Scott checks in with his take on the Rule of Three and shares some inside info on our Chapter Builder resource. Also on the show, Donnie and Alex talk with a special guest tie-in since we are fresh off the Masters - Mark Vukovich (Pi-Iota, Nevada, Reno) is an aspiring professional golfer and shares his journey from downhill ski racing to golf pro. :15 Podners :30 Amen At The Corner 4:00 Masters Recap 12:00 Rule Of Three (18-year-old Donnie speaks!) 14:20 Alex Dropping Knowledge Bombs...


S2: E12 | Ft. Barry Altland

We are still celebrating National Volunteer Month this week on the podcast as we chat with Barry Altland (Xi-Iota, Central Florida). Barry is a consultant, speaker, presenter, author, facilitator and non-profit executive—In other words, he knows a thing or two about volunteering! Barry brings this experience to the table and we discuss the role of intrinsic motivation in volunteerism. Do you volunteer with any organizations? What motivates you to stay involved? Let us know on social media...


The TKE Nation Podcast | S2: E11 | Ft. Edwin Robinson

Donnie and Alex are talking with Frater Edwin Robinson (Theta-Nu, Southeastern Louisiana). Robinson is a heavily involved alumni volunteer currently serving as Grand Province Advisor for the Apollo Province (FL) and is the Commander of TKE Order of the Shield, which recognizes Fraters who have served or are currently serving in the Armed Forces. He's also about to inject your day with some intense energy. So strap in. :30 First Up, Basketball! (You were surprised, weren't you? Bet you never...


S2: E10 | College Basketball

This week we talk March Madness, bracket fails and the guys come to grips with their less than accurate predictions. We also hear from Zach Scott, who shares what he has learned from his time working for TKE HQ. :30 Happy Birthday Ava Swenson! :50 Bracket Disappointments 6:00 Alex Almost Apologizes To Nick Kimble 10:00 Hinkle Fieldhouse 12:00 Ron Harper And Michael Jordan Golf 15:00 Cole Connor vs. Nick Kimble 19:00 Miami Beach Spring Break 2021 20:50 Rule Of Three: Vacation Destinations...


The TKE Nation Podcast | S2: E9 | Heather Green; Chapter Advisor

It's March Madness, so you know Donnie and Alex are going to talk brackets. Also on the show this week is Heather Green. Heather is the Chapter Advisor for the Pi-Theta Chapter at the University of Texas-San Antonio. She is the Director of Annual Giving at UTSA and a board member, Chapter Advisor and Task Force Head of Delta Phi Epsilon Sorority. :03 March Madness 7:32 ....I Hope You Guys Like College Basketball... 14: 30 More March Madness 22:10 Rule of Three: Favorite College Campuses...


S2: E8 | Ft. Charley Reagan; Fitness Journey

It's March. Most people have already given up on their resolutions. Don't do that. Donnie and Alex talk with Frater Charley Reagan (Iota-Kappa, Clarkson) about his own fitness journey. Listen in and get motivated again! Also, Alex is traveling, and Santos says, "Hey guys." So, that's different. 6:00 NBA Topshot update 8:00 Santos says, "Hey guys." 9:30 Alex Deserved It. 11:00 LSU Chapter Kills It On Recruitment (Secrets revealed!) 13:00 (Go do it already, it's awesome.)...


S2: E7 | Ft. Joe Santangelo;VaynerMedia

We are joined by Frater Joe Santangelo (Upsilon-Lambda, Staten Island). Joe works for VanyerMedia and shares what he has learned from his time in TKE and what it has been like to work for one of the TKE HQ team's favorite entrepreneurs, Gary Vaynerchuk. Gary V is a phenomenal and energetic author, speaker and internet personality, and Joe gives us a little taste of that energy in this episode. 1:00 The Weather. Exciting right? 6:30 Swenson Is Mean. (Please keep sharing and commenting.) 10:50...


S2: E6 | Ft. Jed Collins; Your Money Vehicle

In this episode, Donnie and Swenson sit down with Jed Collins, a former NFL fullback of eight seasons turned leadership consultant/expert in financial management and our newest TKE Partnership with Your Money Vehicle. From financial insights to NFL Insider Stories and leadership, Don't miss this episode! :20 Intro 1:30 Donnie ❤️'s Snow (Sarcasm is tricky in this format.) 6:20 Chapter Eternal 9:00 Top Shot is a Fad? 11:20 Gif vs. The Wrong Way... Also Peanut Butter Preference 16:30 Rule of...


S2: E5 | Ft. Tyler M. Salley; Black History Month

Joining us for this episode is Frater Tyler M. Salley (Mu-Upsilon, Illinois State). Frater Salley is a member of the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion committee, and we discuss Black History Month and what the DEI committee is working on. Donnie and Alex also take some time to get real on what "good brotherhood" is all about. :20 Intro and Black History Month 8:00 Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Officer Training 9:25 Rule of Three 15:00 Brotherhood... Maybe Not What You Thought? 22:22 Value for...


S2: E4 | Super Bowl

This week, we talk Super Bowl. Don't act surprised; You knew this was coming. And be sure to tune in next week to talk about Black History Month with a member of the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion committee. :00 We Dive Into The Super Bowl 5:00 Basketball Season 6:00 Black History Month Preview 7:30 Back To The Super Bowl 12:40 Swenson Explains The Weeknd 17:30 Wall Street Follow Up 21:20 Rule Of Three 25:30 Where In The World Is Zach Scott (Hint: Still Tampa, but now with Super Bowl stuff)...


S2: E3 | Ft. Bryan Keller; GameStop; Jason Galea; Pizza

This week, where hear from two guests, and Zach Scott befriends a cow. Wealth management professional Bryan Keller talks about the Stock Market and GameStop, Jason Galea shares advice on business from the hard-hit restaurant industry and Donnie and Swenson talk Super Bowl - the teams, the players and the food! :20 - Welcome 1:32 - Bryan Keller/Wealth Management/GameStop 31:30 - Your Money Vehicle with Jed Collins 33:00 - Super Bowl 44:45 - Other Current Events 46:44 - The Rule of Three - Top...


S2: E2 | Ft. Phired Up Vice President Woody Woodcock

Episode 2: Where Zach is still in Florida, Swenson's Tag skills are unassailable, Donnie waxes philosophical on golf, we pick up a few podcasts you might want to check out and Phired Up VP Woody Woodcock drops some knowledge on you. Subscribe now wherever you get your podcasts or at 00:20 Intro 00:50 Swenson is disappointed 1:48 Lateral Agility (Swenson's Mad Tag Skills) 8:00 Golf and Philosophy 15:55 Rule of Three 20:00 Gary Vaynerchuk 23:17 TKE Corner 31:00 Where in the...


S2: E1 | Season Two Kickoff: New Format, Two Hosts and Special Guest Chef Brian Duffy

Season Two of the TKE Nation Podcast kicks off with a new format, two full-time hosts, and we are excited to be joined by Celebrity Chef Brian Duffy! From his early days in the kitchen to running his own restaurants, Frater Duffy has a great story to share. Subscribe now wherever you get your podcasts or at 0:00 Introducing The New Format 7:00 What's New 15:00 Checking in with the NFL 37:10 The Rule of Three 47:58 TKE Corner 54:30 Where in the World is Zach Scott 1:01:00...


Founders' Day 2021 Bonus Episode

Happy Founder's Day TKE Nation, and welcome to this special bonus episode of the TKE Nation Podcast. To celebrate our Fraternity's founding, The TKE Nation Podcast is happy to release this reenactment of that speech. It will also be available on YouTube for you to watch the full video, as it appeared for the first time during our Centennial Celebration in 1999. As we reflect on the impact of that speech and our organization's future, the TKE Nation Podcast is also proud to broadcast the 2021...


CAC 2020 Lessons Learned—Part 5 of The Esteem Discussion Series

As we near the end of 2020, Frater Alex Swenson sat down with a few members of the Collegiate Advisory Committee to find out what we learned. Join CAC Chairman Cole Conner and CAC members Ty Hogg (Beta-Zeta, Louisiana Tech) and Reese Jones (Alpha-Pi George Washington) as we break down what we've heard in the Esteem Discussion series so far and what we can expect as we look to 2021. The conversation isn't over, and the expectation of Excellence will continue no matter what the future holds!


Brad Bohannan Giving Tuesday Bonus Episode

Joining us for a special Giving Tuesday episode of the TKE Nation Podcast is Frater Brad Bohannan (Delta-Lambda, Central Missouri). Many Fraters will remember Brad for his support of our New Orleans Conclaves as well as the owner of Spirits on Bourbon and Turtle Bay—Brad and Spirits on Bourbon have been featured on Bar Rescue. In this episode, we talk to Brad about how he built his business through hard work and tenacity and why he feels motivated to give back wherever possible. Brad is an...


Big Goals, Good Plans and The Great Outdoors with Tony Watson

Frater Tony Watson is a past Leadership Academy graduate, a career sales professional and recently launched an outdoor apparel business, AllOuter ( In this episode, he joins Regional Director Santos Lara to talk business, big goals, good planning and the great outdoors. Hailing from the Salt Lake City Utah area, Tony is an avid trail runner, skier and outdoorsman. He shares his methods and techniques for setting goals and achieving them. We end our conversation talking about...


Order of the Shield: Celebrating Veterans

Happy Veterans Day, TKE Nation. On this day, we honor those who are proud to give their all for their nation. We're celebrating today by bringing you a correlating episode of the TKE Nation Podcast. In this episode, we hear from veteran Jeff Searcy (Xi-Theta) and active duty Griffin Bryn (Mu-Chi) as they talk about the relationship between their service and their brotherhood. Their stories are as unique as they are inspirational on why their relationships have taken them as far as they have,...


Young Alumni Career Coaching

A.J. Eckstein is one of TKE Nation's fastest rising young professionals. In this episode, we learn what it has taken for A.J. to get where he is today and his biggest tips for young alumni entering today's unique workforce. He recently launched a start-up called the Career Coaching Company, which now has more than ten Career Coaches, reviewed over 100 resumes, and has coached over 200 hours collectively. Their team has industry-specific coaches that work at companies like The Boston...


Alumni Endowed Scholarships with Roger Underwood

We all know that having an active alumni base is a sign of a strong chapter. But is your alumni base as functional as they could be? In this episode, CEO Donnie Aldrich sits down with Frater Roger Underwood (Epsilon, Iowa State) to learn about the robust scholarship program he has been instrumental in building for Epsilon. The Epsilon Alumni Association is responsible for a scholarship program that began humbly in 1963 with only a two five hundred dollar scholarships and has now grown to...