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Bringing you the latest in Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity, wherever life takes you. We hope to educate, inspire and entertain with tips and lessons from members of our Fraternity.

Bringing you the latest in Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity, wherever life takes you. We hope to educate, inspire and entertain with tips and lessons from members of our Fraternity.


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Bringing you the latest in Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity, wherever life takes you. We hope to educate, inspire and entertain with tips and lessons from members of our Fraternity.






Field Notes: Stories from the road

Right before the Covid-19 situation took over the world's focus, we were lucky enough to get a few of the guys into the studio for a chat. In this episode, Nick Kimble, Kevin Warnke, Victor Casanova, Santos Lara, Joey Krzywonos, Shane McClure and TJ Morgan spent some time swapping stories from TKE Nation and experiences gained as members of the Professional Staff. Tune in to learn why Kevin is now humble, where to find Joey's Youtube channel and why Nick will always represent for his home...


Finance Tips with Rob Guarini: Sysco Corporation Finance Exec.

In this episode, the Grand Histor and Sysco Corporation Finance Exec., Rob J. Guarini joined us to talk finance. We dig into personal finance, chapter finance, investing, gaining experience and leveraging your networks. Everyone wants to be financially secure, but not everyone knows how to make that happen. Invest in yourself with this episode, get started on your financial education, get some tips for your financial health and let us know what resonated with you.


Live From RLC 2020

San Francisco, NY/NJ, Atlanta and Chicago. This February, hundreds of men from across TKE Nation gathered in these cities for the TKE Regional Leadership Conferences. Didn't make it to an RLC? This episode is for you! At each RLC, we captured an inside peek at what's offered and insights from members of TKE's top chapters. Hear something you like? Be sure to let us know in the comments so we can keep providing you with great content from across TKE Nation! - :30 Introduction with Alex...


Live from RLC 2020!

Weren't able to make it to this year's Regional Leadership Conferences? In this week's episode, we bring you along for a taste of what our San Francisco Regional Leadership Conference attendees received. RLC is a great place to grow yourself, get inspired and learn a few new things. Whether you are still in college, starting a career or ending a career, let this episode served to inspire you to live an engaged life and motivate you to future excellence. Keep an eye out for our next episode...


Get more. Give more. Be more.

What is the value of a volunteer? For TKE, it is priceless. Joining us this episode are Fraters Todd Farmer and Pete Dawson, Professional Staff veterans, and two men who understand the value of a volunteer. More than that, we dive into why volunteering at all levels of TKE provides tremendous value to the volunteer and our organization as a whole. Our volunteers have the opportunity to run programs, manage diverse workgroups, network, develop communication and conflict resolution insights...


Nick and Zach on Growing the Fraternity

What is recruitment? We often hear that it is the lifeblood of the Fraternity, but it can be so much more than that. Join us as Director of Expansion Nick Kimble and Director of Fraternal Growth Zach Scott discuss the finer points of working with people. Learn the best practices and identify why recruitment is important to you as an individual. Lifelong connections often start with strangers - are you using recruitment to build your future network with the best men you can find, and are you...


How To: Chris Niles on Alumni Associations

Are there Tekes in your area? Why not work towards bringing those men together and continuing your TKE experience. In this episode, Chris Niles walks you through The who, what and why of creating a valuable alumni experience with an alumni association. Organize your local alumni, host events, create professional development programs, volunteer and make a difference to your community or local chapter, when you are formally connected to other alumni, the possibilities are endless.


What’s in it for you? Chris Niles on the Alumni Experience

Are you getting the most out of your TKE experience after graduation? The mission of TKE is to aid men in their mental, moral and social development FOR LIFE. In this episode, Chris Niles and Donnie Aldrich discuss the role of alumni in our organization as well as opportunities you may be missing. Networking, leadership training, professional mentoring or even volunteering. Not all volunteer roles are multi-year commitments; learn more about micro-volunteering, social or professional...


Change your thinking. Change your life.

As we approach the start of a new year, many will take time to evaluate themselves and their circumstances. Are you where you want to be? Where you planned to be? Who you expected to be? In this episode, Donnie shares thoughts from leading experts that have motivated and inspired him and that he hopes will inspire you. Excellence doesn't happen by accident. Changing the way you look at the world is the first step in attaining your vision of an ideal life. Listen, evaluate and start asking...


Your Collegiate Advisory Committee with Cole Conner

In this episode, we sit down with the head of the Collegiate Advisory Committee, Cole Conner. The mission of the Collegiate Advisory Committee of Tau Kappa Epsilon is to serve as a liaison between the collegiate membership and the Grand Council and Offices of the Grand Chapter. Listen now to hear what Cole and the CAC have in mind to steward TKE into the future. Learn more at


Connections: Elmer Smith on Leadership, Brotherhood and Giving

Fraternity means a lot of things to a lot of people - For Frater Elmer Smith, its a connection like no other. In this episode, one of the Fraternity's most generous donors and volunteers shares why he chooses to give to TKE at such high levels. Elmer also shares how what he gained from TKE as a collegiate has sparked a lifelong passion for giving back that started with a 20 dollar donation and now includes a Million Dollar Match to endow the Charles R. Walgreen Jr. TKE Leadership Academy....


Swenson Returns! Let’s talk RLC.

Alex Swenson begins this episode by admitting fantasy football missteps... but more importantly, we breakdown the details of RLC. What can you expect before, during and after? Who you will have a chance to learn from? What discounts are available? How to have tough conversations and perform at the highest level? If you have questions about attending RLC, this episode is for you. Early Bird deadline is December 12, so after the show, visit to get the best registration rate!


How to: Officer Transitions with Donnie Aldrich

Every year, your chapter/colony transitions from one group of officers to the next. New officers don't inherently know how to do the job, so take fifteen minutes to learn the best practices from across TKE Nation with this episode of the TKE Nation Podcast. Don't miss out on this opportunity to make your next officer transition seamless. After the episode, visit to go deeper with The Official Officer Transition Guide.


Zach Scott on The Promises of Brotherhood

Director of Fraternal Growth, Zach Scott, sits down with TKE CEO, Donnie Aldrich, to discover why New Member Education is crucial to your recruitment strategy - and the health of your brotherhood. Zach talks best practices, real-world tips and reality checks. Is your education program holding you back or pushing you forward? Find out in this episode of the TKE Nation Podcast and keep the conversation going on social media. What works for you?


Culture with Ryan Vescio

The latest buzzword is culture, but not many know how to create it, and even more, won't be able to maintain it. In this episode, Frater Ryan Vescio joins us to take an in-depth look at culture. How do you take a "fraternity of me" and turn it into a "Fraternity of We." We explore how values and collaboration are the keys to success in creating a community with common bonds and a worldwide culture of excellence. We all start with the same bond; what we do with it from there is up to us.


Alumni Engagement with Michael Beals

We often talk about the Fraternity for life, but that doesn't happen on its own. How do you create a culture of engagement that lasts past graduation? In this episode, Grand Crysophylos, Michael Beals shares his experience as a Teke from Iowa State. From a group in hard times to a perennial Top TKE Chapter with a huge alumni base, Frater Beals shares the Epsilon chapter journey. If you have the Expectation of Excellence and want to have an engaged alumni community, this a must-listen episode.


Arete: Excellence In What You Do with Greg Roskopf

If you are interested in learning more about participating or facilitating at the Charles R. Walgreen Jr. Leadership Academy, please visit or reach out to us at Don't forget to keep the conversation going on social media. We look forward to hearing your thoughts on excellence in your own lives.


The Myths of Recruitment with Nick Kimble

In this episode, Director of Expansion Nick Kimble speaks with TKE CEO Donald E. Aldrich about the myths of recruitment.


Get to Know TKE Staff - Alex Swenson's Fantasy Football Preview

In this episode, Alex Swenson, fantasy football expert (self-proclaimed), breaks down his recommendations on how to win in fantasy football. Swenson has won multiple leagues and typically finds himself in the playoffs each season.


Get To Know TKE Staff - Alex Swenson's Football Preview

In this episode, Alex Swenson, Director of Education, breaks down the upcoming professional football season. Swenson majored in broadcast journalism and public relations at Franklin College, just south of Indianapolis, and got to spend four years broadcasting Franklin Grizzlies football and basketball on air.