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A podcast for teachers and trainers who want to love their jobs and be amazing teachers without sacrificing their own time, mental health and wellbeing.


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A podcast for teachers and trainers who want to love their jobs and be amazing teachers without sacrificing their own time, mental health and wellbeing.




An Update from Martine - April 2022

Links I mentioned: The Wellbeing-Driven Productivity PodcastNotes by MartineMartine's WebsiteMartine on Twitter


What's Next for the Podcast?

Hello, it's Martine here, I am recording this towards the end of June 2021 and I wanted to give you an idea of what's on the horizon for The Teaching Space - in particular, the podcast. Next year is the third and final year of my masters in education - my dissertation year. I know this is going to take up a lot of my energy and focus, but I am determined to reach the end. The reality of this is, of course, I need to refocus my priorities a bit. Podcasting is so much fun - I love doing it...


The Power of a Personal Weekly, Monthly and Annual Review

Highlights Helpful links Plus, Minus, NextNow page Notion templateEpisode 121 Personal Knowledge Management for Teachers and Trainers Notion Mastery courseNotion dashboard videoThe Teaching Space Community


Personal Knowledge Management for Teachers and Trainers

Highlights Helpful links Martine’s Digital GardenExcalidraw for diagramsShower notepadNotionObsidianReadwiseDraftsHighlightsZettelkasten methodMartine’s Twitter thread on this topic Notion Mastery courseThe Teaching Space Community


Top Tips for Mentoring a Trainee Teacher

This episode topic was requested by Ashely in The Teaching Space Community. She said: "I would love to hear about the most beneficial things you can have a student-teacher do before exiting the program and teaching on their own. This is my first time having a student-teacher." In this podcast I am going to focus on general advice for those mentoring trainee teachers or new trainers as I do not have expertise in sectors outside of corporate and FE. To try to give a rounded response to this...


Leading Your Own Professional Development An Interview with Elizabeth Hutchinson

Highlights Thanks Thanks to Elizabeth for returning to the show and being an awesome guest. Helpful links Elizabeth’s websiteElizabeth on TwitterEpisode 13 Why it’s Time to Get to Know Your School Librarian, An Interview With Elizabeth HutchinsonCILIPMartine’s interview with Professor Matt O’LearyClubhouseLibrary Staff Love LearningCreate Positive Habits That Stick


A Teacher's Guide to EduTwitter

Thanks to Daniela, who is a member of The Teaching Space Community, for suggesting this episode topic. You can join the community at This topic has been influenced by my own experience as well a number of articles I read on the topic. I will link to the articles in the show notes which you will find at This episode will focus on teachers using Twitter for their own purposes rather than using it with students. Highlights What is...


Talking Teacher Wellbeing An Interview with Parm Plummer

Highlights Thanks Thanks to Parm for being such an interesting and generous guest. Helpful links WomenEdVictoria College, JerseyParm on TwitterWomenEd on TwitterYou Need to Stop Being a Perfectionist Teacher Right NowCould it be That You Need to Drop Your Standards?High Challenge, Low Threat by Mary Myatt Leading ethically (ASCL) Teachers and Mental Health - Interview with Chris ChamberlainManaging Worry for Teachers and Trainers


How to Remember What You Read

Highlights Introduction Materials in Focus How I Remember What I Read Helpful links Readwise How to use Readwise with NotionEbbinghaus Forgetting CurveJames Clear’s three sentence book summaries


How Teachers and Trainers Can Avoid Decision Fatigue

Highlights Introduction Small Decisions What Can You Automate, Delegate or Eliminate? Automate Delegate Eliminate Postpone? Over to You Helpful links The Teaching Space CommunityReadwise5 Ways Teachers Can Mark Faster and Smarter5 More Ways Teachers Can Mark Faster and SmarterCreate Positive Habits That StickHow to Sleep Better An Interview with Daniel WhiteAtomic Habits by James ClearNotion template for podcastersBring appThe Teaching Space Extra


Productivity for Teachers and Trainers An Interview with AJ Smith

Highlights Thanks Thanks to AJ for being such an interesting and engaging guest. Helpful links AJ on TwitterMartine on TwitterAJ's blogAJ on YouTubeHow AJ uses Notion as a Teacher Planner Notion Mastery courseMartine's Notion templatesDavid Allen, GTDComparative judgementNotion


Teachers and Mental Health An Interview with Chris Chamberlain

Highlights Thanks Thanks to my generous guest, Chris Chamberlain. Helpful links on LinkedinGuernsey MindUK MindPodcast episode about sleepPodcast episode about saying ‘no’Mental Health First Aid


Trust-Based Lesson Observations An Interview With Craig Randall

Highlights Thanks Thank you so much to Craig Randall for being a charming and informative guest on the podcast. Helpful links Trust-Based ObservationsTrust-Based Observationstrustbased.comcraig@trustbased.comMartine’s podcast interview with Professor Matt O’Leary


My Master’s Study Toolkit

Episode 111 of The Teaching Space Podcast features my master’s study toolkit (how we love a toolkit episode!) Highlights Helpful links Master’s Degree in Education, Leadership and Management, Open UniversityEpisode 110: 12 Tips for Preparing to Study a Master's Degree in Your SpareThe Teaching Space CommunityBookshelf by Vital SourceGoodNotesCite The For MeiAnnotateApple Magic Keyboard for iPad ProRusty and Monica - Notion for Academics


12 Tips for Preparing to Study a Master's Degree in Your Spare Time

Episode 110 of The Teaching Space Podcast shares 12 tips for preparing to study a master’s degree in your spare time. Highlights Helpful links Episode 80: On Being a Student AgainOpen University, Master’s in EducationEpisode 62: Time Blocking for Teachers and TrainersEpisode 98: Time Blocking for Teachers and Trainers RevisitedMartine on TwitterJoin The Teaching Space Community


How to Sleep Better An Interview with Daniel White

Episode 109 of The Teaching Space Podcast is an interview with sleep specialist, Daniel White, who has some great advice to help teachers and trainers sleep better. Highlights Thanks Thanks to Daniel White for being such a generous guest. Helpful links Daniel’s websiteSleep Better Live Better courseSleep Better Live Better storeWhy Light Is Just As Important As Food and How To Hack Your Smartphone, PC or Laptop For Better SleepWhy We Sleep by Professor Matthew...


Six Changes I Have Made to Become a Healthier Teacher

Highlights Wrap Up (16:37) I hope you’ve enjoyed this episode. Another way to become a healthier teacher is to improve your relationship with technology (as alluded to in episode 106). To help with this, you might like to check out my online course, Achieve Inbox Zero. You can find it at Helpful Links Atomic Habits by James ClearThe Power of Habit by Charles DuhiggEpisode 100 An Interview with Oliver CaviglioliPeloton appThe Laid Back Guide To Intermittent...


Top Tips for Newly Qualified Teachers An Interview with Vanessa Mee

Highlights Wrap Up (26:55) If you are a trainee teacher or a newly qualified teacher or trainer in any sector of education, why not pop over to The Teaching Space community - I’ll see you there. Helpful Links Guernsey College of Further EducationSouth Cheshire College Sir David CollinsTime Blocking for Teachers and TrainersTime Blocking for Teachers and Trainers RevisitedQTLS


How to Establish a Healthier Relationship with Social Media

Highlights Your Relationship with Social Media (02:10) What Can You Do? (06:25) Wrap Up (16:00) If you are currently working on improving your relationship with technology generally, you might like to check out my online course, Achieve Inbox Zero. You can find it at Helpful Links Martine on TwitterMartine on PinterestPodcast Episode 103 - How to Stop Email Taking Over Your LifeDrafts app (where I draft social media messages sometimes - Apple only)How to...


Classroom Observation An Interview with Matt O' Leary

This episode is kindly sponsored by Subject Leaders. Highlights Thanks Thanks so much to Matt O’Leary for coming on the show and thanks also go to this episode’s sponsor, Subject Leaders. Helpful Links Birmingham City UniversityMatt’s latest research on Research GateMatt O’Leary on TwitterMatt O’Leary on LinkedinMatt on RoutledgeAmazonGuernsey College of Further Education