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Tommy Edison, who's blind since birth, talks about the latest news & pop culture, and answers questions about living without sight.

Tommy Edison, who's blind since birth, talks about the latest news & pop culture, and answers questions about living without sight.


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Tommy Edison, who's blind since birth, talks about the latest news & pop culture, and answers questions about living without sight.




Episode 55 - Loudest Animal In The World

Sign Up For Patreon Exclusives 7 Ways to Fix YouTube Notifications Not Working on iPhone YouTube ends email notifications for new uploads and livestreams Can A Blind Person Do Carpentry? Video backwoodsjake - #stitch with...


Episode 54 - Visual Comedy

Topics: Introduction • Next Episode is the Patron-only Live Stream on May 30 • Backwards Music Game Sample • What Happened When Tommy Got A Haircut? • Tommy's Uber Driver Was Deaf • New Apple + Series - 1971: The Year That Music Changed Everything • Binge-Watching A TV Show vs Watching It Weekly (The Sopranos, Breaking Bad, Walking Dead, Black-ish, CSI, Madam Secretary) • Grossed Out By New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio's Shake Shack Promotion • Favorite Fast Food & Pizza Restaurants •...


Episode 53 - The Noise of Art

Topics: Introduction • Should Tommy Cut His Hair Short or Keep It Long? • May The 4th a.k.a. Star Wars Day Is Coming Up • Is The Star Wars Radio Drama Easier To Follow Than The Film For A Blind Person? • Sound Sculptures At Museums Offer A Different Experience For Blind People • Super Chats • Are You Able To Enjoy Movies With Mostly Music and Visuals like Natural Born Killers, Kill Bill, and Dazed & Confused? • International Guide Dog Day • How Do Guide Dogs Handle Large Crowds and Loud...


10th Anniversary Special - Blind Film Critic

Topics: Introduction • 10th Anniversary of Posting Videos on YouTube • How The Blind Film Critic YouTube Channel Started • Test Footage Before The First Blind Film Critic Review • More Out-takes! • Tommy Reviews "Dazed & Confused" (1993) • Has Tommy Ever Seen Shallow Hal? • The Movie That Almost Ended The Blind Film Critic Channel in 2011 • Playlists Available of Movie Reviews Organized By Tommy's Score/Rating • What's Tommy's Experience With Older Media Formats? (VHS, Video 8, LaserDisc,...


Episode 52 - Blind Film Critic

Topics: Introduction • 10th Anniversary of the Blind Film Critic Movie Reviews • Sign Up To Patreon This Month To Get A Free Blind Film Critic Sticker • Another Upcoming Patreon-only Live Stream This Month • Watching Tommy's First Blind Film Critic Review of Scream 4 • What Factors Does Tommy Consider When Giving a Film A Rating? • When Pop Music Is Used In Film / Movie Soundtracks • Watching The Unedited Raw Footage from the First Movie Review • Local News Stations In Connecticut Reported...


Episode 51 - Blind Jokes

Topics: Introduction • June's Remix: Tommy Edison: C'mon Man • Tommy Bought Sound Gear Online Without Listening To It, How Did It Go?• President Joe Biden's Easter Message • Baseball Season Started • How Tommy Became of Fan of Baseball • Full Video of Tommy Going To The Batting Cage in 2010 • Do American's Wear Their Shoes Inside Their Homes? • "Almost Famous" Documentary About Comedian Kevin Brennan • Kevin Brennan Sounds Just Like This Other Comedian From The 1980s • Facebook Group Update...


Episode 50 - Gold

Topics: Welcome To The 50th Episode • Sign Up For Our Special Patreon-Only Live Show Next Week • What's "50" In Pop Culture? • SuperChat • President Joe Biden's Fall With Sound Effects Added • Tommy's Story About Falling Down Stairs • SuperChats • If Tommy Could Change A Moment In His Past, What Is It and Would He Do it? • How Ikea's New Audio Catalog Works For Blind People • Zoom Escaper: Tool To Escape Zoom Meetings • SuperChat • What's Your Worst Restaurant Experience? • Tommy's Breakdown...


Episode 49 - Live On Tape

Topics: Introduction • Patreon-only Live Stream Coming Up • How Daylight Saving Time in Arizona Is Different From The Rest of the United States • A Tribute To The Inventor of the Compact Cassette, Lou Ottens • Lou Ottens Featured In The Trailer For "Cassette: A Documentary Mixtape" • Retro TV Commercials About The Compact Cassette • Tommy Demonstrates A Vintage Technics RS-M205 Cassette Player/Recorder • How A Blind Person Benefits From The Tactile Experience of Older Technology • Netflix...


Episode 48 - Am I Pregnant?

Introduction • New Setup In The Studio • Tommy's Bowling Pin, Baseball Bat, and Metal "T" • How Does A Blind Person Pack & Move? • SuperChats • Do Specific Smells Trigger Memories For Tommy? • When Tommy Got In Trouble For Smoking In High School • Can of Questions • What Happened To The Tommy Edison Experience YouTube Channel? • Do They Have Sheet Music For Blind People? • How Does A Blind Person Know When The Power Goes Out During A Storm? • In The News: News Reporter Robbed At Gunpoint In...


Episode 47 - New Schedule

Topics: Introduction • The Secret Behind The Can of Questions on Patreon • New Schedule For The Podcast • Sundays on The Radio • Sound Clips of Tommy as a Traffic Reporter on the Radio • More Photos Taken by Tommy of Route 66 in Arizona • Super Chats • Has Tommy Watched The TV Show "Radio Free Roscoe"? What Are Some Other Shows About Radio? • Can of Questions • How Does Tommy Find His Records? • Overhead Camera a.k.a. Sky Cam Upgrade • Remembering Old Media: The Compact Disc (Jimi Hendrix,...


Episode 46 - Fruit Cam

Topics: Introduction • Tommy's Running Routine • Unpacking The Studios Leads To Finding More Blasts From The Past • Re-Introducing "Sky Cam" The Overhead Camera • Revisiting The Nerf Hyperfire Elite From The "Greetings From Edison" Video • Boston Man Running To Be First Blind City Councilor • SuperChats • Has Tommy Ever Seen "See No Evil, Hear No Evil" Starring Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder? • Tide's Super Bowl Commercial With Audio Description • Subaru's TV Commercial with Audio Description...


Episode 45 - Pictures In Your Mind

Topics: Introduction • How Moving Can Be Like Christmas When Unpacking Lost And Forgotten Items • Are Wind Chimes Annoying? • Tommy's Collection of 45 RPM Records From When He Was A Teenager • Can of Questions • Has Tommy Ever Touched A Deer's Antlers? • Which Blind Characters in Movies Are Your Favorite? • SuperChat • If Tommy Could Design A Video Game That Didn't Require Vision To Play, What Would It Be Like? • What Happens When You Play Your Live Stream During The Same Live Stream? • Dick...


Episode 44 - Bumpy Fridge

Topics: Introduction • How Tommy Made His Refrigerator & Other Appliances Accessible For A Blind Person? • Surprise Visit • Tommy Almost Got This Kind of Tattoo • What Other Things Need Braille Labels? • A Tribute To Rush Limbaugh's Career In Radio • 16-Year Old Brazilian Ballerina Who Was Born Without Arms • Can of Questions • Do You Notice If Your Hearing Is Affected When You've Been Drinking Like A Sighted Person's Vision May Be Distorted? • What Would Happen If Someone Forced Tommy's...


Episode 43 - New Studios

Topics: New Studios Are Finally Set Up • Closer Look At Ben's Studio and The Cart Machine (Sound Effects, The Radio Trip, EBS Test) • How Does A Blind Person Describe Valentine’s Day? • Blind Climber Erik Weihenmayer in the Super Bowl 'Guaranteed Rate' TV Commercial • Super Chat • Can of Questions • If Someone Shined A Bright Colored Light In Your Eyes, Could You See The Color? • Are You Scared of Dying? • Is Tommy The Blind Singer (Jeff Healey) From The Movie Roadhouse? • Past Episodes Are...


Episode 42 - Ice Wall

Topics: Introduction • Why There Won't Be Any Live Podcast Shows Next Week • Why We're Multi-Streaming The Podcast • Ice Maze Made Out of 500,000 Pounds of Ice • Has Tommy Ever Touched An Ice Sculpture? • UPS Driver Rescues Wheelchair-Bound Woman Stuck On Train Tracks • SuperChats • What Is The Most Common Item You Forget Placing Around The House? • What's Tommy's Opinion About The Movie "Pirate Radio"? • 31:40 • Welcoming New Patreon Members • Can of Questions • Have You Ever Experienced...


Episode 41 - The King

Topics: Introduction • Important Announcement About The Podcast • Remembering Radio & Television Legend Larry King • Larry King Known For Taking Unscreened Phoned Calls • Larry King Interviews Robert Blake About The Murder of Bonnie Lee Bakley • Don Rickles Cracks Up Larry King • Larry King And Paula Adbul Have An Interesting Exchange • Larry King's Final Show on CNN • Can of Questions • If Someone's Born Blind and Deaf, What Language Do They Think In? • Does Tommy Ever Read The Comments In...


Episode 40 - Voices

Topics: Introduction • People Trying To Drive in Snowstorms Around The World • New Sound Clips For The Show • First Ladies Melania Trump and Jill Biden • News Anchor Steve Bartelstein & Weatherman Bill Evans Get Into An Argument During A News Story About Melania Trump • News Anchors Paul Moyer and Ann Martin Argue Before Going On The Air • Can of Questions • Is There Anything About Narrators' Voices That Bothers Tommy? • Has Tommy Ever Wanted To Have Children? • Is There A Greater Change...


Episode 39 - Snakes

Topics: Live Streaming The Podcast on Multiple Platforms • New Sounds For The Show • National Guard in Washington D.C. Reminds Us Of Retro TV Commercials For The Army and National Guard • Paraplegic Climber Attempts To Scale Hong Kong Skyscraper • SuperChat • The Showgram Is Now Available Multiple Platforms • Patreon Welcome • Has There Ever Been A Teacher That Had Taken Issue With Tommy Being Left-Handed? • Has Tommy Ever Touched A Bird? • Has Tommy Ever Touched A Snake? • Would You Ever...


Episode 38 - Twitched (Replay)

Topics: Streaming The Podcast on Multiple Platforms Live • New Sounds For The Show • Personal Robot Assistant Demonstrations At CES 2021 • Samsung's Bot Care and Bot Handy • CES Went Virtual This Year • Can of Questions • Tommy Drinking A&W Root Beer In Past Videos? • What's Tommy's Favorite Odd Song and Novelty Record? • Technical Difficulties During The Live Stream • Impromptu Game: Name That Bell • Reseting The Stream • Cyndi Lauper's New Year's Eve Debacle • And More!


Episode 37 - Not A Clip Show

Topics: Introduction • Watch The Podcast on YouTube & Twitch • New Sound Clips For The Show • The Sopranos Debuted 21 Years Ago Today • When Tommy Interviewed Joe Pantoliano From The Sopranos • Tommy's Favorite Characters In The Sopranos • Blind Grappler Wins Combat Jiu-Jitsu Super Fight • 28:55 • When Tommy Went To The Batting Cages • SuperChat • Has Tommy Ever Tried Yoga or Dancing? • Can of Questions • Which Famous Landmark or Object Would You Like To Touch? • What Are You Drinking During...