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Tommy Edison, who’s been blind since birth, uses humor to answer questions about living without sight, and explores the latest news, current events, and pop culture.

Tommy Edison, who’s been blind since birth, uses humor to answer questions about living without sight, and explores the latest news, current events, and pop culture.


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Tommy Edison, who’s been blind since birth, uses humor to answer questions about living without sight, and explores the latest news, current events, and pop culture.




Episode 38 - Twitched (Replay)

Topics: Streaming The Podcast on Multiple Platforms Live • New Sounds For The Show • Personal Robot Assistant Demonstrations At CES 2021 • Samsung's Bot Care and Bot Handy • CES Went Virtual This Year • Can of Questions • Tommy Drinking A&W Root Beer In Past Videos? • What's Tommy's Favorite Odd Song and Novelty Record? • Technical Difficulties During The Live Stream • Impromptu Game: Name That Bell • Reseting The Stream • Cyndi Lauper's New Year's Eve Debacle • And More!


Episode 37 - Not A Clip Show

Topics: Introduction • Watch The Podcast on YouTube & Twitch • New Sound Clips For The Show • The Sopranos Debuted 21 Years Ago Today • When Tommy Interviewed Joe Pantoliano From The Sopranos • Tommy's Favorite Characters In The Sopranos • Blind Grappler Wins Combat Jiu-Jitsu Super Fight • 28:55 • When Tommy Went To The Batting Cages • SuperChat • Has Tommy Ever Tried Yoga or Dancing? • Can of Questions • Which Famous Landmark or Object Would You Like To Touch? • What Are You Drinking During...


Episode 36 - Daze of Thunder

Topics: The Showgram Now Available on Twitch • New Sound Clips for the Show • Funny Moments From The Leaked President Trump / Georgia's Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger • When Is The Right Time To Take Down Christmas Decorations? • Why Is Amazon Buying Boeing Jets? • Viewer-Made Movie Trailer Parody of Tommy Starring In A 'Days of Thunder' Remake • The Grammys 2021 Postponed • Famous Songs Re-Recorded By The Original Artists Years Later (Stuck In The Middle With You, Dancing In The...


Episode 35 - What's That Smell?

Introduction • New Platform Schedule for the Podcast • New Sound Clips For The Show • Awkward Moment During Joe & Jill Biden's Appearance on Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve with Ryan Seacrest • More New Sound For The Show • How Was President Trump Voted Most Admired Man In 2020 If The Mainstream Media Tells People Otherwise? • Biden Supporters React To Trump Being Named Most Admired Man (The Daily Caller) • The Pandemic Didn't Stop New Yorkers From Taking The New Year's Day Polar Bear...


Episode 34 - Goodbye 2020

New Sound Clips For The Podcast • NYPD Urges People To Stay Away From Times Square on New Year's Eve • Ryan Seacrest Doesn't Sound Excited For This Year's New Year's Rockin' Eve Show • Two Sisters Who Do Everything Together... Even Giving Birth! • Tommy Reacts To Twitch Banning The Term "Blind Playthrough" • In The Future, Wednesday's Episodes of the Podcast Will Be Live On Twitch (The Podcast Will Remain Live on Sundays on YouTube) • A Viewer of the Podcast Shares His Take On Christmas And...


Episode 33 - Key Change

Topics: New Sound Bites For The Show • How Key Changes in Music In TV Commercials Affects The Viewer • Can of Questions • When You Started To Work in Radio, How Did The Interview Process Go? Did They Hired Someone That Was Blind Before? • Can You Laugh in Spanish? • Famous People Who Died At Age 33 • Billionaire Neighbor Accused Of Blasting 'Gilligan's Island' Theme Song In His Neighbor • A Father-Daughter Winter Camping Trip Is Not What It Seems • Australians Seem Like The Happiest People...


Episode 32 - Unbelievable Holiday

Christmas Music • Jessica Simpson & Nick Lachey's "Baby It's Cold Outside" • New Sound Bites & Sound Effects For The Podcast • Santa Claus Scaring Small Children • Joe & Jill Biden Sing "Happy Birthday" To Dr. Anthony Fauci • Was Heath Ledger Inspired By Tom Waits Voice For The Joker in "The Dark Knight"? • "A Christmas Story" Parents Were Drunk On Christmas Morning • Tommy Watches A Clip From "Christmas Vacation" When Chevy Chase Lights Up The House • Bad Censorship of Movies on TV - Die...


Episode 31 - Christmas Pirates

Topics: Introduction • Pirate Ship Christmas Decorations Angers Neighbors In Connecticut • New Sound Bites For The Podcast • What Does Tommy Think About Deep Fake Computer-Generated Voices of Famous People (US Presidents, George W Bush, Mister Rogers) • Christmas Can of Questions • What's Tommy's Opinion on Religion and God? • What's One of the Things That Surprises Tommy The Most About Other Blind People? • How Do Blind People Distinguish Paper Money in the United States? • Slow News Day:...


Episode 30 - Sunday Night Live

Shortest Day of The Year & The Sundance Channel • New Sound Bites For The Podcast • Jim Carrey Steps Down from Playing Joe Biden on Saturday Night Live • Clips of Jim Carrey's Impression of Joe Biden • Can of Questions • When Ben Walked Into Tommy's Apartment For The First Time, What Were Some of the Quirks He Noticed About The Way A Blind Man Keeps His Home? (Part 1) • Holiday Party Story - The First Time Tommy & Ben Hung Out • 'Quirks' Question (Part 2) • Deaf Blind 17-year-old Becomes...


Episode 29 - The Matrix Plow

Introduction • We Live Streamed On Twitch For Episode 28 of The Podcast • Snowstorm Hits The Northeast (Philadelphia, Boston, New York, New Haven) • mWalking Through Manhattan During The Snowstorm On Wednesday • Another Snow Plow Accident On The Highway • Cars Are Crashing Into Restaurant's Outdoor Dining Areas • SuperChat: What Kind of Storm Do You Think Is The Coolest? Thunderstorm, Hurricane, Tornado, Snowstorm, Sand Storm? • Can of Questions • How Should I Help Someone Who Is Blind While...


Episode 28 - Sampled (First Live Twitch Show)

Topics: Famous Pop Songs And The Samples They Used (Part 1) • Patreon Question: Tommy's Favorite Radio Stations? • Can of Questions: Should Someone Identify Themselves When They See An Acquaintance Who is Blind? • Patreon Question: Tommy's Favorite Jokes? • Father Gets Tattoo To Match His Son's Birth Birthmark • Famous Pop Songs And The Samples They Used (Part 2) • When Movie Trailers Used To Feature Announcers (1970s - 2010) • Movie Trailers Include Tom & Jerry, North by Northwest, Dirty...


Episode 27 - Christmas Incoming

Topics: New Platforms Where You Can Follow The Podcast • New Group on Facebook • Holiday Survival Guide For Spending Time With Your Family • SuperChats • What's Your Favorite Texture? • Bob Odenkirk's New Movie • NOBODY Trailer Released • When Tommy Met Bob Odenkirk But Didn't Know It • When Tommy Met José Feliciano • SuperChat • Guessing Sounds of Construction • Tommy Reacts To Owen Benjamin & His Desk Breaking • Police Body Cam Footage Of Rescuing A Man From A Creek • SuperChat • What's...


Episode 26 - Come On, Man

Topics: Podcast Returns After Solving Technical Issues • First Nor'easter of the Season • Snow Plow Accident Caught On Tape • Snowstorm Causes Car Accident & The Rescue Goes Wrong • Can of Questions • Are There Braille Label Makers? • If You Blow Air On A Blind Person's Eyeballs, Do They Feel It? • Welcoming The New Members of Patreon • Does Tommy Remember What Methods Were Used To Initially Teach Him How To Read, Write And Speak? • Does Tommy Have A Hobby Or Something He Likes To Do In His...


Episode 25 - Poor Reception

Topics: New Schedule For The Podcast • New Camera On The Show • Christmas and Holiday Parties At Work • Online and Virtual Holiday Parties • You Can Hire A Virtual Party Planner • SuperChat: What Are Tommy's Christmas Season Traditions? • SuperChat: What's Your Favorite Christmas Gift of All Time? • Can of Questions • Would Tommy Trade The Use of His Legs For Sight? • How Would Tommy or Blind Person Burglarize A House? • Is Tommy Afraid of Any Animals? • Technical Issues Begin • Emotional...


Episode 24 - Post-Thanksgiving

Topics: Trying Live Podcast Episodes • Thanksgiving Movies • Planes, Trains, & Automobiles • Scent of a Woman (English & Italian versions) • Profumo di Donna • Patreon Question: What Does Tommy Think of the British Royal Family? • Patreon Welcome & Question: When is it Too Early To Celebrate Christmas? • Patreon Question: When is the Best Time To Start Celebrating Christmas in the UK and the US? • When Radio Stations Change To Playing 24 Hours of Christmas/Holiday Music • Favorite Christmas...


Episode 23 - Déjà Vu

Topics: We Have A New Feature On The Podcast • Join Us For An Upcoming Special Live Stream on Thanksgiving Day (11/26/2020) on The TommyEdisonXP Channel • Possible Schedule Change For The Podcast • There Was An Earthquake Off The Coast of Massachusetts? • Welcoming The Newest Patreon Members • Sneak Peek at our Bonus Content On Patreon • Can of Questions • Would Tommy Ever Consider Making A Video Where He Felt Body Parts On A Cadaver? • Has Tommy Ever Had Deja Vu? • How Do Blind People...


Episode 22 - On The Road

Topics: The Podcast Is On the Road • Would You Host Your Home on Airbnb? • Airbnb Host Allegedly Scammed Out of $6000 By An Influencer • Patron Welcome & Questions • Can You Distinguish Different Bit-Rates in Digital Music Files? • What is Your Favorite Medium to Listen to Music? • Can You Whistle and Hum at the Same Time? • 100th Anniversary of Radio • Reenactment of the First Radio Broadcast on KDKA • The Evolution of Radio Through Jingles (1920s, 1950s - 2010s) • Can You Identify This...


Episode 21 - Tinted Windows

Topics: Autonomous/Driverless Cars Allowed To Operate In San Francisco Without Backup Drivers • Would You Be A Passenger In A Driverless Car? • Tommy Sings Frank Sinatra’s “Summer Wind” • Guess The Musical Instrument By Its Sound • What Do You Imagine Drag Queens Look Like? • Why Do You And Other Blind People Wear Tinted Glasses? • What Do You Think You Look Like? • People’s Reactions To Tommy Using A White Cane • Tommy Shows Us His White Cane • Guess What’s In The Mail • Venice Beach’s...


Episode 20 - Retro Vision

Topics: Guess What’s In The Mail • Can of Questions • What Makes Someone Beautiful To A Blind Person? • What Makes Something Beautiful To A Blind Person? • Has Your Vision Changed Since You Started on YouTube? • Can Tommy Control The Movement of His Eyes? • Why Tommy Didn’t Like Photos As A Child • Retro TV - Looking Back at Partnership for a Drug-Free America Commercials • Guess The Animal By Its Sound • Recordings of Tommy’s Radio Shows From 1989-1993 • And More!


Episode 19 - Blind

Topics: Welcoming The Latest Patrons • Patreon Question: When It Comes Choosing Clothes Or Sunglasses, Do You Prefer What Is Most Comfortable Or What Looks Good To Other People? • Tommy’s Dress Code In High School • Movies Tommy Was Too Cool To Watch • Stereo Television • "Stevie Wonder Isn’t Blind?” Follow Up • Responding To More Clips About Stevie Wonder’s Blindness Featuring Moe713 of High Roots TV • Why Haven’t We Seen Stevie Wonder Using A White Cane? • Why Does Stevie Wonder Wear A...