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Tommy Edison, who’s been blind since birth, uses humor to answer questions about living without sight, and explores the latest news, current events, and pop culture.

Tommy Edison, who’s been blind since birth, uses humor to answer questions about living without sight, and explores the latest news, current events, and pop culture.


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Tommy Edison, who’s been blind since birth, uses humor to answer questions about living without sight, and explores the latest news, current events, and pop culture.




10th Anniversary Special - Blind Film Critic

Topics: Introduction • 10th Anniversary of Posting Videos on YouTube • How The Blind Film Critic YouTube Channel Started • Test Footage Before The First Blind Film Critic Review • More Out-takes! • Tommy Reviews "Dazed & Confused" (1993) • Has Tommy Ever Seen Shallow Hal? • The Movie That Almost Ended The Blind Film Critic Channel in 2011 • Playlists Available of Movie Reviews Organized By Tommy's Score/Rating • What's Tommy's Experience With Older Media Formats? (VHS, Video 8, LaserDisc,...


Episode 52 - Blind Film Critic

Topics: Introduction • 10th Anniversary of the Blind Film Critic Movie Reviews • Sign Up To Patreon This Month To Get A Free Blind Film Critic Sticker • Another Upcoming Patreon-only Live Stream This Month • Watching Tommy's First Blind Film Critic Review of Scream 4 • What Factors Does Tommy Consider When Giving a Film A Rating? • When Pop Music Is Used In Film / Movie Soundtracks • Watching The Unedited Raw Footage from the First Movie Review • Local News Stations In Connecticut Reported...


Episode 51 - Blind Jokes

Topics: Introduction • June's Remix: Tommy Edison: C'mon Man • Tommy Bought Sound Gear Online Without Listening To It, How Did It Go?• President Joe Biden's Easter Message • Baseball Season Started • How Tommy Became of Fan of Baseball • Full Video of Tommy Going To The Batting Cage in 2010 • Do American's Wear Their Shoes Inside Their Homes? • "Almost Famous" Documentary About Comedian Kevin Brennan • Kevin Brennan Sounds Just Like This Other Comedian From The 1980s • Facebook Group Update...


Episode 50 - Gold

Topics: Welcome To The 50th Episode • Sign Up For Our Special Patreon-Only Live Show Next Week • What's "50" In Pop Culture? • SuperChat • President Joe Biden's Fall With Sound Effects Added • Tommy's Story About Falling Down Stairs • SuperChats • If Tommy Could Change A Moment In His Past, What Is It and Would He Do it? • How Ikea's New Audio Catalog Works For Blind People • Zoom Escaper: Tool To Escape Zoom Meetings • SuperChat • What's Your Worst Restaurant Experience? • Tommy's Breakdown...


Episode 49 - Live On Tape

Topics: Introduction • Patreon-only Live Stream Coming Up • How Daylight Saving Time in Arizona Is Different From The Rest of the United States • A Tribute To The Inventor of the Compact Cassette, Lou Ottens • Lou Ottens Featured In The Trailer For "Cassette: A Documentary Mixtape" • Retro TV Commercials About The Compact Cassette • Tommy Demonstrates A Vintage Technics RS-M205 Cassette Player/Recorder • How A Blind Person Benefits From The Tactile Experience of Older Technology • Netflix...


Episode 48 - Am I Pregnant?

Introduction • New Setup In The Studio • Tommy's Bowling Pin, Baseball Bat, and Metal "T" • How Does A Blind Person Pack & Move? • SuperChats • Do Specific Smells Trigger Memories For Tommy? • When Tommy Got In Trouble For Smoking In High School • Can of Questions • What Happened To The Tommy Edison Experience YouTube Channel? • Do They Have Sheet Music For Blind People? • How Does A Blind Person Know When The Power Goes Out During A Storm? • In The News: News Reporter Robbed At Gunpoint In...


Episode 47 - New Schedule

Topics: Introduction • The Secret Behind The Can of Questions on Patreon • New Schedule For The Podcast • Sundays on The Radio • Sound Clips of Tommy as a Traffic Reporter on the Radio • More Photos Taken by Tommy of Route 66 in Arizona • Super Chats • Has Tommy Watched The TV Show "Radio Free Roscoe"? What Are Some Other Shows About Radio? • Can of Questions • How Does Tommy Find His Records? • Overhead Camera a.k.a. Sky Cam Upgrade • Remembering Old Media: The Compact Disc (Jimi Hendrix,...


Episode 46 - Fruit Cam

Topics: Introduction • Tommy's Running Routine • Unpacking The Studios Leads To Finding More Blasts From The Past • Re-Introducing "Sky Cam" The Overhead Camera • Revisiting The Nerf Hyperfire Elite From The "Greetings From Edison" Video • Boston Man Running To Be First Blind City Councilor • SuperChats • Has Tommy Ever Seen "See No Evil, Hear No Evil" Starring Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder? • Tide's Super Bowl Commercial With Audio Description • Subaru's TV Commercial with Audio Description...


Episode 45 - Pictures In Your Mind

Topics: Introduction • How Moving Can Be Like Christmas When Unpacking Lost And Forgotten Items • Are Wind Chimes Annoying? • Tommy's Collection of 45 RPM Records From When He Was A Teenager • Can of Questions • Has Tommy Ever Touched A Deer's Antlers? • Which Blind Characters in Movies Are Your Favorite? • SuperChat • If Tommy Could Design A Video Game That Didn't Require Vision To Play, What Would It Be Like? • What Happens When You Play Your Live Stream During The Same Live Stream? • Dick...


Episode 44 - Bumpy Fridge

Topics: Introduction • How Tommy Made His Refrigerator & Other Appliances Accessible For A Blind Person? • Surprise Visit • Tommy Almost Got This Kind of Tattoo • What Other Things Need Braille Labels? • A Tribute To Rush Limbaugh's Career In Radio • 16-Year Old Brazilian Ballerina Who Was Born Without Arms • Can of Questions • Do You Notice If Your Hearing Is Affected When You've Been Drinking Like A Sighted Person's Vision May Be Distorted? • What Would Happen If Someone Forced Tommy's...


Episode 43 - New Studios

Topics: New Studios Are Finally Set Up • Closer Look At Ben's Studio and The Cart Machine (Sound Effects, The Radio Trip, EBS Test) • How Does A Blind Person Describe Valentine’s Day? • Blind Climber Erik Weihenmayer in the Super Bowl 'Guaranteed Rate' TV Commercial • Super Chat • Can of Questions • If Someone Shined A Bright Colored Light In Your Eyes, Could You See The Color? • Are You Scared of Dying? • Is Tommy The Blind Singer (Jeff Healey) From The Movie Roadhouse? • Past Episodes Are...


Episode 42 - Ice Wall

Topics: Introduction • Why There Won't Be Any Live Podcast Shows Next Week • Why We're Multi-Streaming The Podcast • Ice Maze Made Out of 500,000 Pounds of Ice • Has Tommy Ever Touched An Ice Sculpture? • UPS Driver Rescues Wheelchair-Bound Woman Stuck On Train Tracks • SuperChats • What Is The Most Common Item You Forget Placing Around The House? • What's Tommy's Opinion About The Movie "Pirate Radio"? • 31:40 • Welcoming New Patreon Members • Can of Questions • Have You Ever Experienced...


Episode 41 - The King

Topics: Introduction • Important Announcement About The Podcast • Remembering Radio & Television Legend Larry King • Larry King Known For Taking Unscreened Phoned Calls • Larry King Interviews Robert Blake About The Murder of Bonnie Lee Bakley • Don Rickles Cracks Up Larry King • Larry King And Paula Adbul Have An Interesting Exchange • Larry King's Final Show on CNN • Can of Questions • If Someone's Born Blind and Deaf, What Language Do They Think In? • Does Tommy Ever Read The Comments In...


Episode 40 - Voices

Topics: Introduction • People Trying To Drive in Snowstorms Around The World • New Sound Clips For The Show • First Ladies Melania Trump and Jill Biden • News Anchor Steve Bartelstein & Weatherman Bill Evans Get Into An Argument During A News Story About Melania Trump • News Anchors Paul Moyer and Ann Martin Argue Before Going On The Air • Can of Questions • Is There Anything About Narrators' Voices That Bothers Tommy? • Has Tommy Ever Wanted To Have Children? • Is There A Greater Change...


Episode 39 - Snakes

Topics: Live Streaming The Podcast on Multiple Platforms • New Sounds For The Show • National Guard in Washington D.C. Reminds Us Of Retro TV Commercials For The Army and National Guard • Paraplegic Climber Attempts To Scale Hong Kong Skyscraper • SuperChat • The Showgram Is Now Available Multiple Platforms • Patreon Welcome • Has There Ever Been A Teacher That Had Taken Issue With Tommy Being Left-Handed? • Has Tommy Ever Touched A Bird? • Has Tommy Ever Touched A Snake? • Would You Ever...


Episode 38 - Twitched (Replay)

Topics: Streaming The Podcast on Multiple Platforms Live • New Sounds For The Show • Personal Robot Assistant Demonstrations At CES 2021 • Samsung's Bot Care and Bot Handy • CES Went Virtual This Year • Can of Questions • Tommy Drinking A&W Root Beer In Past Videos? • What's Tommy's Favorite Odd Song and Novelty Record? • Technical Difficulties During The Live Stream • Impromptu Game: Name That Bell • Reseting The Stream • Cyndi Lauper's New Year's Eve Debacle • And More!


Episode 37 - Not A Clip Show

Topics: Introduction • Watch The Podcast on YouTube & Twitch • New Sound Clips For The Show • The Sopranos Debuted 21 Years Ago Today • When Tommy Interviewed Joe Pantoliano From The Sopranos • Tommy's Favorite Characters In The Sopranos • Blind Grappler Wins Combat Jiu-Jitsu Super Fight • 28:55 • When Tommy Went To The Batting Cages • SuperChat • Has Tommy Ever Tried Yoga or Dancing? • Can of Questions • Which Famous Landmark or Object Would You Like To Touch? • What Are You Drinking During...


Episode 36 - Daze of Thunder

Topics: The Showgram Now Available on Twitch • New Sound Clips for the Show • Funny Moments From The Leaked President Trump / Georgia's Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger • When Is The Right Time To Take Down Christmas Decorations? • Why Is Amazon Buying Boeing Jets? • Viewer-Made Movie Trailer Parody of Tommy Starring In A 'Days of Thunder' Remake • The Grammys 2021 Postponed • Famous Songs Re-Recorded By The Original Artists Years Later (Stuck In The Middle With You, Dancing In The...


Episode 35 - What's That Smell?

Introduction • New Platform Schedule for the Podcast • New Sound Clips For The Show • Awkward Moment During Joe & Jill Biden's Appearance on Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve with Ryan Seacrest • More New Sound For The Show • How Was President Trump Voted Most Admired Man In 2020 If The Mainstream Media Tells People Otherwise? • Biden Supporters React To Trump Being Named Most Admired Man (The Daily Caller) • The Pandemic Didn't Stop New Yorkers From Taking The New Year's Day Polar Bear...


Episode 34 - Goodbye 2020

New Sound Clips For The Podcast • NYPD Urges People To Stay Away From Times Square on New Year's Eve • Ryan Seacrest Doesn't Sound Excited For This Year's New Year's Rockin' Eve Show • Two Sisters Who Do Everything Together... Even Giving Birth! • Tommy Reacts To Twitch Banning The Term "Blind Playthrough" • In The Future, Wednesday's Episodes of the Podcast Will Be Live On Twitch (The Podcast Will Remain Live on Sundays on YouTube) • A Viewer of the Podcast Shares His Take On Christmas And...