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Leaving no stone unturned, no subject off limits, it is time to introduce yourself to The Truth Serum!


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Leaving no stone unturned, no subject off limits, it is time to introduce yourself to The Truth Serum!






Chella Diaz: Financial Independence for Women

Chella Diaz: Financial Independence for Women One of my all time favourite Latino women joins me today to discuss women and their money! Far too many women are living a less than life and then blaming men for it because they cannot get jobs, promotions or the salary they want. And as Chella shares, it all comes down to the energy they exude and the focus they bring to their own wants, dreams and goals... or lack of them! So many women do not even know who they are, let alone know what they want to achieve in life or what is possible in the money stakes, so the easiest thing to do is blame men. Chella has been a money mindset coach and energy healer for a long period of time, having sorted out her own money story and now works with both men and women to sort out their finances... not in a bookkeeper role but a kick ass financial coach! Her wisdom and passion are delivered in a loving way, yet no nonsense way and it is one of the reasons why I love her! You can book time with Chella by visiting her website ALL EPISODES

Mary Shirley: Compliance… The Benefits and The Pitfalls

Mary Shirley: Compliance... The Benefits and The Pitfalls Compliance means many things, and over the past few years compliance took on a very different meaning to the compliance that Mary Shirly talks about in her day job as a Corporate compliance executive. It has multiple diversity strands and Mary herself has 18 years of experience in-house, with government regulators and in compliance consultancy. But does compliance also mean not thinking? Does it mean following the rules without seeking alternative solutions which are innovative and respond to our ever fast paced changing world? Do only those who work in governance, law and big pharma get to dictate what compliance is and should be? Or when we look at the philosophers such as Kant and Hume from 'back in the day', can we see how making the majority of people happy still isn't a truly useful working model. What role does compliance have in the recent cancel culture and silencing of some of the greatest thinkers on the planet? And what does Mary have to say about compliance when it comes to women? Some of the longest victims of compliance in the world? Are women really victims of compliance? In Mary's latest award winning book, Sending the Elevator Back Down, co-authored by Lisa Fine, Mary, you will find relatable witty stories of women in compliance, and what it means to smash stereotypes in a man's world. You can purchase Sending the Elevator Back Down by clicking on this link: ALL EPISODES


Liana Chaouli: Unleashing The Feminine Fire

Liana Chaouli: Unleashing The Feminine Fire As women we are told not to discuss our periods, are shamed for being horny and loving sex and then we become the but of all jokes when we enter the phase of menopause - often at the same time as becoming the dreaded mother-in-law. In this episode I am joined by the delightful and wonderful Liana Chaouli, Image Therapist and Stylist to the stars and women who want to dress for success, sexiness and sass! We discuss the female yearnings, earnings and we discuss how other supposedly enlightened women just love shutting down the bright light of other women. Haven't we had enough ladies? Enough of dimming our light in order to play the 'good little girl' to men and society? So why then, do we cast shadows on other women? Why is it when women speak of abundance and taking up space do they become fearful of other women BEing abundant and taking up space in the spotlight? Honestly, it is about time women started to own their ovaries and build loving and supportive communities of highly successful women who celebrate and encourage each other... which is something Liana and I also discuss in this episode! ALL EPISODES


Teri Holland: Are You Manipulating People with NLP?

Teri Holland: Are You Manipulating People with NLP? You know those ladies you do not want to mess with? Well, meet Terri Holland, a woman who understands how NLP is used to manipulate people, and how it helped save her life, transforming her from the woman hiding in the shadows to the one standing front and centre on stages and organising events. We discuss how our injuries have learnt to stay within our bodies, to not heal simply from the thoughts and beliefs we have about ourselves. Why are we not healing our bodies? Why are we limiting ourselves and our health by sitting down in chairs all day long? Understand why we both avoid those business coaches who market to coaches and promote the "Send me $1 and I will send you a book on how to make money on line", as well as those who are pushing the 10k months and the 6-figure businesses, but nothing more. And have you ever wondered what the difference between an NLP Practitioner and a coach is? And which is the better option - Terri says it is the results she gets almost instantly because NLP practitioners get to the core of the issue. We also discuss the benefit of working with a range of modalities and different skill sets, and why it is so important to surround ourselves with practitioners who work within our skills set but with very different clients. Then we go on to discuss the co-dependency that coaches create within their clients and why this is dangerous. ALL EPISODES

Amanda Denham: Journey of an Award Winning Author

Amanda Denham: Journey of an Award Winning Author Being an award winning author comes with a level of expectations and pressure, especially when the book is the first one you write. In today's conversation, Dawn Bates speaks with Young Adult author Amanda Denham, the author of Sin Eater, a book about the special gift of a teenage girl who can wipe the memory of people who just want to forget. Amanda was new to interviews when we recorded this conversation and yet she danced in conversation with relative ease. We discuss how she came to be an author, the challenges along the way and what it was like winning her first writing award. ALL EPISODES

Tambry Harris: Thriving After Abuse

Tambry Harris: Thriving After Abuse It takes real courage to speak out about any kind of trauma, especially sexual abuse. For some reason those of us who have experienced sexual abuse, whether as a child or as an adult, carry a shame and a guilt which is not ours to carry. We protect the abuser by keeping their secret, and we keep the hurt, fear and feelings of being at fault to ourselves. Until we don't. And it is that moment that we speak out that we regain our own power, and then when we keep speaking out, we inspire others to speak out too. For Tambry Harris, transformational healing coach of more than twenty years, has embraced her power for speaking out, and has created a programme and written a book on her healing from sexual abuse, so she can support others in taking back their power. Here in this episode we share our journeys and highlight some of the challenges and hopes we have in supporting others through various mediums and alternative healing practices. You can connect with Tambry on Linkedin Or via her website ALL EPISODES


Jake Cosme: A US Marine’s Mindset To Success

Jake Cosme: A US Marine's Mindset To Success Working with Jake as his author coach and developmental editor was an insightful look into the life of a US Marine. How discipline and being told what to do and how to do it was all he had ever really known, that was until he become a veteran of the US Armed Forces. I wanted to share Jake's journey with as many people as possible, and not just those who read, because his story is important, as is the information about how Veterans are treated and cast aside by the very country they fought to protect. We talk candidly, with humour about his journey of turning to drink and drugs, before kicking his own backside and getting his act together. We also discuss the diversity of his uniquely wonderful ethnicity, how this impacted him and the blessings and insights it has gifted him now in his adult life. To learn more about Jake and his powerful journey visit to purchase his book, or connect with him on LinkedIn using htpps:// ALL EPISODES


Julie Easom: Thanet Publishing

Julie Easom: Thanet Publishing Book snobbery, being honest, the purpose of books and the myths of the publishing world. Titles, accolades, intentions and what do the number of book sales really mean? The BIG 5 and choosing one of the 10,000’s of boutique publishers ready to hold space for you and your journey. ALL EPISODES


Fritzi Horstman: Stepping into the circle of reality

Fritzi Horstman: Step Into The Circle of Reality Fritzi Horstman is the Founder and Executive Director of Compassion Prison Project. She is a Grammy-award winning producer for her work on “The Defiant Ones”, has been a producer and post-producer on dozens of television projects and documentaries and has directed several films. She believes it is urgent to bring humanity and compassion to those living behind bars and these acts will help transform our society. She has a Bachelor's Degree from Vassar College. She is the Founder of The Compassion Prison Project and is the driving force behind understanding how ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences) has impacted prisoners and the life choices they have made. You can get a glimpse of her ground breaking work in this video Step Inside The Circle video Connect with Fritzi on LinkedIn to receive updates on the work she is doing. ALL EPISODES


Su Winsbury: Getting all ‘Witchy Woo with Su’

Su Winsbury: Getting all ‘Witchy Woo with Su’ Leading with love, energy healing, burnout and chronic fatigue and how it is all connected. Self-worth and how the spiritual community doesn’t value itself, best night of your life or a greasy burger and chips? Life as we know it and is there a global genocide unfolding? ALL EPISODES


Patrick Cooke: What is Sovereignty?

Patrick Cooke: What is Sovereignty? What does drinking have to do with our cultural identity and the damage it causes, relocation to a vastly different culture and lifestyle to step into our sovereignty, living a FUCK YES LIFE, body image and naked surfing, schooling and the education systems around the world and raising adults not children. ALL EPISODES


Laarni Mulvey: Culture and what it really means in the world

Laarni Mulvey: Culture and what it really means in the world Why do we label ourselves and allow ourselves to be defined by others? How deep does culture really go and why is it only coloured Americans get differentiated by other nations and continents? What’s with bullying in schools and how cultural baggage can hold us back as women. Writing books and taking up space. ALL EPISODES


Daring Donna: Who are we anyway?

Daring Donna: Who are we anyway? Who the hell do you think you are? Opening up to love, loving yourself so much others know how to love you, the light and the dark of the coaching world, co-dependency, narcissism and a video bomb by the Troy Boy! ALL EPISODES


Renelle McPherson: Being Full of ourselves

Renelle McPherson: Being Full of ourselves Who the hell do you think you are? Opening up to love, loving yourself so much others know how to love you, the light and the dark of the coaching world, co-dependency, narcissism and a video bomb by the Troy Boy! ALL EPISODES


Julian Guderley: Environment is everything

Julian Guderley: Environment is everything Discussing the concept of Planet Ocean as described by Tim Silverwood, The relationship between our own internal relationship with self and the planetary environment, The distraction techniques and what are the really important issues when it comes to taking care of self and planet. Links: ALL EPISODES


Dawn Bates: My journey of podcasting so far

Dawn Bates: My journey of podcasting so far Why becoming a podcast host has trigger me, the technical frustrations, who to dance with in conversation and having a potty mouth. Links: ALL EPISODES


Omar Aysha: Co-parenting after divorce

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Dawn Bates: Feeling safe as a woman to be all woman

Dawn Bates: Feeling safe as a woman to be all woman A solo recording reflecting on my solo travels around the world, how women are our own worst enemies and the biggest haters of other women. 400 year old models of parenting and why they do not work for me and how leaving my two children outside a supermarket telling to just ‘crack on’ with it was the best thing I have ever done; and why owning our ovaries is essential for our inner phoenix to rise and create a much needed uprising. Links: ALL EPISODES


Adam Walton: Can you ever be satiated?

Adam Walton: Can you ever be satiated? The Ability to BE, Boredom, Capacity and Results, Perceptions of self, Aspirations, Naked chics in Brasil, Imagery and Influence, The Maze of Life, Censorship and Shadow Banning, Privacy and Giant Man Child, Truth as Consciousness, Magic Mushrooms. Links: ALL EPISODES


Dawn Bates: Are you a real author?

Dawn Bates: Are you a real author? What does it mean to be an author, and how do we build our reputation as an authority? Is it possible to write a book over a weekend and become an influencer as some ‘experts’ say you can and how I write a book in seven days. Links: ALL EPISODES